Monday, September 03, 2007


Money and Corruption
Are ruining the land
Crooked politicians
Betray the working man,
Pocketing the profits
And treating us like sheep,
And we're tired of hearing promises
That we know they'll never keep.
~ Ray Davies.

A Lebanese company is going to build a plush, $55 million hotel in Hewlêr, to be completed by October 2009.

Hello! Are any of the power-mongers in South Kurdistan awake?? Could we have clean water first, and a working water sanitation system?

Well, I guess this tells me exactly where the priorities lie for the ruling elites of South Kurdistan. What a waste!

More on the loser ruling elites of South Kurdistan at Uruknet:

Wonder, does the Kurdish authorities in northern Iraq has been unable to supply the population with clean while its share of the annual State budget nearly seven billion dollars?? The oil money? In addition to the revenues from taxes and internal customs duties that they don’t share with the central government, not to mention the assistance from here and there to build a school or university or hospital or other assistance obtained by the Kurdish authorities from governmental and non-governmental organizations ..

In fact, the share has been less before the fall of Saddam government, which did not receive more than 13% of oil imports.

Where that money went??

Or is it going to Kurdish warlord’s pockets?

Good question. I'd love to hear the answer to that one.

By the way, can anyone tell me what "Pezak" means?

Hehehe . . . I guess the brilliant researchers at the NYTimes haven't figured out how to use Google yet.

The best thing about the mullahtocracy's bombardment of South Kurdistan is that it will inspire more to join the honorable ranks of the PKK. I mean, who wouldn't love to nail a filthy pasdaran right between the eyes?


Anonymous said...

"By the way, can anyone tell me what "Pezak" means?"

Haha, that would be the Arabized pronunciation of Pejak. If the word gets further Arabized, Kurds might start pronouncing it Bezak or Fezak.

By the way, have you noticed how mysterious they make this Pezakian organization seem in the article? I wonder where this NY writer gets his paycheck from.

Mizgîn said...

Well, Anonymous, I'm being a bit facetious when I ask what "Pezak" means. What gets me is that the NY Times doesn't bother to check what they're talking about and use the proper acronym.

The mysteriousness . . . yeah, like "Members of Pezak are said to be aliens from outer space, leprechauns, djinn, Santa's little helpers, etc (Fill in the blank)."

What's mysterious to me is why, in all articles about PJAK, there is no mention of why it is that Kurds fight the Teheran regime.

There is no context here, so that it ends up that PJAK fighters are simply tools of the Washington regime.

Without context, no one will ever understand that, no matter what happens, the fight will continue.

Context. It's ALL about context.

Anonymous said...

About the water problem. It's only in the PUK regions. You still see them as one government, while they are still thinking in the old ways. Water system in KDP regions is ok, at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Uruknet was the old website of Uday Hussein. It's front page has a dedication to Saddam and link to list of articles saying Halabja was not gassed by Saddam and Iraqi forces. Can you read better websites?

Mizgîn said...

Anonymous, agreed about the PUK regions. There's a definite difference between those areas and the KDP areas.

Anti-Ba'th, do you have a problem with the specific points made in the Uruknet post? I know I'm not the only one who would like to see transparent fiscal accountability out of the KRG.

Where has all the money been going? Well, certainly not to any sanitation projects, right?

Anonymous said...

I have a problem with the website of rapist Uday Saddam and website on the front page which says that Saddam DID NOT gas Halabja.

The Kurdish leaders are called warlords by Turkish racists but they are elected and this is fact.

There is corruption in the KRG a lot but still I will never support a website which will call Saddam President and have his picture as hero and deny Halabja crimes of Saddam.

The Uday Ba'thist site Uruk took this article from another website which support "Iraqi resistance" and hates the Kurds and also the Shi'ite. Both websites are criminals.

Anonymous said...

I agree. That website is a where the real terrorists post their thoughts.

I also strongly condemn KRG corruption but they are still strongly supported by many Kurds and the article's reference to "Kurdish warlords" is completely bogus. That's a term frequently used by the Turkish agenda to try and classify Kurds as terrorists as they've been doing for the last God-knows-how-many-years...

Mizgîn said...

Let's see . . . who was it that used to party with rapist Uday Hussein?

Who was it that kissed Saddam Hussein?

Who, for so many decades, betrayed their "brothers" in the North?

Where has the money gone? Why is there no clean water for the Kurdish people?

Those are some of the things I have problems with.

Anonymous said...

Yes the KDP and PUK and every Kurdish leader and party has made bad crimes and mistakes. But that does not mean to accept the words of the website which praise Saddam Hussein and deny Saddam did gas Halabja. Also even with many problems I will never accept the Turks or other anti-Kurdish people who call the elected Kurdistan president "warlord", but if you want to link with these people then you can.