Friday, November 17, 2006


"There was mass and systematic terror inflicted on the Kurdish population, often including the most barbaric forms imaginable, beheadings, lynchings, castrations, cutting off of ears and limbs. Extra-judicial executions were commonplace, carried out by ‘contra-guerrillas’, Hizbullah and ‘Village Guards’."
~ Mark Campbell, Kurdish human rights activist, cited by Desmond Fernandes, "Turkey's US-Backed 'War on Terror': A Cause for Concern?".

Check out a post that was carried on one of the Pajamas Media blogs, Instapundit about the US, Turkey, and Kurds:

A favorable trade deal is always a nice thing, but if we really want to make nice with Turkey -- and I completely agree that we should, for the reasons you mention -- then we will have to offer them what they really want, which is PKK heads in a box. The KDP and PUK provide refuge for the PKK in Iraq, which they use to attack Turkey. The Turks want us to go after the PKK directly, and failing that, to let them do it -- to supply them with intelligence so that they can invade northern Iraq and clean out the PKK pockets. We're of course reluctant to go after the PKK (or whatever they're calling themselves these days) for fear of destabilizing the one part of Iraq that seems to be a success, but from the Turks' point of view, we've just decided to sell them out.

Every Kurd remembers the photos of Turkish contra-guerrillas posing with the heads of Kurdish gerîlas, heads that the Turks themselves had cut off. This was at at time when the US had been training the very same commandos. As cited by Desmond Fernandes, I wonder if American special operations forces, such as the Navy SEALS, trained Turkish commandos in this particular technique or if it was one of the techniques the SEALS simply observed, with admiration, of course.

Joining the SEALS in admiration of the beheading of Kurds, and encouraging further beheadings of Kurds, is exactly what the author of that email and Instapundit want to see.

In the email, extreme right-wing fascist and pro-Kurd beheader, Claire Berlinski, goes on to moan about PKK "terrorism," even though it is widely known that the particular "terrorism" the author is moaning about was not done by PKK. She must be living in one of those MHP neighborhoods in Istanbul and imbibing the entire atmosphere. This woman is truly ignorant.

Of course, Berlinski is only concerned about that "one part of Iraq that seems to be a success" because it's the only positive thing to come out of America's most direct attempt to gain control over the region's resources, and it makes the Bush administration look good. She's too ignorant to know that the US had absolutely nothing to do with any successes the Başûrî have had.

Do we need to discuss US support for Saddam's Anfal campaign? Do we need to discuss the fact that the US government cynically noticed Saddam's atrocities against the Başûrî only as a means to gain domestic support to go to war? Do we need to discuss the fact that the US government has never condemned Turkey's atrocious human rights record against the Kurdish people?

Instapundit author, Glenn Reynolds, concludes thusly:

I love the Kurds, but the PKK are bad people.

Yeah, he loves Kurds, which is why he advocates beheading them. For Reynolds, "PKK are bad people" because they are Kurds who refuse to "acquiesc[e] in their treatment," as the Blair government recently phrased it.

Do Claire Berlinski and Glenn Reynolds deny the Armenian Genocide and the Jewish Holocaust in the same way that they deny the reality of Kurds under Turkish occupation? Do they believe that Armenians and Jews should have simply "acquiesced?" Inquiring minds want to know.

Too bad these two little fascists never took a trip to Kurdistan with Mark Campbell as their guide.

It also looks like someone else has picked up on the conflict of interest surrounding the Bush administration/Lockheed Martin appointment of Joseph Ralston as "PKK coordinator," from Lebanon's Daily Star:

The Bush administration is courting influential Kurdish factions in Iraq. But across the border in Turkey, it is supporting Turkey's subjugation of its large Kurdish population. The United States has just approved the sale of F-16 and F-35 fighter jets to Turkey that are to be used for the express purpose of crushing Kurdish militants in the eastern provinces. It has also appointed an envoy with strong business ties to a leading American defense contractor as well as to pro-Turkey American lobbies.

[ . . . ]

Ralston happens to be a board member of the defense company Lockheed Martin, which is providing the new jets. It has been reported that he also has ties to the American-Turkish Council. In other words Ralston has a financial interest in seeing Turkey gain deadly American weaponry, and is in a position to both influence the US government in helping Turkey procure arms and facilitate those purchases on behalf of Lockheed Martin. On learning of this appointment, Kurdish groups were, legitimately, outraged.

[ . . . ]

The fight for Kurdish rights in Turkey is on hold, but history shows that further Turkish obstinacy will only restart the conflict. The US must withdraw Ralston and push Turkey to engage its Kurdish population and introduce democracy and pluralism once and for all in the Kurdish areas. Otherwise, expect to see a resurrection of the Kurdish problem in Turkey, but also more volatility in northern Iraq, very soon.

When the US gives it's client state, Turkey, the green light to invade South Kurdistan, it will mean that the US has decided to allow Turkey control of Mûsil, Kerkuk, and all the newly discovered oil deposits in Behdinan . . . but only because the US will have decided how to control Turkey's control of these resources.


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