Wednesday, January 07, 2009


"The events are under control... Security forces will intervene with every possible means indiscriminately, including against women and children."
~ R. Tayyip Erdoğan during the Amed Serhildan.

Oh, yeah, what Türk said:

Türk: AKP is implementing Israeli policies in the Kurdish question

The co-chair of DTP Ahmet Türk called the government "First you stop the internal clashes. Supposedly you spend energy for an Israeli-Palestinian peace. All right, then, what are you doing for your domestic peace? Outside you will make a stand favoring Palestine, however internally you will not implement a policy different than Israel implements."

DTP co-chair Ahmet Türk made an evaluation about Israel's Gaza attack, the political issues in 2008, the expectation and hopes for 2009, the Kurdish broadcast in TRT, the TESEV report, and the economic crisis in DTP's [parliamentary] group meeting. Wishing 2009 to be a year of peace for both Turkey and the world's people, Türk gave his condolences to those seven youths' families who were poisoned by natural gas in Ankara on the New Year. Mentioning that 2008 was a year in which important incidents occurred within the world and the Middle East, Türk said a wind of change has started through the whole world however the bloody attack Israel conducted against Gaza in the last days of the year collapsed as a shadow on hopes for peace. Türk said, "With this attack, which aimed at civilians and did not differentiate between women or children, the cruel face of war is once more revealed. This is a massacre. Israel committed a crime against humanity and continues to do so."

Turkey was aware of the murder

Saying that this pessimistic scene that indicated the reality that was revealed, Türk continued, "Unless the problems are solved through dialog and peaceful means, the tension between people will continue and this will crack the door for the new war plans of the dominant powers. For this reason for the people of the Middle East it is an unavoidable historical duty to stand against this blind war with a peaceful struggle. The only option that will disable wars as a fate is a united peaceful struggle of the people, and it should be.

"Turkey, which instead of solving its domestic problems through peaceful means and implements policies that cause domestic clashes, must derive lessons from the ongoing incidents in the Middle East. Let's not forget: Regional peace is only possible by domestic peace. There is no credibility of the prime minister's Middle Eastern peace tours, who does not see this reality and leaves his domestic peace aside. Aren't they going to tell you, 'First organize your own house, then come and tell us about regional peace!'? Nevertheless, the prime minister, who sees Israel's attack as "disrespect" to Turkey and referring to the plight of Palestinian children [and speaking to Israel] says 'sooner or later you'll get yours,' is not credible nor sincere. You have to explain to the public what you have spoken about with Olmert in Ankara and what kind of deals you have prior to Israel's Gaza attack. It is the public's right to know what is going on behind closed doors. Were you aware of these attacks Mr. Prime Minister? Why don't you explain this?"

Remembering Erbakan, who in the past criticized Israel with the most severe words, Türk said, "However, Erbakan himself signed the strategic cooperation agreement with Israel. Today you are keeping this tradition and cooperation persistently. The countries that were aware of the attack historically have as much responsibility as Israel for the ongoing massacre in Palestine. You cannot hide these realities."

Are Israeli pilots trained in Turkey?

In his speech, touching on the claims that the Israeli pilots who bombed Palestine are trained in Konya, DTP co-chair Türk said: "This is a very serious claim and the government must make a statement to the public. Without eliminating these realities, there is no credibility in condemning Israel. If you are sincere, cancel the military tenders you have with Israel, suspend your relations. However, you do not have that courage nor power because you are connected [to Israel] by the umbilical cord."

Remembering the defense minister's trip to Israel for an agreement to purchase unmanned aircraft, Türk said, "There is no secret agreement or alliance that you have not used under the name of finishing the Kurdish question with military means. It is claimed that the financial dimension of military cooperation with Israel is around $1.8 billion. The Turkish public must see ongoing events and meet the real face of AKP. Don't be decieved by the prime minister's attitude as an apostle of peace. All these things are just words. On the one hand you will conduct aerial and land operations against a neighboring country. On the other hand you will say 'Israel must stop its operations against Gaza, a ceasefire must immediately be called.' You cannot deceive anybody with these fake policies and fake mediations."

But the hypocrite Kerdoğan runs all over the world mediating for world peace while refusing to accept PKK's ceasefire from two-and-a-half years ago. The hypocrite Kerdoğan cries crocodile tears for dead Palestinian civilians, including women and children, while he was the one who ordered Turkish security forces to shoot Kurdish women and children during the Amed Serhildan almost three years ago. And Kerdoğan now claims that Israel is using the Gaza attacks in order to win votes for the upcoming Israeli elections, while it may be, in fact, that Kerdoğan is running all over the Middle East in order to gain votes in his upcoming election because it isn't at all a sure thing that he'll get the support in The Southeast that he thinks is his due:

Although the AKP has made inroads in the southeast by promising increased rights for the Kurds while playing up its Islamic credentials, recent missteps made by Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan have also given the DTP an opening.

In a November speech he made in the southeastern city of Hakkari, Mr. Erdogan told the audience: "We have said, 'One nation, one flag, one motherland, and one state.' Those who oppose this should leave." Erdogan's words, which echoed the rhetoric long used by Turkish nationalists, were met with fierce criticism in the southeast.

[ . . . ]

But Bakir Karadeniz, a member of the retired imams group, says his religious beliefs compel him to vote against the ruling party in the upcoming local elections.

"The AKP are not good Muslims, and they are not good democrats. They are using religion, and they are lying to us," he says. "The question is not if the DTP is socialist. The most important thing is to support our rights."

In addition to Kerdoğan's "Love it or leave it" speech, let's not forget all the human rights abuses the AKP government inflicted on the Kurdish people last year. Let's not forget the invasion of South Kurdistan which every group in parliament voted for, with the exception of DTP. Let's not forget AKP's implementation of a new OHAL in The Southeast. Let's not forget Şemdinli or Ahmet and Uğur Kaymaz. Let's not forget the use of chemical weapons against HPG or the use of cluster bombs in South Kurdistan--all under AKP's watch. And just as Israel was behind HAMAS' founding, so too the US has been behind the AKP and that George Bush chose Kerdoğan to be Turkey's prime minister.

Umm, yeah, what was it Atatürk said . . . "Peace at home; peace in the world"? But I guess Kerdoğan's been too busy memorizing Islamist poetry to pay any attention to peace at home or peace in the world.


Anonymous said...

What a stupid article! Are Kurds surrounded by walls like palestinians? Are they considered to be a minority group in Turkey? Don't they hold Turkish passports? Can't they become soldiers, politicans in Turkish assembly and so on? Does Turkey impose embargo on Kurdish people? Who is the hypocrate here?

Anonymous said...

if you call the truth stupid then let it be...

Are Kurds surrounded by walls like palestinians?

I don't know about the walls but surely Kurds are surrounded by ultimate enemies on all four sides (Turkey, syria, Iran and Iraq)

Are they considered to be a minority group in Turkey?

Unfortunately what you are saying above is true because never mind the monority but until recently Turkey even refused to accept the very existance of Kurds and the Kurdish nation

Don't they hold Turkish passports?

Most Kurds do have the Turkish passport without their own will which means that Turkish state forces turkish identity on people that are not Turks.

Can't they become soldiers, politicans in Turkish assembly and so on?

If you deny your own identity, and refuse to call yourself a Kurd then you can even be a president of Turkey...

Does Turkey impose embargo on Kurdish people?

I don't know if you have been to Kurdistan but still most of the villages have limited buying powers which means they can only have 2 bags of sugar, 3 bags of flour and so on...

Never mind the ambargo upon the Kurdish people but surely Turkey bombing the Kurdish villages day in and day out, aren't they?

Mizgîn said...

What a stupid comment, Anonymous! As long as Kurds are willing to give up every shred of their identity and fully assimilate then, hell, they can be the fucking president of Turkey! If they're not willing to fully assimilate then they are screwed.

Man, what are you talking about, "Can't they become soldiers . . . "?? Are you fucking kidding me?? I don't know a single Kurd who's ever rushed headlong and with burning desire into the ever-loving arms of the TSK.

In the real world, yes, Kurds are considered a minority; according to the perverted Turkish constitution, in full accord with the perverted Treaty of Lausanne, no they're not considered minorities. Jews and Armenians are considered minorities because of religion only and even they aren't allowed in certain places in Eskisehir, while dogs are allowed (Hehehe, see Radikal for more on that). So, how does that minority thing really work anyway? If you're a Lausanne designated minority, you're treated like shit. If your a real world designated minority, you're treated like shit.

And you need to pay attention to Hamo's comments because they'll help to give you a better grip on reality which is something you obviously, desperately need. . . especially on that embargo shit. Yes, TSK does, in fact, impose an embargo on food and restricts travel in the Kurdish villages of Turkish-occupied Kurdistan.

Meanwhile back in South Kurdistan, TSK bombing of civilian areas continues . . .

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: until recently there was no Kurd in Turkey (read your f*^!@ing govt books and policies. Now the word is Kurds aren't minority and they aren't this and that. You jerks have surrounded kurds with landmines and dropped cluster bombs and used every other immoral weapon out there. So much from a culture that is proud of its masculine identity. Cowards.