Sunday, January 21, 2007


"The 'deep state' is made up of elements from the military, security and judicial establishments wedded to a fiercely nationalist, statist ideology who, if need be, are ready to block or even oust a government that does not share their vision."
~ Gareth Jones, reporting for Reuters on TDN.

Trabzon . . . The shooter was from Trabzon; why am I not surprised? Trabzon, the spawning ground of the MHP and its assassins, the Gray Wolves.

IHT reports that Ogun Samast, the shooter, is seventeen and from Trabzon. "Described as a quiet but courageous boy by his uncle," yet he dropped out of high school and was kicked out of a soccer club due to "undisciplined behavior." Described as "totally open to manipulation," by one of the soccer officials.

They also say "he couldn't have done this alone," that "[s]ome people must have exploited him," and

Kazim Kolcuoglu, head of the Istanbul Bar Association, said that young people are sometimes used as assassins because they face lower penalties than adults convicted of the same crime.

Exactly. In addition, ordinary criminals are routinely granted a general amnesty, something that never applies to political prisoners. More from IHT on another suspect:

One of the suspects, Yasin Hayal, an alleged Islamic militant who learned to make bombs from Chechen militants at a camp in Azerbaijan and who served 11 months in jail for the bombing of a McDonalds restaurant in Trabzon in 2004, is suspected of masterminding the attacks on both Dink and Father Santaro.

Did you get it? A Turkish Islamist bombs a McDonalds in Turkey and only gets 11 months in jail. What happened to Turkey's noble war on terror? Ask yourself why an Islamist who bombs a McDonalds only gets 11 months in jail.

Does anyone remember that Alparslan Aslan, the shooter in the Council of State attack last May, was also an Islamist with ties to ultra-nationalists? From DozaMe:

The Atabeyler gang’s existence — believed to be an ‘open secret’ in the corridors of Ankara — was unearthed by the Turkish AKP administration after an attack on the Turkish Council of State on May 17, 2006. The Turkish judge Mustafa Yücel Özbilgin of the Second Chamber was killed and four other judges were wounded. The assailant, Alparslan Aslan, a lawyer with Islamic fundamentalist and Turkish ultra-nationalist sympathies, was arrested for the murder.

Alparslan Aslan’s interrogation led to the arrest of several retired and serving military service men and police officers. The operation was named as “Atabeyler Operation” but satisfying results could not be obtained due to interference by the higher Turkish military echelon who claimed most of the suspects as “their own.” A reference in Turkey enough to make anybody an ‘untouchable’.

Alparslan Aslan is an Islamist and an ultra-nationalist. He reportedly shouted "Allahu Akbar" before murdering a judge, and he claimed to have no connections to any organizations. Yasin Hayal is an Islamist, and since he's affiliated with Chechen militants, he's most likely a Turkish ultra-nationalist as well. Here's a history lesson on that, from CNN:

Today the most active group aiding the Chechens is a branch of the Gray Wolves movement called Nizami Alem, or "universal order." Nizami Alem is an ultra-nationalist group created from a split in the official Gray Wolves political party, known by its initials MHP.

Nizami Alem accuses the Gray Wolves of not being sensitive enough to Islamic thought. For its part, Nizami Alem maintains strong ties to the more radical Muslim groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas.

The Turkish allies of the Chechens have a party known as the BBP (or Party of Great Unity). Positioned on the extreme right of the Turkish political spectrum, the party is enjoying considerable success.

You can get an idea of some of BBP's stupidity and one of the axes they have to grind with AKP, here. They also didn't like the idea of the Pope's visit, from Genocide Watch:

A group of Turkish ultra-nationalists protested anew against Pope Benedict XVI's planned visit to the country next week. The group also occupied Hagia Sophia . . .

[ . . . ]

The group of protestors belonged to the Great Unity Party (BBP), an ultra-nationalist political formation in current Turkey, a mixture of extreme nationalist thought intermingled with Islam. It was led by Kemal Kerincsiz, an ultra-nationalist lawyer who has won notoriety for launching multiple court cases against Turkish intellectuals, contesting the official line on the extermination of Turkey's Christian minorities of Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians under Ottoman rule, which Ankara ostensibly rejects as genocide, or condemning human rights abuses against Kurdish nationals.

Maybe they should haul Kemal Kerincsiz in for questioning.

Nizam-i Alem is mentioned in the IHT article about Hrant Dink's murderer, Ogun Samast, but it is much more likely that Yasin Hayal is affiliated with Nizam-i Alem because he has the Chechen connections. CNN also conducted an interview with an Islamist who had been a former fighter in Chechnya. At the time of the interview, he was living in Istanbul:

Suddenly, after seeing those images of the war [in Chechnya], I decided to go to Chechnya as a volunteer. The next day I talked about it with a Turkish friend of mine, a former Gray Wolf. He belongs to the ultra-nationalist branch of that movement, known as Nizami Alem, or "Universal Order." I put myself in their hands.

Do you know about the myth of the gray wolf? It is the heroic wolf that shows the Turkish people the road out of Asia, leading them to their new homeland, Europe. In the same way we will lead the Caucasian people to freedom. A few days after my encounter with the Nizami Alem nationalists, they took me to a training camp here in Turkey, where they taught us to use weapons. Then I went to the front.

[ . . . ]

What I do know is that there were many ex-military men among them from the Turkish armed forces, who are close to the Nationalist movement, and maybe one or two agents from the Turkish secret service.

Yeah, "maybe one or two agents" from the Turkish government were involved with Nizam-i Alem, and their purpose was to keep the group's operations under control in Turkey, not to forbid it from operating. They thought they could keep Turkish Hezbollah under control, too, and where did that get them? Notice, in the complete interview, what the mujahedin said about who's running heroin and how well he digested the Turkish ultra-nationalist propaganda on the Kurdish struggle.

Nizam-i Alem, Atabeyler, MHP, Gray Wolves, ex-Turkish military . . . these are the threads of the Deep State. Whoever is pulling these threads is the one who ordered Hrant Dink's murder. Given the way political murders have always been handled in Turkey, we are not likely to learn who the puppet masters are. This is normal. Anyone remember Yesil?

In this case, for the murder of Hrant Dink, they have set the stage well. They have acquired a willing participant who is underage. He's a virgin, as far as his political affiliations go, meaning that he's clean; he isn't directly linked to the ultra-nationalist groups mentioned here. He had been taken by his handlers--Yasin Hayal?-- to Istanbul five times in the last fifteen days and was paid a sum of money by them. He does not change his clothes after committing the murder and confesses immediately. He knew he was meant to be the fall guy. I bet the police won't even bother to torture him.

He'll spend a couple of years in jail and then go free. Yasin Hayal and his other accomplices may do a few more years, and then they'll be free, too.

And so it always goes.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised they didn't do more to cover up their tracks on this one. Then again, the Turkish government still gets away with openly denying the Armenian genocide, so it is doubtful they will take any flak for the orchestrated assassination of Hrant Dink.

Dink was right afterall. The Armenians that are left need to turn their sights to the sliver of Armenia that today is an independent nation. Though they may feel incomplete knowing that Turkey occupies more than half of their homeland, it should be enough.

Mizgîn said...

The Armenians that are left need to turn their sights to the sliver of Armenia that today is an independent nation. Though they may feel incomplete knowing that Turkey occupies more than half of their homeland, it should be enough.

Didn't Monte Melkonian also make a similar argument for Diaspora Armenians?

ertank said...

I don't believe this is an organised murder of the 'deep state'. But, some rogue elements raised by active members of the 'deep state', instead. This is not a sort of murder that the deep state gains something.
Nevertheless, Trabzon being the centre of Turkish fascists is not a coincidence. It started with the privatisation of the ports of Turkey. In Trabzon, it has been sold to Hayyam Garipoglu -you can google him-, in exchange for some favours, which is, drug trafficking from the East. Iran is very active against Afghan drug traffickers, so, the US has limited options for a route from the North. They decreased the circulation from the Kurdish zone, by killing Kurdish drug lords, who were supporting PKK. I.e. the money changed hands, then with the introduction of Trabzon, it also changed geography.

The "Turkic world" pretext of people like Veli Kucuk is no more than a cover up for their drug business for the US in the post-Soviet zones. That's another reason they operate in Trabzon now: to be closer to the drug zone.

Mizgîn said...

Ertank, I do not doubt what you say about the privatization of ports and Garipoglu's influence. In fact, I suspect that drug-trafficking is the "underground" business of the energy pipelines. By this means, all the efforts of policing the pipelines to secure the flow of energy into Europe also provides protection for the transportation of narcotics from production fields to finished product. This should be a boon for business, since Turkey has been the funnel for drug-trafficking since it became a NATO member.

As for Iran, well, it has a serious internal problem with drug use, something that I believe the mullahs encourage and I would not be surprised if they were taking a cut of the business that leaks into Iran.

Getting rid of the Kurdish drug barons has been beneficial for us by contributing to the destruction of the feudal system in North Kurdistan.

I am skeptical of the notion of "rogue elements" in Deep State, as I am also skeptical that Deep State gains nothing from Hrant Dink's murder. That is the one thing that no one has addressed, isn't it? WHY?

WHY did Deep State murder Dink? This is an election year, so anything is possible.

AKP has been moving its rhetoric closer in sound to the ultra-nationalist end of the spectrum because it wants to win the elections and has to counter the ultra-nationalist noise coming from everyone else. There has also been an increase in black operations since Semdinli, to encourage a sense of terror in the population so that it will look to hardline ultra-nationalists for protection.

At this moment, in my opinion, the Dink murder was a false flag operation consistent with Gladio tactics, by which Deep State hopes to discredit the AK government as being able to control the domestic situation, thus feeding the the propaganda which dictates that everyone is trying to destroy Turkey. By this means the Deep State hopes to maintain the status quo which has been so very good to them for so many decades.

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