Monday, September 18, 2006


"We will be watching you, we will be listening to you . . . "
~ Sibel Edmonds, Kill the Messenger.

Many thanks to Lukery at Wot Is It Good 4, who has been following the Sibel Edmonds' story, and who has dropped this information on me.

The video trailer for the documentary about Sibel Edmonds' attempting to blow the lid off the Turkish Deep State's connections in the US looks like it's going to be a good one. Take a look for yourself:

More information can be found at Sibel Edmonds' website,, including interviews with the directors, brochures in .pdf, a link to the video's blog--also by Lukery--a "Sibel Edmonds'State Secrets Case" quiz--written by Mike Mejia--and much more.

For a quick rundown on the whole story, with an explanation of the Deep State's web in America, review Mike Mejia's article, "The Secrets Behind 'State Secrets'".

I hope that they upload the entire documentary to Youtube or Google Video so that everyone can see it, and all those connected with the Turkish Deep State are finally ratted out for all the filth they've ever done in their miserable little lives.

The busting of this international terrorist gang will be the first step in the real war against the state-sponsors of terror.

Take the red pill. Go on . . . ya know ya wanna.

ONE OTHER ITEM of note: Mam Celal is in the US and as the president of Iraq, he's "representing free and democratic Iraq," with an address to the American people. Funny, he doesn't mention the protests by Kurds that have been brutally suppressed recently by his very own security forces. Now, why do you think that is?

If you want a more realistic perspective on the situation in South Kurdistan, I suggest you check out Dr. Hussein Tahiri's impression of his most recent visit, over at KurdishMedia. Dr. Tahiri's impressions and concerns are very close to my own, and I don't feel that whitewashing the situation, as good old Mam Celal does, is going to serve any purposes but those of the ruling elites.

As Dr. Tahiri notes, "Unfortunately, Kurdish leaders have always taken as their guide the leaderships in neighbouring countries," and that is what we see when the people's demands for justice are crushed and silenced by armed force.

Time to wake up, Kurdistan.


Vladimir said...

Cecil John Edmonds was a British political and military officer in Southern Kurdistan. Family of her?

Mizgîn said...

Edmonds is the married name of Sibel Edmonds. Her father is an Azerbaijani, she was born in Iran and lived also in Turkey. She still has family in Turkey, against whom threats were made by people connected to the ATC.

Sibel is now an American citizen and her husband is American.

Vladimir said...

Thanks for the information. I like Azeri's very much. (not all of them off course). But the ones I know. Thanks for the updates Rasti.

Vladimir said...

I din't think you like this ed. from an American professor. It was published on Washington Post.

Liberal and damn proud of it said...

Just thought I'd say hi. I'm an american who hates Bush and his entire corrupt political party. Much to my shock I just saw a commercial on tv 11pm at night that was sponsored by thanking america.. Of course there's an election here in 2 months and I assume some right wing scumbag is behind these ads.. So i've been googling trying to find out the connection and who is behind aka (the ad also stated) I am trying to find out if rupert murdoch or some other wealthy republican is behind these ads showing up on tv all of a sudden.

The commercial shows a bunch of kurds,(I assume), showing men, women and children thanking us for their freedom..

It sounds like a political scheme to me and if you have any knowledge regarding this, by all means post it on your blog.

I am no one particular.. I keep up with some excellent liberal sites like .

For this commercial to just suddenly show up on tv it HAS to be a political move by the Republican/Bush administration.

Any thoughts ?

Vladimir said...

You mean the KRG and not KURDMEDIA (they are independent). And yes Kurds in Iraq are helpfull for America liberating Kurdistan from Saddam. And yes it was financed by Republican Money.

Mizgîn said...

Actually, I believe it was the KDC who arranged these advertisements and paid for them, using Russo, Marsh & Rogers as consultants.

So, the Republican party didn't pay for a damned thing.

By the way, these advertisements came out a year ago, if not a little more than a year ago, and only now is anyone taking notice of them--FOR THEIR OWN SELFISH POLITICAL AGENDAS and not for any concern of justice for the Kurdish people.

Frankly, Liberal, I don't give a fat rat's ass about the little political agendas of insular, bigoted, racist, genocidal Americans. When you people want to get your dirty government to end its genocidal policies against 20 million Kurds under the occupation of your fascist ally, Turkey, then maybe I will take you little, bitty problems seriously.

Oh, think it's only the evil Republicans who do nasty things like actively support genocide? Think again, and take a look at arms sales to Turkey under the Clinton regime. All of that was during the height of the genocidal Turkish war against Kurds, so Clinton and all of his minions were bigtime advocates and enablers of genocide themselves.

Mizgîn said...

As for that professor, it is obvious that she doesn't know what she's talking about.

Only a liar or an idiot would write, "To its credit, Turkey has already begun the process of increasing Kurdish cultural rights."

The only "process" that has developed and been put into practice immediately, is the "process" of increased levels of fascism implemented by the new TMY.

The use of the term "integration" is also extremely misleading, unless the professor is a fascist propagandist. The phrase "forced assimilation" is the correct term to use instead. "Integration" is a word that has never been uttered in the TC. And we know all about all those well-"integrated" so-called Kurds in the government now. They are fully assimilated and are, therefore, Turks, according to the precepts of Ziya Gokalp.

Where does this propagandist get off believing that mere "cultural" rights are going to have any effect, positively or negatively, for "greater voice in government" for Kurds, when the last real Kurds in government were imprisoned for over a decade for exercising their "cultural" rights in the TBMM, by speaking Kurdish.

This propagandist is clearly unable or unwilling to discuss why the 5-year, unilateral ceasefire was called off by PKK, but that's because a discussion of those facts would distract from the usual argument of "Turkey as innocent victim, that every country in the world is PLOTTING to destroy," which this propagandist obviously takes as the basis of her limited thinking about the reality of the Kurdish situation.