Wednesday, September 13, 2006


"Our boys have done it!"
~ Paul Henze, CIA's Ankara Station Chief, 1980.

Overnight, the death toll from Turkey's latest attack in Amed (Diyarbakir) has risen to 11. Meanwhile, the hevals at KurdishInfo are carrying several items of interest regarding the Ankara regime's most recent murder of Kurds in Amed.

Of particular interest is Kongra-Gel's statement on the attack, which notes the significance of the date, 12 September. Last night, I mentioned that it was no coincidence that the US "PKK Coordinator," Joe Ralston arrived in Ankara on the 12th, but as Kongra-Gel correctly notes, 12 September is the anniversary of the US-backed 1980 coup. From Wikipedia:

The US-support of this coup was acknowledged by the CIA Ankara station chief Paul Henze. After the government was overthrown, Henze cabled Washington, saying, "our boys have done it."

"Our boys" refers to the Turkish National Security Council (MGK), in other words, it refers to the pashas. For more on Paul Henze, check this interesting read from an Ethiopian perspective.

President Carter was also well-aware of what was going on with the American operations, from an article in Kurdistan Report:

Carter, who was at the opera when he heard about the coup, called Paul Henze, the CIA agent responsible for Turkey, and told him: " Your people have just made a coup".

Both the Wikipedia link and the Kurdistan Report link give information on the MHP's involvement with Gladio, and how these organizations created the period of chaos prior to the coup, which provided the justification of the coup. All of the chaos leading up to the coup was instigated by the US, with the help of "their boys."

Interestingly enough, Bianet has a recent report on the fact that the mechanisms of the 1980 coup remain intact, with the perpetrators never brought to justice for their crimes. The recently passed new anti-terror law is but one example of the continuing influence of the monsters of 1980 exerting their influence today. Semdinli is another example. Yesterday's bombing in Amed is another.

KurdishInfo has another article on the bombing, with a statement from Amed's mayor, Osman Baydemir, as well as some infomation on the increase in the numbers of JITEM in Amed:

Baglar municipal is the poorest in Diyarbakir. Diyarbakir is the lagest Kurdish city in Turkey. It comprises mainly of forcibly displaced people due to the terror of Turkish military forces from the region. For this reason for the incident to take place at Baglar and after a call for peace does create intrigue as to who is behind the incident. A short period before the incident former members of JITEM was called to Diyarbakir.

A separate building by the 7th Army Corps Commandship was allocated 3 weeks ago to educate JITEM and confessors on operational and intelligence matters.

In a third article, the people of Amed have taken to the streets against the regime, while Special Teams and snipers take up their positions around the city. No doubt the Ankara regime's murderers are setting their sites on more Kurdish children, and using their own attack against the Kurdish people as a pretext to invade the homes of the poor, as reported by Reuters.

It's time now to end all cooperation with the Americans, throughout Greater Kurdistan, and throughout the Diaspora.


srusht said...

it may take another susurluk car crash or semdinli bookshop bombing to definitely prove it was buyukanit boys who done it.

it is quite certain our people will survive state terrorism as it has in the last 83 years.

berxwedan u serketn our great nation.

Mizgîn said...

Srusht, please see my comments to the post below.

srusht said...

i just did, but i do not speak a word of turkish.


Mizgîn said...

Sorry, Srusht.

It's TIT's claim for the Amed bombing.

Our hevals at KurdishInfo were the first to get the news out.

VOA also has something on it now.

srusht said...

thanks heval mizgin, i just read the kurdishinfo news.

i think for all those who know something about turkey, it is an open secret that turkish governments since 1971 have sponsored ultra nationalist gangs, interstate drug dealers and common criminals for killing kurds.

i am not surprised.

but will the self-serving world community get it no. because for US and others politics is not a missionery work.

while we should try hard to expose kemal-fascists to the blind world, we should not lose the focus it is only us ourselves we can rely on for our salvation.

serketn bo gel i me.

arcan_dohuk said...

the US may be trying to replace erdogans government with one that will support whatever action it decides to take against iran.

Mizgîn said...

Heval Arcan, you are exactly right. Same to you Heval Srusht, especially about relying on ourselves.

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