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"In Sakarya they attempted to organize a massacre similar previous events in Sivas, Maraş and Çorum."
~ Ahmet Türk.

Over the weekend there was a terror attack against 1500 DTP members and supporters which resulted in the death of one person from a heart attack. Let's take a look at something from Zaman:

Democratic Society Party (DTP) parliamentary group chairman Ahmet Türk said on Tuesday his party will not take part in parliamentary sessions for an unspecified period of time to protest an attack on a DTP festival in Sakarya on Sunday. Members of Alperen Ocakları, the youth branch of the Grand Unity Party (BBP), allegedly perpetrated the attack.

According to Ahmet Türk's remarks as carried in Özgür Gündem, there is no mention of a DTP boycott of parliamentary sessions but Akşam mentions a two-day boycott on Wednesday and Thursday.

Notice that the ülkücüler who carried out this terrorist operation against DTP are associated with the BBP. The BBP is an ultranationalist party that broke with the MHP over religion. The BBP are ultranationalist but religious, and are the expression of Turkish-Islamic Synthesis. Even more interesting, all of those involved with Hrant Dink's murder (including Ogün Samast and Yasin Hayal) were also involved with Alperen Ocakları. According to Wikipedia, the Alperen Ocakları originally went by the name Nizam-ı Alem Ocakları. It would be very interesting to know if this particular ocak has any links to the Nizam-ı Alem group that Turkey was sending to Chechnya:

Today the most active group aiding the Chechens is a branch of the Gray Wolves movement called Nizami Alem, or "universal order." Nizami Alem is an ultra-nationalist group created from a split in the official Gray Wolves political party, known by its initials MHP.

Nizami Alem accuses the Gray Wolves of not being sensitive enough to Islamic thought. For its part, Nizami Alem maintains strong ties to the more radical Muslim groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas.

Well, of course we all know that Tayyip maintains strong ties to Hamas. More on Nizam-ı Alem and Chechnya here and then there's more on Nizam-ı Alem in relation to Hrant Dink's murder.

As a piece of trivia: BBP leader Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu has been invited to the UK by the British government and will address the House of Lords on Wednesday, on the subject of Turkey and Islam. It would be nice to know if the hevals in the UK could round up a protest against terrorist Yazıcıoğlu at the last minute.

The Zaman article did manage to distill the essence of Ahmet Türk's remarks, which was that this was a provocation by ülkücüler on the order of the Maraş, Çorum, and Sivas Massacres. The comparison with the Sivas Massacre is particularly chilling because the Alevi victims were trapped in the Madımak Hotel and surrounded by rabid Turkish-Islamists (not at all unlike the members of BBP's Alperen Ocakları/Nizam-ı Alem), who set fire to the building. This resulted in the deaths of 37 people.

Zaman quotes Ahmet Türk as saying that 500 DTP members were inside the wedding salon in Sakarya, but according to Yeni Özgür Politika, 1500 DTP members were present. Bianet confirms the number and has a fairly decent report of the terror attack in English.

It goes without saying that the Sakarya governor and the police stood to the side, wringing their hands and crying, "Alas!" during this act of terrorism against DTP. DTP parliamentarian from Urfa, İbrahim Binici, repeatedly called for an ambulance when it became apparent that Ebubekir Kalkan was suffering a heart attack. Repeatedly, Binici was told that there were too many people around the wedding salon so that it could not arrive in time to save Kalkan. This was willful murder on the part of both the Sakarya governor and the police because they refused to take control of the crowd of ülkücüler terrorists.

We know exactly what the governor and police officials do to clear crowds of Kurds celebrating Newroz in Van and Hakkari, so let no one tell me that they couldn't have applied the same violence against their associates in Alperen Ocakları. We also know exactly how the police treated Alperen Ocakları member Ogün Samast after he ". . . killed the Armenian."

Ufuk Uras, the ÖDP parliamentarian who has consistently stood in solidarity with DTP, had the best comment on the situation in the Akşam article:

"The Sakarya incident is a typical Ergenekon activity and I don't know whether nationalism is making people stupid or whether stupid people become nationalists."

Well said, Ufuk Beg.

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