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"Members of the "Clean Break" study group included Douglas Feith, Richard Perle, David Wurmser, Meyrav Wurmser, and several other like-minded ideologues, many of whom would later be given posts in the administration of President George W. Bush."
~ Ronald Bruce St. John, "A Real Clean Break in the Middle East," RightWeb Analysis.

Oh, man. Here's something that might just make Sibel Edmonds' blood boil.

Doug "The Fucking Stupidest Guy on the Face of the Earth" Feith has a book coming out this week. In celebration of this, 60 Minutes has an interview with him which you can view here. Runtime is a little over 12 minutes.

Feith claims the decision to invade Iraq was a result of its being a "special case" because of Saddam's record. Saddam had attacked Kuwait, Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia, defied the UN, evaded economic sanctions, used weapons of mass destruction on his own people, and had the know how-how, if not the wherewithal, to build a nuclear weapon.

First of all, Saddam did not attack his own people with WMDs; he attacked Kurds with WMD's. Saddam was an Arab, not a Kurd.

As for the US, it regularly defies the UN and all international law. The US has a track record of having used WMD's at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It used a chemical weapon, Agent Orange, regularly in Vietnam. Feith conveniently omits the fact that the US backed Saddam's war against Iran and backed his use of chemical weapons against Kurds. 60 Minutes didn't call him out about those facts, either.

Neither did 60 Minutes call him out on the fact that Saddam was a US ally for many years.

Now, I'll agree that Iraq was a "special case," but it was a "special case" for Big Oil, Corporate America, and the Israel lobby, and not for any reason having to do with morality or the welfare of anyone living under the Saddam government.

The whole panoply of Bush administration liars--guys right at the top like Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell--is presented speaking their own lies.

According to Feith, Rumsfeld told Bush that the US might not find WMD's on the ground. This was supposedly part of a larger memo describing everything that might go wrong with the Iraq misadventure. For this reason, the memo is referred to as the CYA (Cover Your Ass) memo. Feith referred to it as the "Parade of Horribles," and describes the brainstorming that went into creating the CYA memo as "very intense and very disturbing work." Imagine!

Some of the items in the "Parade of Horribles" (aka the CYA Memo):

**The US could become so absorbed in its Iraq effort that we pay inadequate attention to other serious problems.

**The war could cause more harm and entail greater costs than expected.

**It would not go on for 2 - 4 years but for 8 - 10 years.

**Terrorists networks could improve their recruiting and fundraising as a result of the US being depicted as anti-Muslim.

**Iraq could experience ethnic strife among Kurds, Sunnis, and Shi'a

**It could damage the US relationship with its allies and its reputation with the world community.

Feith says, in reference to the memo-and the items listed above--that Rumsfeld felt it was useless to try to predict the future but, obviously, they knew the results exactly because they have come to pass. Feith says these things have come to pass only in "a broad sense"--whatever the hell that means.

Feith writes in his book that the one thing the Pentagon underestimated was resistance efforts by Saddam's loyalists. Of course, we are told one day that the Iraqi resistance is Saddam loyalists. The next day we are told it is Iranians. The day after that, we are told it is al-Qaeda. Finally, we are told it is all foreign fighters.

We are also told that Sunni insurgents are now on the payroll of the US to fight al-Qaeda. The US is supposedly cutting more than 70,000 of these welfare checks.

Isn't that negotiation with terrorists?

Taking a cue from the interview, we might refer to Feith's book as a CYA book because apparently Feith blames everyone else for the disaster that is Iraq and insists it never would have turned out this way if everyone had listened to him.

No doubt, in this book, a lot of poo is going to be flung.

And poo it most definitely will be, because Feith is a known registered agent for Turkey along with Richard Perle. The two of them were instrumental in establishing the tight little military relationship between Turkey and Israel way back in 1996.

While he was at the Pentagon's Office of Special Plans, picking and choosing his intel, Feith was deeply involved with Ahmed Chalabi, Harold Rhode, Larry Franklin, Manucher Ghorbanifar, and Michael Ledeen. What was Feith doing with all these guys? Cooking up the Niger Forgeries to "prove" Iraq was buying yellowcake.

In other words, not only was Feith picking and choosing intel, he was helping to manufacture it.

I haven't included here a link to Feith's new book, nor have I checked Amazon to see if it's available for pre-order, because I don't recommend that you buy it. Instead, wait until the book is available at your local public library and then check it out, if you're so inclined.

After all, we certainly don't want to enrich this little bastard any more, do we?

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