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"Chase after the truth like all hell and you'll free yourself, even though you never touch its coattails."
~ Clarence Darrow.

From the hevals at KurdishInfo, I'm very happy to share the dossier on the recent bombing in Amed, because, you know, you can never have too much truth.

Kurdish Centre for Human Rights
Centre Kurde des Droits de l'Homme
Navenda Kurd a Mafên Mîrov





1 - Introduction:

This is a dossier compiled to give the reader an overview of the bomb blast that took place in Diyarbakir on 12 September 2006. It sparked many controversies as the media and officials in Turkey directly linked the incident to the PKK without any investigation into the incident. The PKK is known to the target the military in the region, however has not as of yet targeted the civilian population. For this reason it brought about many question marks as to who is behind this horrific action. The human rights situation has deteriorated in the region intensively since the start of the year as the military announced that they will deploy troops to the border of Iraq and Turkey. The military made many remarks into annihilating the PKK insurgence.

At the hight of intense military operations and attacks by the HPG (People’s Defence Forces) the DTP (Democratic Society Party) and 200 Turkish and Kurdish intellectuals made a press statement separately calling for KONGRA-GEL to a cease-fire. KONGRA-GEL officials in an interview gave the image that they may make such a cease-fire. However, the following day on the anniversary of the 12 September 1980 military coupe a bomb blasted in Diyarbakir, known to Kurds as the Kurdish capital. As the military operations intensified human rights violations increased.

Bomb blasts continued to increase throughout Turkey. Bomb attacks in the western metropolitans of Turkey, assumed by TAK (Kurdistan Freedom Falcons, an extremist Kurdish group) took many lives. TAK till now has made statements assuming every attack that they have instigated, however, no statement assuming the Diyarbakir attacks have been made regarding the bomb blast in Diyarbakir. These attacks have increased tensions among the society. Lynchs in the metropolitans of Turkey against Kurds increased tremendously. This increase in violence throughout Turkey does show the grave threat of growing nationalistic sentiments on both sides.

These conflicts and increased violence does show signs that it may turn into a civil war. This is a major threat to both the civilian population and peace and democracy in Turkey and the region. We are in a period where every individual, civil society and official needs to be sensitive and voice their outcry for peace and democracy.

2 - Bomb Blast in Diyarbakir in the Midst of Peace Calls:

Yesterday night, 12 September, Baglar-Diyarbakir was rocket by bomb blast near a park in front of a bust stop. 11 people were killed amongst them were 6 children and 16 were wounded. The death may rise.

It is unsettling to see such atrocities to take place throughout the country. Baglar municipal is the poorest in Diyarbakir. Diyarbakir is the lagest Kurdish city in Turkey. It comprises mainly of forcibly displaced people. Many were forced to evacuate their homes at last minute before it was burnt to ashes. They lost everything and were left out in the cold wondering where they could go to. Many found refuge in Kurdish cities such as Diyarbakir or went further west to the metropolitans of Turkey.

Kurdish political parties such as DTP (Democratic Society Party) and hundreds of Turkish and Kurdish intellectuals made calls for peace and democracy just a day before the blast. The DTP made a call to Kongra-Gel to cease-fire and for a long lasting and permanent peace the authorities to encourage the environment. Therefore, to see this blast in a Kurdish region and amidst peace calls is intriguing to say the least. The Turkish Revenge Brigades made a statement assuming the attacks. In there nationalist statement they mentioned that they will kill 10 Kurds in Diyarbakir for every Turk killed in combat (

This incident is clearly a continuum of the Semdinli bomb attack and following that were various other attacks on civilians and institutions, such as the Council of State. It is the mentality that brings these orchestrated events.

We call all the people of Turkey, civil societies, intellectuals, international organisations must unite against these attacks and uncover the truth behind this attack.

Kurdish Centre for Human Rights
13 September 2006

3 - Dark Forces Blast a Bomb in Diyarbakir

Diyarbakir (13.09.2006) – Last night a bomb blasted in Baglar-Diyarbakir, near Kosyolu Park in front of a bus stop. Eight people were killed, 6 of them children, 16 people wounded. The wounded were taken to Dicle University Medicine Faculty. DTP (Democratic Society Party) representatives stated that during a period where messages are being given to end hostilities indicated that this type of incident is the work of dark forces. Former JITEM (Gendarme Intelligence Organisation Centre), Special Forces and confessors were brought to the city a short period before the incident. (…)

1 Year Old Baby Died

1 Year old baby, Ezgi Yetisecek, taken into intensive care died, a heavily wounded 7-8 year child is in critical condition. 12 people are being treated at Diyarbakir State Hospital. (..)

The names of the wounded during the blast are as follows: Erkan Bir, Mubin Cicekli, Ali Haydar Kaplan, Sahin Songur, Murat Akboz, Hasan Cakar, A. Samet Ilhan, Selahattin Altinoglu, Mehmet Simsek, Neytullah Dag, Seyfettin Can, Vehbi Tanriverdi, Suleyman Yuksel, Emine Yetisecek, Nadihe Cetinkaya. (…)


Diyarbakir Municipal Mayor Osman Baydemir was in Istanbul yesterday called for cease-fire at a press conference. Baydemir made a statement regarding the incident stating that some forces want to take the country into darness despite their call for peace, “however we are are adamant in pulling the country out of the dark and into the light.”

Democratic Society Party (DTP) Vice President Sedat Yurttas stated that the explosion in Diyarbakir is a provocation.

JITEM Members Were Called to Diyarbakir

Baglar municipal is the poorest in Diyarbakir. Diyarbakir is the lagest Kurdish city in Turkey. It comprises mainly of forcibly displaced people due to the terror of Turkish military forces from the region. For this reason for the incident to take place at Baglar and after a call for peace does create intrigue as to who is behind the incident. A short period before the incident former members of JITEM was called to Diyarbakir.

A separate building by the 7th Army Corps Commandship was allocated 3 weeks ago to educate JITEM and confessors on operational and intelligence matters. (….)


4 - Turkish Revenge Brigades’ claims responsibility for the bomb attack in Amed (Diyarbakir)

The notorious Turkish ultra-nationalist terrorist group ‘Turkish Revenge Brigade’ (Turkish: “Turk Intikam Tugayi”, “TIT”) claimed on their homepage responsibility for the bomb attack outside a family park in the Baglar district of Amed (Diyarbakir) in northern Kurdistan (southeastern Turkey). The blast killed seven Kurdish children and three adults. Another 13 people were wounded, of them two seriously.

NEWSDESK, Sep 14 ( - The notorious Turkish ultra-nationalist terrorist group ‘Turkish Revenge Brigade’ (Turkish: “Turk Intikam Tugayi”, “TIT”) claimed on their homepage responsibility for the bomb attack outside a family park in the Baglar district of Amed (Diyarbakir) in northern Kurdistan (southeastern Turkey). The blast killed seven Kurdish children and three adults. Another 13 people were wounded, of them two seriously.
The blast occurred around 21:00 (9 p.m. EEST) at a bus stop outside a family park in Baglar district of Amed (Diyarbakir) ripping through a crowd consisting of Kurdish families on their way home from the park. A total of 10 Kurds, seven of them children, were killed and thirteen others were wounded.

The names of the dead are:

* Nazli Çetinkaya and her children Abdullah Çetinkaya (5 months), Nazar Çetinkaya (2)

* Vahide Demir (33) and her children Mizgin Demir (12), Zilan Demir (8), Shilan Demir (6 months) and Evin Demir

* Rojhat Aslan

Two other killed in the blast have not yet been identified.

On their website, the Turkish ultra-nationalist terrorist group TIT claimed yesterday responsibility for the blast outside the family park in the Baglar district.

“To the great Turkish people. In the recent period in many of the areas of our country, the bloody PKK terrorist organization has martyred our soldiers, police officers and our youth. We, as the Turkish Revenge Brigade, swear on our flag colored red with the blood of our martyrs, that for every Turk that PKK kills in [western Turkey], we will kill 10 Kurds in Diyarbakir. […] Here are photos taken during the preparation for the operation on September 12, 2006, dedicated to Private Ali Balikci who was martyred during duty by the PKK terrorist organization in the Eruh district of Siirt,” the statement read. It ends with the slogan, “A good Kurd is a dead Kurd.”

A set of pictures were added to the homepage, showing the preparation of the bomb that was used in the attack. The bomb consisted of a 12-liter blue termos container, a walkie-talkie relay detonator, an activator, the top of a metal gas container as a balancing weight that was placed in the bottom of the termos and a case believed to contain C-4 plastic explosive.


(Caption: Photo taken by TIT terrorists shows a 12-liter thermos container, a walkie-talkie relay detonator, the top metal part of a gas container used as a balancing weight, an activator and a case believed to contain plastic explosives. This bomb was used in the attack.) identified the walkie-talkie as the cheap, high quality, license-free, water resistant ‘Aselsan MT-725 Cobra’ with a maximum reach of 3 kilometers, a power output of 500 mW and a battery life of 24 hours. The walkie-talkie is manufactured by Aselsan, a Turkish company owned by the ‘Turkish Armed Forces Foundation’


The ‘Turkish Revenge Brigade’ gained fame during the political clashes between left-wing and right-wing groups in Turkey and Kurdistan in the 70s and 80s. The group is believed to be responsible for over 1,000 deaths during that time period.

The group was scattered with the Turkish military takeover on September 12, 1980, and most of its members were arrested during the first sweep by the Junta. The members were later released and integrated with the Turkish military intelligence agency JITEM and used in black operations against Kurdish political and cultural figures during the Kurdish insurgency in the mid-80s and throughout the 90s. The group has maintained low-profile since PKK’s unilateral ceasefire on September 1, 1998.

TIT is now believed to be one of many subsections of the gang collectively known as “Atabeyler.” The Atabeyler gang’s existence — believed to be an ‘open secret’ in the corridors of Ankara — was unearthed by the Turkish AKP administration after an attack on the Turkish Council of State on May 17, 2006. The Turkish judge Mustafa Yücel Özbilgin of the Second Chamber was killed and four other judges were wounded. The assailant, Alparslan Aslan, a lawyer with Islamic fundamentalist and Turkish ultra-nationalist sympathies, was arrested for the murder.

Alparslan Aslan’s interrogation led to the arrest of several retired and serving military service men and police officers. The operation was named as “Atabeyler Operation” but satisfying results could not be obtained due to interference by the higher Turkish military echelon who claimed most of the suspects as “their own.” A reference in Turkey enough to make anybody an ‘untouchable’.

The Atabeyler’s aim was to provoke a new military takeover in Turkey.

5 - TIT is Under the Control of the Military

Gundem newspaper, 18-09-2006 – While the government and the police were denouncing the involvement of the Turkish Revenge Brigades’ (TIT) in the bomb attacks in the Diyarbakir, Timurtas stated during his court trial that TIT was under the control of the military.

Triggerman Timurtas Confessed

Although the bombing in Diyarbakir, which resulted in the death of 10 civilians, was assumed by TIT the incident is trying to be blamed on the PKK. While the government and the police are denying the existence of TIT, during the court trial of triggerman Adil Timurtas, who was given a Reward from Special Forces Commandship, showed that TIT was under the control of the military.

Operation under the Control of the Military

Timurtas who spoke several years ago in Nokta Magazine, explained TIT as follows: “Inside TIT there were police officers, soldiers and also confessors and civil nationalists. The relationship of JITEM (Gendarme Intelligence Organisation Headquarters, once also denied by authorities, there no official offices of this organisation) and TIT was under control. They mainly preferred sabotage actions.” Last year Timurtas was taken into custody while extorting money from DEHAP (People’s Democracy Party, former pro-Kurdish party, now dessolved) administrators, he was later released. During his interview he stated that actions or operations were executed under different organisational names to mislead the public opinion.

TIT is Protected by the Military

Although TIT assumed the attacks on 12 September 2006 in Diyarbakir, which resulted in the deaths of 10 people, officials in their statements denied their involvement. Adil Timurtas was awarded 2 times by Special Forces Commandship, he stated that TIT under the control of the military perpatrated many extra-judicial incidents in the region. The incident, which resulted in the deaths of 10 people, 8 of them children, and wounding of 17 people in Baglar, Diyarbakir, is still awaiting the arrest of the perpatrators and the enlightment of the backstage of the incident. After the bomb attack in Diyarbakir the issue of gangs within the state were put on the spotlight once more.

He Spoke to Nokta Magazine

After the killing of Major Cem Ersever in October of 1993, known for extra-judicial killings in the Kurdish region with a gang he formed under JITEM. Adil Timurtas a PKK confessor and civil servant of OHAL (State Of Emergency) confessed to Nokta Magazine under the name of Ali Pinar as a TIT member to correspondents Ayse Onal and Can Karatas.

He Spoke Under a Different Name

Ali Pinar spoke about the killing of Cem Ersever as ‘the Major was a traitor’. During an investigation in Diyarbakir DGM (State Security Court) Prosecutor in 1998 in the confessions of Ibrahim Babat TIT member Ali Pinar was identified as being Adil Timurtas. This interview was made 24 days after the death of Cem Ersever, the leader of JITEM. This made the killing of Ersever more complex and this interview by Nokta magazine was also a threat message to those who were loyal to him within JITEM.

Instead of KAP, TIT

Confessor Adil Timurtas, explained TIT as follows: ‘TIT thought quite alot about the Major (meaning Cem Ersever) and his partication in the organisation, however, he did not participate. They did not have any problem forming the gang, nearly everyday security forces lost their friends and were continually the target of the PKK in the region, so the potential was established long before. For this reason it was first thought that it be named KAP (Kemalist Soldier Police). They decided not to. Because KAP would give the image that it is a state force. But, there were not only soldiers or police officers. There were also confessors and civil nationalists. After a long discussion TIT became operative. Along with the acitivities of the hardlined HIZBULLAH extra-judicial killings in the region TIT also executed many extra-judicial killings.’

TIT Under the Control of Soldiers

Timurtas said the following regarding the relationship between JITEM and TIT: ‘The activities of JITEM and TIT, which worked independently from TIT, was under the total control of the Major (Cem Ersever). At first instead of killing of targets, the preference was to do sabotage actions thought to be detterent. Innocent actions like placing a bomb in the vehicle of the President of Diyarbakir Bar Association, the torching of the Diyarbakir office of Yeni Ulke newspaper, were perpatrated by the group of the Major.’

TIT known for many massacres in the region also changed names to mislead targets. Adli Timurtas during his conffessions stated that after the torching of Yeni Ulke newspaper a letter was left at the door titled ‘Islamic Mucahid Union (Islamic Fist).’ This was also recorded by Diyarbakir Police Station police officers Tayyar Karakaya, Ahmet Kose and Eyup Simsik. In the writing by the State Security Court Head Prosecutor sent to 1. Office of Security Office Head Intedant, the information noted in the record of the police officers was also noted.

He is not in Jail but by the Shore

During this time Ali Pinar (Adil Timurtas) instead of being in Diyarbakir Prison he is near a shore having an interview. The answer to the question lies clearly in the 2002/60 numbered dossier at the Diyarbakir 3. High Criminal Court. While Timurtas was a civil servant in the OHAL Regional Governorship he was arrested for having a Kalesnikof weapon in 1993, the execution of his arrest was void. Although Timurtas should be in prison till 1999 he was outside. In the court dossier the address the Timurtas presented attracts great attention, it is ‘Dicle Kral Kizi Dam Special Duty Commandsip Housing’.

He Was Caught Red Handed but later Released

Adil Timurtas last year in May was court by police red handed while trying to extort 30 thousand YTL (approximately 23 thousand Euro) from DEHAP Bagcilar District President Lezgin Bingol. Timurtas, Erdal Atalay, Abdulvahap Demir and Abuzer Gun were taken in custody, they had a JITEM identity card on themselves, were sent to 2. Criminal Court after hearing to Fatih Republic Prosecutor for ‘criminal offence’ and ‘profiting through threat’. They were released with the justification that there was ‘no concrete evidence’. The Republic Prosecutor appealled against the decision. As result of the appeal, the accused were dispatched to a higher court. From here the suspects were released.

The Favourite Among the Special Forces

Because confessor Adil Timurtas participated in military operations in the rural regions of Diyarbakir while he was in the prison he was given an award by the Special Duty Commandship. The name of confessor Adil Timurtas also takes place in the Susurluk (during a car accident in Susurluk government officials and well known gang members were found in the same vehicle) Report. Adil Timurtas on 20 August 1999 while staying in the Diyarbakir confessors ward sent a letter to 3. Diyarbakir State Security Court demanding his release stating that he was not guilty and that he participated in the operations with the acknowledgement of the state. With the letter Timurtas presented 2 fact papers, these documents showed that he participated in operations and the superior gave encouragement. It was determined that the 2 documents presented by Timurtas to the court were operations against the PKK.

6 - Diyarbakir Organization of the Democratic Society Party – PRESS STATEMENT

Dear Press Members,

Our Dear People,

Yesterday night, around 9:15 pm, eleven of our people lost their lives and as many or more people were heavily injured due to a bomb blast in the Kosuyolu Avenue of our city.

First of all, we extend our condolences to the families of the murdered and our people, and wish urgent recovery for the injured.

As is well known, two days ago our Party Center called for a ceasefire in order to assure peace and tranquility and to enable peaceful solution of the problems through democratic dialogue. It is quite striking that this attack occurred only one day after our call for ceasefire, which, we believe, would be met positively. Diyarbakir has never witnessed such an attack and massacre before, even during those past years marked with immense armed-conflicts. First and foremost:


We recognize each one of the murdered as our children, siblings and mothers. We feel their pain and suffering in our hearts as the whole society. We believe that all of them are martyrs of democracy, equality and freedom. With its call for ceasefire, Democratic Society Party has added a new dimension to the efforts put forth by diverse sectors of the society, including writers, academicians and businessmen, toward creating peace. The call for ceasefire has created a new hope for peace among all sectors of the society.

The timing of the event and that it happened in Diyarbakir clearly demonstrates the nature of the provocation that the society faces. We have serious worries and suspicion that similar incidents may occur in the future.

That is why we invite all sectors of the society to act in a responsible and prudent manner, to be sensitive and to continue their efforts in contributing to the process of peace, to the silencing of guns and to the solution of problems through democratic dialogue.

We invite the government, Turkish Grand National Assembly, political parties, NGOs, workers and business circles; citizen, intellectual and peace initiatives to fulfill their responsibilities and to embrace and support the call for ceasefire and peace raised by our Party Center.

We want to once again emphasize that despite this provocation we will continue and deepen our efforts toward realizing our call for the cease-fire and creation of peace.

Sincere Regards,

7- News Prepared by the Press Unit of Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality:

After the bomb attacks in the city, the Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Baydemir interrupted his programme in Istanbul and immediately returned to Diyarbakir. Baydemir said that the attacks explicitly targeted the civilians and aimed to sabotage the demands for peace.

In his statements made to the press at the airport, Mayor Osman Baydemir said that they were going through times of great difficulty and pain, and that he was appalled by the great suffering being experienced in Diyarbakir.

After noting that he had gone to Ankara to make a call for peace and reminding the call for ceasefire made together with the Democratic Society Party (DTP) Chair, Baydemir added that “We came together and made a public statement so that not a single more person may lose his/her life, so that our country can realize economic and social development, so that we can solve all our problems through dialogue. Less than even 24 hours after this statement, this barbaric attack took place. 10 of my citizens, of my fellow citizens, of my people lost their lives. Some of our people are heavily injured. First and foremost, I am feeling and living the pain and suffering of our families deep in my heart. I extend my condolences to the families of the victims and sincerely wish urgent recovery for all the injured. This pain does not only belong to the injured or the families of the innocent victims, it is the pain of all the city. In fact, this pain should be shared by all Turkey, all the humanity; and we all must do what we have to as immediately as possible so that such pains will not be suffered again.”

Baydemir also added that there was nothing else to do other than holding onto prudence and steadiness, that whatever is required not to allow other citizens to experience such pains and sufferings again should be immediately done, and that regardless of its cost and difficulty, peace should not be forsaken, should not be renounced.

Baydemir reminded that the incident took place in one of the busiest districts of the city, frequented by many locals up until 12 am, and said that it was clear that the civilians were targeted during this incident. Baydemir emphasized that “The attack deliberately aimed to sabotage the will and demand for peace, this is also clear. We should really feel great pains for this. It is clear that this is a provocation which aims to take us back to the 1990s. What we should do is to express a common feeling towards this incident and to act collaboratively in order to undo this ugly game.”

In the afternoon, Baydemir left carnations to the location of the incident together with the inhabitants of the city and the Diyarbakir Democracy Platform representatives. During his visit, Baydemir said, “The eminent dynamics and the inhabitants of this city want peace and justice. The people of this city want tranquility and peace. Today, we are condemning the attack together with all the institutions in our city. The expectation of our people is that this incident should not be covered and that the ones who committed this crime should not be hidden. Today, we are here together to condemn the perpetrators in the name of public conscious and to undo this ugly game aiming at obstructing peace and fraternity. The black ribbon on my collar stands for protest. It is to condemn this event. It is an expression of our prudence. The white ribbon on my other collar represents peace and shows that we will never renounce it. ”

The citizens of Diyarbakir announced two-day mourning for the lives lost. They will also be wearing white and black ribbons for three days.


Gelek sipas, hevalên min. Berxwedan û Serkeftin!

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