Wednesday, November 29, 2006


“Through clever and constant application of propaganda, people can be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way round, to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise.”
~ Adolf Hitler.

The propaganda machine is working overtime lately, something that Hevallo noticed, too. Since he's been keeping an eye on the propaganda, he pointed something out to me titled "The Coming Coup d'Etat" from Newsweek that's being carried by the hevals at KurdishInfo. Thanks, Hevallo.

My gut reaction is that this piece of propaganda has been designed to bolster support for the Pashas. Why? Well, because the focus of the article is the Islamists (AKP), which is a way of pushing the hot button on the War on Terror® scam and being relatively assured of getting the proper knee-jerk reaction from the Americans.

It's kinda odd, isn't it, that the article never mentions the fact that it was the Pashas who brought the Islamists? Turkish-Islamic synthesis, mid-1980s, Turgut Ozal (member of the Gulen Gang) and the Pashas negotiated the synthesis, and suddenly religious classes became required in the state schools of the secular Turkish democracy.

We all know that Turkey is neither secular nor a democracy; "secular democracy" is a subset of classic War on Terror® propaganda. Under this subset, Turkey becomes a sympathetic victim in the eyes of millions of ignorant people in the West. Under this argument, Turkey's a "secular democracy" becomes "threatened" by Islamists--the very same Islamists with which the Pashas negotiated a sort of power-sharing arrangement. The power-sharing arrangement conveniently permitted the Pashas (and Tansu Ciller) to arm Turkish Hezbollah from TSK installations in "The Kurdish Region," so that Turkish Hezbollah could fight PKK. Stupidly, the Pashas thought they could control Turkish Hezbollah.

It all began to spin badly out of control and a lot of Turkey's current problems (the black operations) are a result of the Pashas' efforts to regain control of the state. Naturally, the Islamists (AKP) resist because they want to control the state. The Islamists give the impression that they would be different than the Pashas, but they won't be. They can't be, because they grew up under the Pashas, the only thing they know is the Pashas, and they negotiated their official existence with the Pashas. They will be the same way. Read things that Gulen writes. Better yet, check out this:

Writing in an article entitled “A Comparative Approach Islam and Democracy, Gülen pronounces, “The Prophet says that all people are as equal as the teeth of a comb. Islam does not discriminate based on race, color, age, nationality, or physical traits. The Prophet declared: ‘You are all from Adam, and Adam is from earth. O servants of God, be brothers [and sisters].’ Those who are born earlier, have more wealth and power than others, or belong to certain families or ethnic groups have no inherent right to rule others” (Gülen 2001). However, Fethullah goes further to claim that Islam can be best represented only by the Turks, thus claiming the superiority of the Turks. When a Kurd says, “I am a Kurd and a Muslim,” then it seems he is insulting his hearer. The Kurd will be chastised for establishing his identity in terms of his ethnicity and be challenged to think of himself as a Muslim only, united with his Islamic brotherhood as the Qur’an requires. If he claims a shared allegiance to his ethnic heritage, he will be asked, “Why are you prejudiced?” and be told, “We are all brothers,” a tranquilizer numbing his followers into submission. Yet, this same examiner will never stand for the rights of this “brother.” Instead, as always, Kurds will be oppressed while the religious demagogies keep silent with the same tactics. When it comes to the Kurdish question, when it comes to many questions about the Kurds, the examiner will note that they are caught in the fire and continue to burn — illiteracy is high, the mortality rate is high, and unemployment is high. Many Kurds are living with their cattle in the winter because they cannot afford to buy enough coal or wood to provide heat for their children during the freezing winter. When the military served as the major police force in that impoverished region, they raped many Kurdish women and killed children and older people as well. These advocates of homogeneity and opponents of racism tried to turn attention to their Muslim brotherhood, pointing to the injustice in Chechnya, Bosnia, Palestine, Afghanistan, and Algeria.

Is Gulen any different than the Pashas? Hell, no. He's a fascist too.

If the Islamists gained full power over everything, including the Pashas, would they be any different as far as Kurds go? No. The reason AKP appears at times to take a softer line toward Kurds is because they want to be able to say to all of Turkey, "Look! We brought peace to the land." That would give them one up on the Pashas, while at the same time proving that the Pashas are impotent. That's like lining the Pashas up on the top of Mount Cudi and pushing them off, one by one. Pashas are never going to allow that. Hence, the tension.

Tension . . . yeah, that's what the Pashas fall back on: the "strategy of tension," an old Gladio tactic and the one the Pashas know best. The "strategy of tension" was used by the Italian Gladio in the late 1960s and early 1970s during much social unrest and growth in electoral support for the Left but, above all, for the Communists:

The neo-Fascist terrorists groups of this period were a backlash against all this left wing activity and also against the emergence of left wing terrorist groups such as the Red Brigades .terrorists of the right .... often planted bombs in public places which killed dozens of innocent bystanders and passers-by . All this was part of a so-called 'strategy of tension' , a campaign designed to lead to a breakdown of law and order and consequent collapse of public confidence in democratically elected government , precipitating a takeover by the army.

There's a little more about the strategia della tensione at Wikipedia.

The Pashas' strategy of tension, "precipitating a takeover by the army," creates the justification for them to run around shrieking about how the "secular democracy" in Turkey (that doesn't exist) is in danger.

The reference to the Turkish constitution in the Newsweek propaganda is a big, fat red herring. Who wrote the constitution? The Pashas! Of course they will place themselves in an indispensible position vis-a-vis the constitution. The Turkish constitution needs to be burned and replaced by a real one written by a civilian government over which the military has no control. Time for a hypocrisy check: How many Westerners would submit to a constitution written by generals and specifically designed to protect the state from the citizens?

But there isn't a new constitution anywhere on the horizon. The EU has not even pointed out the hypocrisy of the Turkish constitution, with its defense of the state from the people, but appears content with "harmonization package" mumbo-jumbo.

Besides, there's always the strategy of tension to create a phony crisis. Everything that has happened since Semdinli is exactly the kind of stuff that happened before the 1980 coup. And let's be aware that the soft coup (1997) was not against an Islamist threat. The soft coup was a cover-your-ass operation because Susurluk had its roots among the Pashas and their Deep State.

The nonsense about DC reaching out to the Islamists is just that: Nonsense. In reality the Islamists have been begging the US to support AKP over the Pashas. Remember Cuneyd Zapsu, back in March, sitting in the holy shrine of the AEI, begging the neocons for help, begging them to use Erdogan? See Item 1e on that. And Cuneyd is one of AKP's boys in the ATC, too.

In the Newsweek propaganda, it's the Pashas begging Washington to use them through the voice of Zeyno Baran. Funny name. She must be a great granddaughter of that other well-known "Kurd," Ismet Inonu. Newsweek notes that Zeyno is a senior fellow at the extreme right-wing Hudson Institute. It fails to mention, however, that as a specialist on energy resources (especially in the Caucausus and Central Asia), Zeyno is also the Director of International Security and Energy Programs at The Nixon Center. The Nixon Center is an Aegean Member of the MIT front operation commonly known as the American Turkish Council.

By the way, the BBC has a three-program series available on Operation Gladio:

Gladio: Part 1

Gladio: Part 2

Gladio: Part 3

Thanks to Vladimir for sending me a link with more propaganda. It looks like Michael Rubin, one of the high priests of the most sacred temple of the neocons, AEI, has a book review on a new publication titled Turkey’s Policy Towards Northern Iraq: Problems and Perspectives. You know, every time I think about Michael Rubin writing about Kurds and Turkey, I wonder what it would have been like for Hitler to write about Jews and Nazi Germany.

"Genocide? What genocide?"

To see some initial comments on Sibel Edmonds' recent article, check with Lukery. Follow the links in his post to read commentary.


arcan_dohuk said...

the best way i think to get back at rubin is by misqouting him. this gets his sponcers in ankara asking questions and it hurts his reputation. he has proven himself to be an enemy so there is nothing worse he can do.

pro deception

Mizgîn said...

Roj baş, Arcan. I know that Rubin is your personal favorite :P If I had the time, wouldn't it be something to take some of his articles and make up something fake that would be slightly pro-PKK, and then put it on the 'Net under his name?

Or even, a faked-up interview would be nice. Maybe even better.

THAT would get Ankara's attention.

Hehehe . . .

arcan_dohuk said...

it wouldnt even have to be pro pkk to stir up trouble for him. all you would need to do is switch some words around and ankara will be calling.

Vladimir said...

Rubin: Discussion about Rubin.
Says Hawler is a Turkmen city.

Rubin is part of the JINSA:

The American Turkish Council (ATC)

Operating tax-free and under the radar is one of the most powerful "non-profit" associations in the U.S., the American Turkish Council (ATC). Some who are familiar with its operations and players describe it as ‘Mini AIPAC;’ this description aces it. ATC followed the AIPAC model; with the direct help of AIPAC & !!JINSA!!.

The terrorist organization the PKK, which is a very small group, did not represent Iraqi Kurds and almost anyone in Iraq is opposed to the PKK, added Rubin, mentioning he was a supporter of forming a federal structure in Iraq. “The PKK serves the interests of those opposing a federal system in Iraq.”

Terrorism should be solved not in years, but in months

The PKK’s opening of an office in Kerkuk (Kirkuk) is a decision that Iraq has to take; however, it may end with dire consequences, Rubin warned.


PKK: Dead or Alive?,2359,947,653,107,640