Monday, November 20, 2006


"Shimon Peres said it was not possible to live with the hate of 2 million Palestinian people. How then has Turkey coped for so long with the hatred of 15 million Kurds?"
~ Leyla Zana, Writings from Prison.

Here's a nice video that the fascists at Youtube haven't managed to delete yet. It has about a 10-minute runtime and consists of portions of a one-hour documentary by Jiyar Gol, a Kurd from Rojhelat. What is it with the Rojhelatî and film anyway? Someone needs to do a sociological study on that because they are seriously into making films and documentaries.

The documentary previewed here is called "The Emblem of Turkey--The Kurdish Problem," and was filmed sometime in early 2004. You can learn more about Jiyar's documentaries at I had seen another of Jiyar's documentaries, on South Kurdistan, on Roj TV, but I guessed I missed this one on Bakûr.

I really liked the seeing the snow at the beginning of the clip because of its beauty. No one should miss the irony of the Turkish nationalist politician's statement that the Turkish justice system is independent, juxtaposed against film of a state security court filled with soldiers, or the phrase "Ne mutlu Turkum diyene" in lights on the incredible walls of Amed, and the young Amedî's stating, "We don't like it; we would never accept that."

That's what I'm talking about.

The video clip ends with the Kurdish Peace Mothers of Amed.

Hurry up and watch before the dirtbag censors at Youtube dump it. You know what exactly I'm talking about, don't you?


hiwa said...

As long as we have youth who hates to read the sentence on the wall we have great hope that we will defeat the Turks when the great war happens, between us and them!

Vlad said...

Don't forget this:p.

Mizgîn said...

Aren't those Amedî great, Hiwacan? I love hearing them say that.

Thanks, Vlad.