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"They were both in the system and in the file. What should really be asked is why they [Kucuk and Agar] were not captured. If you are going to get a result on Susurluk they should be brought on the agenda".
Fikri Saglar.

The media's in a frenzy with Samast's adolescent remark that he murdered Dink because Dink said "Turkish blood is dirty," and I guess everyone will eat that up too, because a Turkish kangaroo court convicted him of it, right? Wrong. For the record, here's an explanation of what Dink really said:

It is ironic that Dink got into trouble for suggesting to diaspora Armenians that it was time to rid themselves of their rage against the Turks. "Armenians, especially of the diaspora, tend to have a problem associated with the role of other that the Turk has played in forming the Armenian identity", Dink says. "There is a certain history. A trauma. The Turk has become such a source of pain that it "poisons the Armenian blood", as the Anatolian saying goes. In my article, I was addressing the Armenian world and saying: "There are two ways of getting rid of this poison. One way is for the Turks to empathise with you, and take action to reduce your trauma. At the moment this seems unlikely. The second way is for you to rid yourself of it yourself. Turn your attention towards the state of Armenia and replace the poisoned blood associated with the Turk, with fresh blood associated with Armenia.'

It was the Turkish media that hyped the lie about Turkish blood being dirty, and that twisting of truth in order to incite the Turkish population and create an atmosphere which accepts assassination as a legitimate means of silencing "The Other" is the feeding of the monster that Ismet Berkan referred to in his column in Radikal over the weekend. The Turkish media was an accessory to the crime of the assassination attempt on Akin Birdal years ago and it is an accessory to the murder of Hrant Dink now.

In other news from the rabbit hole . . . According to Hrant Dink's brother, Orhan Dink, notorious JITEM member Veli Kucuk made an appearance at one of Hrant's trials. The mere appearance of a filthy JITEM vermin like Kucuk is enough to send a message--a message Hrant Dink clearly understood:

Orhan Dink told reporters that his brother told him he became worried when Veli Küçük, a prominent member of Turkey’s controversial Jandarma İstihbarat ve Terörle Mücadele (Gendarme Intelligence and Counter Terrorism organization), the JITEM, came to the trial and that the affair was “turning into a dangerous one”.

Hrand Dink said, ‘I am being pointed at as the target’, Orhan Dink told reporters.

Orhan Dink said that Küçük never threatened his brother directly.

“After Küçük came, we suspected that the bullet might have followed, and it did. … We were speaking within the family… What can we do? Should we leave [the country] or should we stay? Sometimes we would decide to leave. But then we would say that this nation is ours.”, Orhan Dink said. He added, “I wish they killed us all. We are no longer doves, we are now falcons. We love the people of Turkey. We will not let a bunch of people to take over. And we are not considering to leave any more. We gave our sacrifice. In order to stay, we can give more. We consider leaving as a treason against our brother.”

To give this some context, let's do a little review:

Filthy JITEM vermin Kucuk was involved with Susurluk, too, a minor detail that was noted in the wake of the Council of State attack, from Bianet:

Possible connections between the armed attack on Turkey's State Council during which one judge was killed and four others were wounded surfaced after relations were uncovered linking one of the suspects, retired officer Muzaffer Tekin, to retired general Veli Kucuk who was named in the Susurluk File.

Kucuk, who was a Brigadier General during the period where the Susurluk relations flourished, had refused to testify before the Parliament Investigation Commission on Susurluk.

But there are two other links in the Susurluk folder that have so far, in the last connection with the State Council attack, not been mentioned.

Mehmet Agar, politician-turned-policeman who not only chairs the True Path Party in the following years but serves directly in all operations as Turkey's National Police Chief in the Susurluk buildup. And the highest level security organ in the Turkish system: The National Security Council (NCS) which journalist Ismet Berkan identified as the supreme structure "that authorised the irregular war gang that was revealed with Susurluk".

On Kucuk and Agar, Saglar said "Both of them were in the operations. One of them from JITEM (Gendarme Intelligence) and the other as the Police General Director" and argued that Agar's becoming chairman of the True Path Party (DYP) "does not erase from history what he has done."

"They were both in the system and in the file. What should really be asked is why they [Kucuk and Agar] were not captured. If you are going to get a result on Susurluk they should be brought on the agenda".

[Note: The Mehmet Agar mentioned in connection with Deep State is the same Mehmet Agar who's now running in the Turkish election campaigns for the DYP.]

More, from DozaMe:

What Mr Elkatmis, as the Chair of the Susurluk Investigation Commission, has said still goes without notice. He said in a manner of questioning our “bloody history ?:

“There are three bases to the [organized] gang. First is the police, second is the [state] bureaucrats and third is the military. We can question the police and some of bureaucrats, but we cannot question the military. Ibrahim Sahin [police officer involved in Susurluk] was accused of setting up an illegal gang based on his photographs with Abdullah Catli [Turkey’s most wanted assassin killed in Susurluk crash]. We also have documents proving that Brigadier General Veli Kucuk made several telephone calls to Abdullah Catli. Why weren’t these documents accepted as evidence and there has not been an investigation against Veli Kucuk. Who ever finds him/herself in a difficult situation can claim that it is national security and would not turn up to give a statement in a court. Only if some people speak in Turkey can we get to the bottom of the investigation ?. . .

Ibrahim Sahin was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment, but Brigadier General Veli Kucuk was promoted to Major General in August, the same year.

Yet more, from TNA:

Hanefi Avci, who was then the police intelligence department acting head and now is Edirne police chief, best described the Susurluk connections. In his testimony at the parliamentary commission probing the Susurluk scandal, he claimed that there was an "illegal" organization established within the state to fight terrorism. He also said this organization then became a gang, which was established within the MIT, the police and Gendarmerie Intelligence (JITEM). Mehmet Agar, Korkut Eken, Ibrahim Sahin from the police, Mehmet Eymur, Duran Firat and Kasif Binbasi from the MIT and Lt. Col. Veli Kucuk from JITEM were in this organization and involved in numerous illegal actions under the leadership of Ahmet Cem Ersever, who was later killed by Kemal Uzuner (a.k.a Cubuklu), a driver working at JITEM, said Avci.

[Note: Mehmet Eymur is the bastard who was in charge of MIT's "counter-terrorism" department. He's been in "exile" in the US for some time, apparently after having some kind of trouble with the really big bastards behind the Deep State. Word on the street now is that he's been given some kind of reprieve, and that he's assisting Mehmet Agar in his campaign. Why is the United States protecting mass murderers like Mehmet Eymur? Inquiring minds want to know.]

Today, according to Firat News, through TNA, it looks like Kucuk is expanding his operations . . . into Azerbaijan:

Speculations regarding the murder of Dink, an Armenian-origin Turkish journalist, have been growing, raising further questions, while the media has been looking into the killer's possible link with a notorious ex-general, Kucuk. However, photos released by a pro-PKK media organ, the Firat News Agency, formerly the Mesopotamia News Agency, showed Kucuk with some other important figures.

Kucuk's name entered into Dink's murder investigation when the late writer's lawyers told officials that Kucuk had threatened Dink. They also also said that Ogun Samast, who confessed to the murder, was threatened by circles close to Kucuk.

In a photo taken two years ago Kucuk was seen with gunman Arslan at the Azerbaijan Congress held in Stockholm. After the bloody Council of State attack, Kucuk said he didn't knew Arslan. He also said after Dink's murder that he had no connection with the murder or suspect.

In another photo, Kucuk was seen with Muzaffer Tekin, said to be the mastermind of both the Council of State and daily Cumhuriyet attacks, and Association of Lawyers' Union head Kemal Kerincsiz, a high-profile ultranationalist figure known for filing complaints against writers and journalists, including Dink.

[ . . . ]

Furthermore, the news agency claimed that Kucuk was organizing nationalist circles in Azerbaijan and established a murder network against Armenians. The agency said it based this claim on information obtained in 2001 from Turan A., the nephew of Azerbaijan's then Interior Minister Siyavuz Mustafa . The news also accused Turkey's Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) of illegally training soldiers with Kucuk in Azerbaijan.

The Firat News article can be viewed here. It contains a link near the bottom to Mesopotamian News, which carries the photos.

So what's the deal with Kucuk and Azerbaijan? Well, the claim is that Yasin Hayal, Ogun Samast's handler, learned how to make bombs with Chechen militants in Azerbaijan. See Sunday's post for more on that, and remember, Azerbaijan is one of America's new best buddies. Ken Silverstein at Harper's has done some digging in that dirt. Take a look at what he unearthed here and here to see how badly all of DC is sucking up to the Baku regime, and why. I guess these DC movers-and-shakers will look the other way at a little Turkish ultra-nationalist terror crossing the border, as long as they're only targeting an Armenian in Istanbul.

In the meantime, certain TBMM deputies have begun bitching about why Kucuk doesn't have any state protection--see the TNA article for that. In my opinion, Kucuk should be sent to Beytussebap to head up the JITEM office there, so that he can experience the same Kurdish hospitality the last JITEM chief enjoyed last September.


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