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“Sometimes my feelings are so hot that I have to take the pen and put them out on paper to keep them from setting me afire inside; then all that ink and labor are wasted because I can't print the results”
~ Mark Twain.

Headline at TNA: "Kirkuk (sic) belongs to all Iraqis."

Then why were no Kurds present at this little Turkish-sponsored love fest, hmmm? That's rhetorical because I know why there were no Kurds present: Given the Turkish state's penchant for genocide, the real meaning behind the love fest is that Turkey intends to genocide the Kurds of South Kurdistan, too. After all, Turkey has a lot of experience in conducting genocide and no doubt gave Saddam a lot of useful pointers on the matter.

I can picture it now. The Turkish general staff on one side of the border, Saddam on the other, two good neighbors chatting over the fence, so to speak, as to the best methods of how to get rid of those pesky Kurds, just as two neighbors might have a friendly discussion on how to get rid of the crabgrass in the lawn . . .

Cuneyt Ulsever at TDN got his poor little feelings hurt by the pow wow in Ankara last weekend, in which certain Kurdish intellectuals gathered to try to sort out the problem of Turkey's pesky Kurds. It seems like the best they could come up with was something like, "Kurds are the best friends of Turks." Don't you just love that? Although it's not quite as sickening as saying that Kurds and Turks are brothers, or some such nonsense as the laughing Foreign Minister came out with recently, still it runs directly counter to that old foundational adage: Turk'un Turkten baska dostu yoktur, meaning, essentially, "the only friend of a Turk is a Turk."

But what hurt Cuneyt's little feelings is the fact that Yasar Kemal said that Turks call the Kurdish gerîlas, terrorists, when they are, in reality, the hope of the Kurdish people and the only ones to defend the rightful Kurdish cause under Turkish occupation.

Then, Cuneyt tells us what a terrorist is:

In the dictionaries, the word “terrorist,” on the other hand, is explained as a person that “terrorizes, scares, and spreads terror.”

Even though there is not a consensus on the meaning of the word in the political terminology, “terrorist” means a person who “creates horror, fear, and terror among the civil population in an unorganized army in order to psychologically predominate the nation whose organized army he is fighting against.”

Today, anyone who targets the life of innocent, unarmed civilians is accepted as a terrorist. A terrorist's cause can even be legitimate. However, a person or organization that targets civilians should not be advocated.

Any action that targets civilians needs to be seen as heinous action. Otherwise, we will all become victims of the “my terrorist is a good one” reasoning.

Cuneyt has already fallen into the "'my terrorist is a good one' reasoning" because Cuneyt has never discussed, and never will discuss, the fact of the Ankara regime's murder of innocent Kurdish civilians as, for example, at the end of last March in the Amed Serhildan, in which the Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan ordered the murder of Kurdish women and children:

“You who let your children roam the streets, or let your children be used by the terrorist organizations, tomorrow your cry will be in vain. Our security forces will act against anybody, whether it be children or women, that works as a tool for terrorism. I want this to be known. Nobody should make wrong calculations.”

Whose terrorist is a good one now? And who stood with Erdogan as he said this? The Parliamentary Assembly Council of Europe:

"Terrorism cannot have any justification under any pretext.

We are mindful that terrorism threatens European countries, resulting in violent attacks perpetrated in Spain, the Russian Federation and the UK.

We also condemn and reject the violent activities of the PKK/KONGRA-GEL terrorist organisation which has recently escalated its criminal activities which resulted in loss of life and material damage in Turkey."

Whose terrorist is a good one now? Who immediately began murdering Kurdish children? Turkish security forces:

The killed are:

In Amed

* * Abdullah Duran (9). Duran was killed on March 29 by a bullet from a Turkish soldier while he was sitting on the terrace outside his home in the Baglar district of Amed.

* * Tarik Atakaya (22). Atakaya was killed on March 29 with one bullet to his neck and several through his back by Turkish special forces in the Baglar district of Amed. Atakaya didn’t have any involvement in the riots according to several independent reports.

* * Mehmet Isikçi (18). No clear reports on where and how Isikçi was killed.

In Istanbul

* * Hüseyin Demir (24). Demir was killed by Turkish police on March 29 during a demonstration against the killing of the 14 HPG guerrillas in the suburb of “May 1st” in the district of Umraniye in Istanbul.

And that was just the beginning. Read more from the Amed IHD's report. Whose terrorist is a good one now?

What triggered the anger of the Kurdish people? The actions of Turkish security forces:

For killing children and elders and wounding hundreds of people by shooting at them during the protests. And also for using gas against the guerrilla forces of HPG during a period when HPG declared one sided truce.

Whose terrorist is a good one now?

Who tortured Kurdish children under detention? The Turkish state:

A total of 202 children had been detained in relation to the incidents in Diyarbakir between March 28 and April 1, 2006 and 91 of them were arrested after their initial custody period. As result of an appeal made by the Diyarbakir Bar Association, 34 of the imprisoned children were later released.

The Bar Association Center had disclosed then that 95 percent of the children detained by security forces had been subject to torture and mistreatment.

Whose terrorist is a good one now?

This is only recently, and doesn't go into the 40,000 Kurds murdered by the Turkish state during its Dirty War of the 1990s. Oh, yeah, let's not forget that the 40,000 figure is simply an official estimate and not the actual number. Since the recent TESEV study has confirmed that the Turkish state's previous estimates for the numbers of Kurds it forcibly displaced were dismally low, and the new study indicates the number may be from 950,000 to 1.2 million Kurds forcibly displaced, we can take the Turkish state's estimate of 40,000 Kurds murdered during the Dirty War to be a dismally low estimate as well. The new TESEV figure for forcibly displaced Kurds is still much lower than human rights groups estimate; they place the number of displaced between 3 and 4 million Kurds.

Whose terrorist is a good one now?

This is only recent stuff . . . This doesn't get into the estimated one and a half million Kurds deported and massacred between 1925 and 1938. It doesn't go into the Resettlement Law of the 1930s. It doesn't mention the thousands of Kurds murdered during the "pacification" campaign that followed the Ararat Rebellion. In other words, it doesn't even scratch the surface.

Whose terrorist is a good one now?

Who was it that did the March 16 massacre? The Taksim Square massacre? The Bahçelievler massacre? The Maras massacre? Who was it that did the Guclukonak massacre? Who murdered innocent civilians in Şirnex, Cizîr, and Nisêbîn during Newroz in 1992? Who was it that bombed innocent civilians in South Kurdistan while the coalition of the worthless stood by and let it happen?

Bearing in mind that I'm not even getting started here, whose terrorist is a good one now, along with all those who helped them?

Oh, and about those two red herrings--Hizbullah and Hamas--well, if PKK had billions of dollars pumped into its accounts like Ankara's two favorite Arab groups get from the West, Turkey, as we know it, would cease to exist because it would become totally irrelevant. You don't even want to go down that road with me, old Cuneyt, old buddy, old pal.

By the way, Gunduz Aktan, you go right ahead and "contribute to the protection of the rights of Turcomans within the territorial integrity of Iraq" just like you did when Saddam was slaughtering them in droves . . . right alongside Kurds.

By the way, I don't give a damn whose feelings I hurt.

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