Monday, September 10, 2007


"When a woman leaves her home and picks up a rifle it is no small thing -- it is a social revolution."
~ Arshem Kurman, PKK Guerrilla.

YJA-STAR began last week to prepare for new Turkish President Abdullah Gul's visit to Turkish-occupied Kurdistan, with clashes last week resulting in the deaths of 22 Turkish soldiers.

On 6 September, there was a clash between the Kurdish women gerîlas of YJA-STAR and TSK in the Culemêrg (Hakkâri) region. YJA-STAR forces attacked a TSK convoy travelling from Çelê (Çukurca) to Culemêrg. Ten Turkish soldiers were killed and a TSK lieutenant colonel wounded in the attack. On the same day, YJA-STAR forces attacked a convoy between Şinê and Dawişê, killing 3 Turkish soldiers.

TSK began major operations, with the support of 12 helicopters, in the Beytüşşebap area--including Mezra Marinos, Çelecengê, Meydan Zengilê, Faraşin, and Paganê--where it lost three troops to the gerîlas.

On 7 September, in the Şêx Cuma area of Bedlîs (Bitlis), there was a clash between the gerîlas and a convoy of TSKers traveling to join operations. Three soldiers were killed and six wounded. TSK responded with bombardment that began some fires.

On 8 September, gerîlas clashed with 30 Turkish soldiers in the areas of Kato Jirka, Meydan Casusê, Aqir, and Deriyê Baqê, in Şirnex (Şirnak). Three soldiers were killed and an additional number wounded.

Major operations are underway in Silopî, Şirnex, including Mount Cûdî. Units involved with the fighting include Village Guards and Jandarma special teams. There are also operations in the Diyadin area of Agirî (Ağrı) and in Êlih (Batman).

Hevallo has a link to a pretty good article on September 11 by Orhan Pamuk and Lukery has an excellent article on September 11 from Sibel Edmonds' perspective. It cuts to the chase and outlines who the real culprits are.

When Condi Rice made the claim that the administration had no idea anyone would ever think of flying airplanes into buildings, it was Sibel Edmonds who called her out and said that Rice's claim was an "outrageous lie".

That's something to think about tomorrow.

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