Thursday, May 31, 2007


"byzantine a. Of, relating to, or characterized by intrigue; scheming or devious. b. Highly complicated; intricate and involved."
~ American Heritage Dictionary.

Okay, so a number of articles have come out in the worldwide mainstream media on the Iranian rockets on the train derailed by Halkımın Umudu. I'll let you do a Google search for all that news.

However, I would like to point out one article that Hevallo posted yesterday from Al-Jazeera. The Al-Jazeera article mentions nothing about how the train managed to cross into Turkey without Turkish officials knowing exactly what was inside the train cars.

(Hevallo also has a post about Turkish psy-ops with must-read links)

Maybe someone could explain to me exactly how such a thing could happen, because, as Srusht comments on yesterday's post:

Turkey is such a fascist state that a small car cannot pass its borders without the knowledge of the Turkish intelligence apparatus of what ii is carrying let alone a train load. I have no doubt that the fascisto-kemalists are knowingly facilitating the Iranian weapon trade with the Arab and Islamist terrorists.

Naturally, Srusht is absolutely correct, and anyone who's ever passed through the Habur border crossing, and has seen the lines of commercial trucks stretching for kilometers on both sides of the border, knows exactly what Srusht is saying. Anyone who's crossed through Habur and has been inspected by Mehmetçik, knows that Mehmetçik goes through everything.

But we are expected to believe, from the media, that--OOPS!--Iran just slipped a few hundred rockets and other arms into Turkey with a total lack of awareness on the part of the Paşas?

I guess the media thinks that we're all pretty stupid.

I've also noticed that in recent days the media has worked itself into a frenzy (or at least what passes for a frenzy by those who really don't give a shit what happens to Kurds) about the massing of TSK along the South Kurdisan border. Mehmetçik has been camped out there since Condoleeza Rice gave the green light for their deployment late last April.

It is very interesting, however, that the big, bad Gray Wolf is huffing and puffing so madly at this particular point in time, when security of South Kurdistan has been officially handed over to the KRG. Has Condi given another green light to Yaşar Paşa? Did Yaşar Paşa make sure his quartermasters have enough body bags?

I mean, this is how stupid the ruling elites of Turkey are. How many times has TSK invaded South Kurdistan? A number of times. How many times has it been successful? Never. Will it be successful now? No. Do the ruling elites of Turkey give a damn about how many Mehmetçiks die in any future invasion? No. After all, military service is not a place where you take it easy.

Oh, there was one especially ridiculous item at Kurdish Aspect earlier in the week. Parts of it went something like this:

I believe 100% in the originally stated aims of PKK but I think the organisation has lost sight of those aims and ended up blindly following a miguided path that leads to the coronation of Abdullah Ocellan. This coronation will never happen.

In other words, this guy is just as eager as Yaşar Paşa to send people off to die in order to secure an independent Kurdish state in Turkish-occupied Kurdistan . . . only this guy is willing to send Kurds to die. Not only that, but he proceeds to contradict himself a paragraph later:

Even Ocelan's most recent statements are sounding like like he knows the answer is political not military.

Ocalan has known that from the beginning.

Just as the IRA realised it would never defeat the British army, would it be any disgrace for all of those PKK fighters in the Qandil Mountains to put down their weapons and return to their homes or to settle in Southern Kurdistan if they would have problems in the North of YOUR country?

In other words, Kurds in Turkish-occupied Kurdstan should give up their ancient lands in the North to Turkey, and self-ethnically cleanse their way to South Kurdistan. And about that laying down of arms thing . . . what in the hell does the writer think a fifth unilateral ceasefire is? Why isn't the writer severely criticizing Turkey and the US for their outright refusal to recognize and work with the ceasefire? We all remember that Lockheed Martin's "special envoy" to "coordinate the PKK for Turkey," Joseph Ralston rejected the ceasefire. And Ralston rejected that whole IRA-model thing as well.

Don't forget the rejection of KKK's Democratic Resolution to the situation in the North.

All of which leads to a ridiculous conclusion:

I just know the time is now right for talking not fighting.

Tell it to Lockheed Martin. We should all take a long moment of silence to contemplate the effectiveness of pacifist movements--effective for the state, anyway.

Speaking of the state, TDN is acting as the official media apologist for Bilderberg 2007 in Istanbul as the fascist ruling global elites all sit around and decide our future.

Where's a defective gas canister when you most need one?


Anonymous said...

thanks for replying to that stupid Kurdish Aspect article. someone needs to reply through KA...

some other news. KKK got rid of that confusing acronym. They are now KCK:

Mizgîn said...

Thanks Anonymous.

Yeah, I really hate to rain on someone's parade by confusing them with facts but . . . somebody's got to do it.

Thanks, too, for the KCK news. OG also had something on that Friday.