Tuesday, April 07, 2009


"I don’t think that a point of view that considers the Kurds as zero will be able to provide peace in the Middle East."
~ Osman Baydemir.

Here is the Turkish state terror, the state-sponsored violence, so heartily supported by the new American president:

That was Mustafa Dağ's blood spilling out on the ground after he had been hit in the head by a tear gas canister fired by brutal Turkish security forces. Let me add that Turkish security forces learned everything they know from the Americans, from NATO. This is their so-called War on Terror.

As is obvious from the video, they themselves are the agents of terror. So Obama did speak the truth when he said that the US and Turkey can build a "model partnership" based on ideals and values. Truer words were never spoken! The same ideals and values form the basis for both nations: Murder, repression, terror.

And so the values are spread. DTP parliamentarian Ayla Akat Ata was beat by nightstick-weilding AKP police as she attempted to gather information about the murders of Mustafa Dağ and Dicle University student Mahsum Karaoğlan at Birecik state hospital. Source: http://www.kurdish-info.net/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=12894

Now, this is an elected parliamentarian, a woman who stands for her people, represents them in the parliament, and who went to seek information about the murders of two of her people. And she is beaten by the ruling party's police forces? Ah, well, there's democracy in action, for you, coming straight from America's "Model of Democracy" for the Middle East.

Certainly Obama is working to "transform the US-Turkish relationship into a well-oiled machine"--a machine well-oiled by Kurdish blood is what they mean.

Yet Obama--who himself does not have the courage of Ayla Akat Ata, or Leyla Zana, or Emine Ayna, or DTP's women mayors, or PKK's women guerrillas--has the balls to lecture Ahmet Türk about violence or armed stuggle not being the means to solve the Kurdish situation? Well it's clear that a political solution does not exist, nor does an avenue toward a political solution exist. America's boy, Katil Erdoğan, still refuses to meet with DTP officials, much less will he sit down with them to lay the groundwork for a political solution. The US was the one to refuse PKK's most recent (2006) ceasefire so that it could sell more Lockheed product to Turkey. The US is providing targets for TSK to bomb Kurdish villages in Northern Iraq.

Change you can believe in!

Even the recent elections have suffered the same, old corrupt electoral practices that the Ankara regime has used since Day 1. A German delegation of election observers in Ağrı are lending their support to the people of Ağrı, based on the "irregularities" that they witnessed in that town:

As an observer delegation, we agree with the claim of the residents of Agri after elections. We urge the international press, to pursue the events in Agri and publicize them. International public opinion is the best protection for their democratic rights to citizens struggling in Agri.

Another item that no one in Obama's press entourage bothered to cover . . . 88 vehicles have been burned in two days throughout throughout Turkey in protest against Turkish state terror in Amara and Ağrı. Eighty-five of those vehicles were in Istanbul in the following areas: Sultangazi, Maltepe, Sancaktepe, Sultanbeyli, Ümraniye, Küçükçekmece, Ataşehir, Çekmeköy, Yeşilpınar and Kadıköy. Vehicles were also burned in Diyarbakır and Silvan. The vehicle burned in Diyarbakır was associated with a Fethullahcı business, while the two burned in Silvan belonged to professional soldiers and not conscripts. In addition, ten Fethullahçı-affiliated stores in Istanbul were burned. A Sabançı İş Bank office was burned in Diyarbakır.

What do you expect when every political avenue has a road block?

Addendum: For those who wish to help spread the video, particularly by embedding it in your own blog, check this link. You'll need a Youtube account to access the video and its embed script, since the video is restricted to 18 years or older on Youtube. Spread it far and wide, comrades!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm the Obama defender from yesterdays comments.
I just want to say I loved today's post and that it reminded me so much of why I read this blog so excitedly. You speak the truth with a rare ease. Bullshit is transparent to you. What is right and just, although great powers want to obscure it(and most people miss it), is visible here as if lit up by the sun.
As far as Obama is concerned, I only wish he read your writings. I only wish what is right could be put before his eyes.
Keep up your work, thanks for all your efforts,
Oswald Veblen

Anonymous said...

One more comment.
I just saw the Obama "town hall meeting" in Istanbul. Skeptically I was expecting that all the students would be handpicked from JITEM or MIT or whatever. But after looking at the video I wouldn't say so. For an idea on Obama's view of Kurdish rights see the question at 24:20 minutes in. It is not promising of course, but I am happy he didn't speak so appeasingly as he did in his speech.
Link is here.

Mizgîn said...

Thanks for the comments, Oswald, but it really doesn't require a degree in rocket science to figure this stuff out. It simply requires knowing the history, knowing events on the ground, and knowing the feelings of the people. When you have some idea of these things, the bullshit detector is finely tuned.

Another thing to keep in mind regarding Obama is the "Kurdish" summit, in which the US has its own interests. I also think it's questionable that the US wants a stable Turkey or a stable Middle East because it is instability which favors US interests.

Obama can talk all he wants. Talk is cheap. I'll wait until I see changes on the ground. So far I see no change, just the same old thing we've seen over and over again.

hamo said...


This is a good video to watch just to see and confirm the true character of fascist minds that rules Turkey.

The person in the video is a news reader in a well known turkish Tv station called flash TV. He has few requests from the president and he assumes to be taken serious if he colour his face to black.

His requests are;

1- He wants USA to pinpoint Kurds in the PKK from the air so that Turks could kill them (PKK have at least 10 million strong supporters).
2- He wants Obama to not recognise the Armenian genocide which perpetrated by the Turks because of he has a black face too.
3- He wants USA to push EU for accepting Turkey and he wants more money given to his country from the IMF)

Mizgîn said...

Thanks, Hamo, I have seen this video and, believe it or not, it actually made its way to the NYTimes blog.

You did notice, of course, that all of his "requests" have already been met.

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