Thursday, December 20, 2007


"You know, that might be the answer - to act boastfully about something we ought to be ashamed of. That's a trick that never seems to fail."
~ LTC Korn, Catch-22 by Joseph Heller.

First, a little gerîla music from Rotinda:

While I have the chance (and remember to do it) there are a couple of posts on the recent US-Turkish bombings of Kurdistan by Gordon Taylor at Progressive Historians--the Merry Christmas and While Shepherds Watched--with the second providing a bit of satire for your consideration:

[Scene: Ops HQ, Diyarbakir Air Base, Turkey. The phone rings. Capt. Mehmet Fubar, Turkish Air Forces, picks up.]

Fubar: Hello!
Col. Bart Guanaco, USAF[on other end]: That you M'met?
Fubar: Yes, Bart'ciğim! How does scope look?
Guanaco: Looks like a real bingo party down there, M'met.
Fubar: Binko? What is?
Guanaco: Bandits all over the screen: one o'clock, three o'clock, you name it.
Fubar: Please speaking English, dearest Bart.
Guanaco: M'met, I think we got a big PKK meetin' goin' on down there.
Fubar: Really! Tell me!
Guanaco: It's amazing. They think they can go underground and hide, but these dudes are giving off so much heat they must be having an orgy. Listen, here's the coordinates...

And the rest is history.

Read the rest to get the full import of the stupidity illustrated in the dialog.

More later. Stay tuned.


young_activist said...

Wasn't Saddam's treatment of the Kurds one of the major justifications for going to war in the first place? Now the U.S is doing just the same things that they said necessitated their invasion of Iraq.

Mizgîn said...

Yeah, YA, Saddam's genocide of Kurds was part of the PR campaign to deceive the American public into support of the American corporatocracy's invasion.

However, no one mentioned that it was direct, eyes-wide-open US support for Saddam that enabled the Anfal campaign.

Turkey also cooperated with America's Saddam regime in its use of WMD's against Kurds, and when that information started to leak out during Saddam's trial, the American controllers of the trial shut off all the microphones in the courtroom.

Then the US rushed the execution of Saddam so that he wouldn't spill his guts in court about American and Turkish complicity in the genocide.

Americans do not care what happens to Kurds, unless Kurds make for good PR.