Thursday, January 11, 2007


Now they say that pêşmerge are not going Baghdad. More "clarification" is available at Iraq the Model. Apparently the current claim is that majority Kurd Iraqi Army units will be going to Baghdad, which still means that Kurds are being sent to die for Arabs.

That flag is not flying.

I have a better idea: Americans love Arabs, so they should be the ones to go die for them. Additionally, the American oil imperialists have taken over from their cousins, the British oil imperialists in the continuing struggle to hold together a monstrosity called Iraq, that was created specifically to ensure Western control of Iraqi oil.

That's the reason that the US refuses to recognize the Arabization of Kerkuk, too.

It seems that overnight the Americans raided the Iranian consulate in Hewlêr, indicating the level of distrust and total disregard the US has of the Başûrî Kurds. More from the Washington Post.

Why aren't the Americans going after Turkish JITEM for all the trouble they have been stirring up in Kerkuk?

This military raid reminds me of the time a couple of years ago that the US bombed Salahaddin University behind the backs of Kurdish authorities for absolutely no reason.

In South Kurdistan, the entire population keeps an eye on all suspicious people and activity, and reports everything to authorities immediately--Kurdish authorities, naturally. This community effort is the secret to security success in South Kurdistan, so it's a very suspicious thing that the Americans do not trust a population that actively works with each other to ensure their own security.

Furthermore, the implication of the US raid is that Kurds have a hand in the insurgency.

Shame, shame. This disgusting insult against the honor of a people who have insured that no Americans have died in South Kurdistan since the beginning of the war, cannot be tolerated.

US out of South Kurdistan . . . NOW.

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