Friday, April 25, 2008


"As repeatedly recognized by the United Nations General Assembly, peoples who are fighting against colonial domination and alien occupation and against racist regimes in the exercise of their right of self-determination have the right to use force to accomplish their objectives within the framework of international humanitarian law. Such lawful uses of force must not be confused with acts of international terrorism."
~ Geneva Declaration on Terrorism.

More war news from North Kurdistan:

Between 14 and 22 April at least 12 Turkish soldiers were killed in North Kurdistan and many more wounded. Six HPG guerrillas have been martyred.

According to HPG: "On 22 April, fascist Turkish army forces began an operation in Uludere area, Beste, and Sêgırkê villages. Our guerrilla forces implemented an operation in the morning at 0730 hours against a military convoy which was carrying reinforcements; A Scorpion-type military vehicle was greatly damaged and six infantrymen were killed. Even though there were killed and wounded soldiers within the Scorpion-type vehicle, their numbers are not clarified yet."

On 21 April, four Turkish soldiers were killed in the Zagros region, and two were wounded. Another Turkish soldier was killed in the Oramar region of Hakkari and two wounded on 24 April. On 20 April, Turkish troops began a military operation in the Kağızman region of Kars. In this operation, 5 guerrillas were martyred. In an HPG statement, it was noted that even though the Turkish army has losses, it does not have exact numbers.

On 14 April, in the Benavya area of Cudi Mountain, around 1630 hours, a TSK unit was targetted by guerrilla forces. In this operation one soldier was killed and several wounded.

On 15 April, the fascist Turkish army began an operation in Gabar Mountain, Çırav area. On 17 April, around 1600 hours, there was a clash between guerrilla forces and the fascist Turkish army. In this clash, one guerrilla was martyred.

On 16 April, a retaliation operation was conducted in Besta area, Kanibotke, by HPG guerrillas for Halil Uysal and his comrades. The operation targeted a TSK unit and in this operation 11 Turkish soldiers were killed and ten wounded.

Since 11 April, the TSK conducted an operation in Mardin's Bagok and Ömeryan areas. On 11 April, the guerrillas conducted an operation against a TSK unit. Three soldiers were killed and two wounded. On 18 April, Bagok's Şehîd Xelil area, two Turkish soldiers were killed.

TSK operations are also ongoing in the Dersim-Erzincan-Bingöl areas.

On 21 April, one Turkish soldier was killed and two wounded in Çukurca, Hakkari, and in Şemdinli, Şirnak/Şenoba, five Turkish soldiers were killed and 7 wounded. One of the seven suffered severe wounds.

Compiled from sources: HPG: 6 asker öldü, HPG: 20 asker öldürüldü, Çatışmalarda 12 asker öldü, Yaşamını yitiren 6 gerillanın kimliği açıklandı.

Meanwhile, TSK continues bombing South Kurdistan, now including portions of Dohuk and Hêwler regions in addition to Xinere and Xakurke areas. In Dohuk's Amediye district, the Nêrwe, Rêkan, Zêwe, and Nihêl areas have been heavily bombed. Unfortunately, there is no detailed information from those areas at this time. Hêwler's Megesor district, Mizuri Bala region is also being bombed, along with Hewler's Soran district, Sidekan, the Xinere, Lolan, Sinin regions are under attack. Many villages have been bombed by the Turkish military according to regional sources. HPG guerrillas have confirmed the information.


hamo said...

I know this is really sick but many of the Kurdish media outlets report that Jash Barzani's(Necirvan and Masood) have spoken and made a deal with the Turkish Secret Services (MIT) before the attack and invasion of South Kurdistan on 16th December last year. According to confirmed reports Barzanis agreed to pull their pashmarge cowards 30km inland from the border and left hundreds and thousands of civilians defenseless against the Turkish attacks. According to report Jash Barzanis also agreed to hand Kurdish Freedom Fighters to enemy at the border crossing in Habur. Jash Bastard Barzanis should and will pay for the innocent civilian casualties and five of bright Freedom Fighters.
Full news report can be found at
Please Mizgin or someone else explain me why these clowns (Barzani’s) killing and letting other’s to kill their own people. Do they really think world will be sorry for the Kurds and let them have a state after all these loses? These ass holes do they not know that American’s did not come to save the Kurds after the Halapce and Anfal genocides but they come Iraq to save their oil dealings.

Mizgîn said...

Thanks, Hamo. I saw the article in Ozgur Gundem.

This shouldn't come as any surprise, given that the KDP cooperated with Ankara in the 1990s. And really, the cooperation goes back to the 1970s with Seid Elci and Seid Kirmizitoprak.

I suspect that the current cooperation has to do with Barzani business interests that are tied up with the Ankara regime. Of course, if things go as they have with Ilnur Cevik lately, then things aren't going to go well.

You may remember that Ilnur Cevik helped to set up KTV for the Barzanis and got the approval for broadcasting from the Turkish general staff.

Since the shutdown of MED-TV (a pro-Kurdistan Workers Party [PKK] station formerly broadcasting from England and Belgium) last month, the new television station of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has a chance to gain a large audience share by default.

The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) announced that it would launch a satellite television station to its audience in northern Iraq (AP, 29 December 1998 and "RFE/RL Iraq Report," 8 January 1999). Its purpose was to counterbalance PKK propaganda broadcast over MED-TV aimed at the KRG as well as to provide its audience with Kurdish entertainment.

As recently as 4 February, "The Washington Post" said that this station was being constructed with at least Turkey's connivance. Another report that same month ("Kurdistan-Rundbrief," 4 February, reported through "Arm The Spirit," 23 February) claimed that the station was being financed from oil smuggling profits.

A recent interview with Ilnur Cevik, one of the Turkish planners behind KTV, casts both light and shadow over the development of KTV: light because he provides new details on KTV, shadow because some of his statements may be in dispute by the current management of KTV.

In an interview with "Turkiye" on 11 April, Ilnur Cevik explained how he became involved with the KTV project: "The Barzani administration (KDP) made a decision on the television project two years ago. They realized that MED-TV was hurting them. Their goal was psychological. The KDP sees the PKK as a rival in its region. It sees the PKK as a serious threat. They were upset that the PKK entered northern Iraq and established a presence in three traditionally KDP areas. They were concerned that the PKK wants to become the leader of the Kurds in those areas and leapfrog ahead of them."

Since the KDP, like many countries in Europe, considers MED-TV to be a mouthpiece for the PKK, they had to take into consideration that up until now MED-TV has had a virtual monopoly position--it was the only Kurdish broadcaster in the world and, thus, commanded the entire Kurdish audience. Cevik gives his view of the situation as perceived by the KDP: "The KDP have a serious problem. The PKK is recognized in Europe even though it is considered a criminal organization. When I talked to Barzani recently, he described how the PKK is organized. When Ocalan was captured in Africa, he was put on a Turkish plane at 2 a.m. in Nairobi, Kenya. In less than two hours this event was broadcast in Europe, and protests began at 5 a.m."

"Turkiye" asked Cevik about the balance of power between the PKK and the KDP, and how a television would help in this conflict.

He responded that Barzani "is fighting against the PKK. The PKK knows that it cannot gain dominance in northern Iraq without destroying such stations" as KTV. In this context, Turkey and Barzani's KDP have a common interest. The KDP "wants to eradicate the PKK with Turkey's assistance...The PKK is a threat not only to Turkey but also to the Kurds in Iraq. It is also a threat to the Kurds in Syria and Iran. The defense mechanism Barzani wants to build includes a television station. They think this would be a countermeasure against the threat posed by MED-TV. They are aware of the size of the audience MED-TV enjoys. They are aware of its influence. They want to attract that audience to the television station they want to start." Cevik was asked if Turkish approval for this aid to the Kurds was required, and he answered in the affirmative.

The cost of the project, as envisaged at its inception, was estimated to be between $6-7 million. A preliminary survey was conducted to ascertain the physical needs of KTV--buildings, technical equipment, and studio requirements.

Construction was begun and the electronic equipment purchased. Then, according to Cevik, the KDP ran out of money after only $2 million had been spent. Allegedly, this was because one of the allied bombing raids had hit an oil pipeline, which terminated the flow of oil northward. This, in turn, affected the revenues collected in the KRG as customs duties for the oil going by truck to Turkey, and transit fees for the pipeline. As a consequence, Cevik and his team were compelled to withdraw from the project. (David Nissman)


Now it appears that old Ilnur has run into bankruptcy because the Barzanis aren't paying him for all the construction projects he contracted with them.

Doesn't look good for international "investment" in Kurdistan, does it, if that's the way they treat their friends.

Anonymous said...

*Clap, Clap, Clap*

Well done.

The stage is all set now.


Act "It's been done" Scene "We've seen it all before"

The Americans are clearly pushing for the KDP and PUK to fight against PKK. They are vying for the hollow brownie points from Turkey. Ahh, if only they can serve Turkey with a Washington Accord 2008!

The KDP and the PUK are hard-pressed, as always, to either consent or face the eradication of support.

And the PKK, after years of maintaining a peaceful posture to 'promote peace and democracy' -- AT ALL COSTS -- decides to engage 'fascist Turkey' in a full-fledged guerrilla warfare...NOW...when Turkey is saying "Look, there's terrorists inside Iraq". Meanwhile, the noose around the neck of Barzani and Talabani tightens...

It's like a carefully and masterfully orchestrated!

And so the tragedy of the Kurds continues...

Who will have the honor of saying "Let Brakuji begin?"


hamo said...

"Who will have the honor of saying "Let Brakuji begin?""

Let me tell you that if Jash Barzanis and Twisted Talibans had as much power and support as the Kurdish Freedom Fighters (PKK) they would not even hesitate a moment to destroy and wipe PKK. Remember these same bastards committed several genocides and genocide attempts on their own people (Halepje, Anfal) latest being invitation of Turkish forces to South Kurdistan.

"And the PKK, after years of maintaining a peaceful posture to 'promote peace and democracy' -- AT ALL COSTS -- decides to engage 'fascist Turkey' in a full-fledged guerrilla warfare."

There is not a single truth in the above statement. PKK or their guerilla branch the HPG never pledge for full warfare. If you can recall the PKK being a defense force then I am sure you would realize the stupidity of your statement above. As far as I know PKKs cease-fire declaration on 01-10-2006 still stands and surely you know as well as I that PKK's promoting peace, democracy, human rights and equality does not change with the daily events as they are fully committed and fighting to achieve these final aims not just in Kurdistan but the whole ME.

Anonymous said...

1. Regarding your point about the KDP and PUK not hesitating to wipe out the PKK if they had power and support...

Yeah, I agree with you.

I would also say that if PKK had the international support that KDP and PUK enjoys, coupled with the support from the Kurds, they too would not hesitate to wipe out the KDP and PUK. Wiping out other Kurds and Kurdish groups is the name of the game, Hamo. It's like you've just seen the political scene for the first time.

As for you reminding me that the PKK is a defensive force-- I agree with you. They do promote peace, democracy, human rights, and equality. They have revolutionized the Kurds. Our guerrilla war inside Kurdistan can only be defensive, since it is occupied land.

The increasing rhetoric of war that the PKK is employing, however, is timed purely for its own organizational reasons. The PKK had employed defensive tactics previously but the rhetoric of war wasn't there. Everything was about Turkish-Kurdish brotherhood, remember and not doing or saying anything to jeapordize that, remember? Well, I doubt you would since it was so long ago for a dogmatic brain like yours.

In order to "give peace a chance" in Turkey -- when there was not even an inkling of chance that peace would be granted -- the PKK had withdrawn its guerrilla forces out of Turkey - a grand symbolic gesture.

So, why not give Kurdistan a chance? Why can't a similar grand gesture be employed now and withdraw from Iraq? There are mountains in Turkey and Iran.

The Kurdish problem in Turkey will not be solved militarily. It is not as though we are expecting the guerrillas to free Amed, Colemerg, Sirnak from Turkish military occupation are we? That dream died the last time we allowed brakuji. Instead, why don't we concentrate our 'battle' in the cities so that we can actually get the Kurds to vote for Kurdish parties???

And let me remind you that brakuji happens when you rationalize for your own self-righteous reasons for a war on other Kurds.

You and Mizgin are dangerously crossing that path. First you declare them as 'bastards', 'cowards' and 'traitors' and 'jash'...and then, we will hear the arguments of why the war must be fought and why we have to pay them back for their 'treason':)

In any case, hamo, I'm not surprised by anything I hear.

When its smoky outside, the wolves are out...

Anonymous said...

I just want to add that I don't want to speak from both sides of my mouth, though, and appear to support the KDP and PUK in their labeling of the PKK as a "terrorist" organization or if they offer any help or support to Turkey. The forum here is such that I don't believe an accurate and healthy version of events are portrayed.

Not only would it be unpatriotic (which is rather a hollow term these days) but it would be a deadly tactical move by the KDP and PUK. I don't think that they would make such an error unless compelled to do so if America were to leave Iraq. As long as America is there, though, any weakness on their part is inexcusable.


hamo said...

Well, anonymous;

"I would also say that if PKK had the international support that KDP and PUK enjoys, coupled with the support from the Kurds, they too would not hesitate to wipe out the KDP and PUK."

PKK has never tried to wipe these two feudal backward tribal parties in the past physically and I am sure they will not go as low as these two subjects to fight them in a bloody war as long as they are not attacked by them. Never the less I am sure you are aware of these two tribal backward leaders (Barzani and Taliban) selling the Kurds many times in the past to the Kurdish enemies. I am sure you aware that as soon as the talked finish with the Jash Necirwan Barzani in Baghdat the fascist turkish war planes bombed the Kurdish civilian villages in South Kurdistan just yesterday (01-May-2008) killing several Kurdish civilians. Tell me one good reason why I should not insult these bastards? Tell me if any other country in the world ever let enemy to bomb their country as freely as the South Kurdistan?

"So, why not give Kurdistan a chance? Why can't a similar grand gesture be employed now and withdraw from Iraq? There are mountains in Turkey and Iran."

Make your mind-up first and then ask for a gesture! What do you call the land that PKK reside, is it Kurdistan or Iraq? If you are calling that land as Iraq then PKK have every right to fight against you because you are considered an enemy of the Kurds! If you are calling the land Kurdistan then again PKK have their own military all over the Kurdistan and as long as Kurdish issue remain as it is then PKK have every right to remain in all over the Kurdistan land. If you really think that Turkey is bombing the South Kurdistan because of the PKK then you need to screw your brain little tighter because you are losing it, slugged. Turkey would do anything to stop Kurdish advancement anywhere in the world, Turkey will not let Kurdistan to have Kerkuk, Turkey will not let South Kurdistan to be ruled by democracy, Turkey will not let establishment of independent Kurdistan etc,. Anything else Turkey says or do is excuses which includes reasoning the attacks because of the PKK. If you read the Turkish constitution, if you follow the Turkish politics (left, right, liberals) then you will see how nationalistic, how fascistic, how racist regime is the Kurds ruled under.

" You and Mizgin are dangerously crossing that path."

You see, instead of acting like arabs, turks or the persians and threatening people with a kind of language above. You should learn to discuss issues without any fear from your masters or leaders. Brain-storming involves sometimes harsh languages (as long as is not directed to participators) and believe me if you could concentrate and put your head into it then you would come-up with wonderful solutions and ideas. I know the fact that Kurdish People's leader Abdullah Ocalan called many-times by the Southern and other Kurds (Jash, kemalist, turk etc,.) bad names because what he said from his POW condition. I am calling Barzani and Talabani (PDK and PUK) many names not just because what they say but actually what they do in practice right now and I have every right to insult them as long as they carry on with these policies!!!

hamo said...

It may be some interest to others Jash Necirvan Barzani to Receive Honorary Degree at W&J Commencement Ceremony. W&J President Tori Haring-Smith said, "Prime Minister Barzani has been a strong and outspoken ally of the United States throughout his time in public service"

It shows you that if you are a good dog then you always get good bones even though people that you suppose to serve got killed under the bombing shells by the same masters that you are getting your bones from.

Anonymous said...

Hamo, just one point: when PKK decided to pull its guerrilla forces outside of Turkey's "borders" doesn't that mean it is pulling out of Kurdish areas as well???

I think you have the capacity to understand the significance of pulling out of the borders of Turkey.

So, until you are ready to talk without hypocrisy, you should find some other person to pull your demagogy tricks.

happy regurgitations :)

Anonymous said...

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