Saturday, May 26, 2007


"We made tactical mistakes. Our political leadership did not play its role. These shortcomings were caused by faults in the Kurdish character: its individualism, its lack of foresight, its incapacity for collective action, its narrow minded vision."
~ Abdullah Öcalan.

There have been some clashes between PJAK's HRK gerîlas and Iranian pasdarans near Haci Ümran, in which 6 pasdarans were killed. There was also some Iranian mortar fire launched around villages in the area. That from Firat News.

All other organizations, governments, groups, etc., who are dreaming of regime change in Tehran can read that and weep.

Also from Firat, HPG's gerîlas killed 8 Mehmetçiks at Gabar Mountain and wounded an additional 10 earlier this week from an attack against a TSK convoy. Additionally, the Turkish military used some Cobra gunships to bomb some of the valleys near Mt. Ararat.

Hevallo is back online from a too-long absence, and he has recently posted the last interview with Öcalan, in Rome, 1999. Hevallo notes that it's interesting reading given the current situation.

Meanwhile, it appears that Leyla Zana will not be running as a candidate (DTP, independent, or otherwise) in this year's parliamentary elections. That's the news from Yeni Özgür Politika. No reason is yet given for Leyla's withdrawal. However, at the same link you can read a list of candidates and the cities for which they are running.

In honor of PKK's body count, here are a couple of videos from Youtube with classic PKK music. The first is one of my personal favorites, Halkimin Umudu, and the second is a close runner-up, Lexin Gerîla.


Halkimin Umudu.

Lexin Gerîla.

By the way, there's a snazzy website in which you can strip the MP3 from a video and save it to your computer. You simply cut-and-paste the video URL, put it in the box, choose which format you want to convert to--such as "MP3 (audio only)"--and awaaaaaay you go.

Thanks to a very dear heval for that link.


Anonymous said...

Heval, did you check the youtube link I gave you as a comment on your last post here? Check it, mayn! You know who I am...Misto

Mizgîn said...

Roj baş, Misto.

Thank you for the link, and I found the others, so I put them together in one post, as you can see above.

I hope you are doing well.