Thursday, December 13, 2007


"Dementia is not exclusively a problem of the developed world."
~ Julie Bishop.

So the OHAL has been extended from December to March 2008, thanks to the news from the hevals at KurdishInfo. The OHAL was originally called from June to September 2007, then extended until December. This was done in order for the Ankara regime to pretend that the new OHAL wasn't really an OHAL but no one should have been fooled by this nonsense. OHAL is OHAL. Period.

Surprise, surprise, surprise! Or not . . . From Der Spiegel, via KurdishInfo, Germany has released two of the murderers of Dr. Mohammed Sadegh Sharafkandi and companions. Both murderers were conveniently deported to Iran, whose regime sanctioned the murder of the Kurdish activists.

In other news, Yaşar Paşa continues to suffer from severe dementia as illustrated by his statements at a recent symmposium on PKK (That's right, folks, TSK attends symposia on PKK). Among other things, Yaşar Paşa claimed that "terrorists" (read: DTP) "are in parliament," and that human rights have become "terrorist" weapons that have been turned against all those poor, helpless victims that are the members of TSK. You can read more of the statements of Turkey's top nutcase, at Bianet.

The best response to Yaşar Paşa's ravings came from Ufuk Uras of the ÖDP:

"If civil servants have the right to interfere in politics, then this should be the right not only of the civil servant with the gun at his hip, but also the right of the civil servant working in the register office. Let no civil servant consider themselves more privileged than others. The same right should then apply to the civil servants holding pens, watering hoses and broomsticks."

Touché, Ufuk!

Hevallo also has some relevant comments on this nonsense.

In another shocking piece of news--NOT--the Minority Rights Group International (MRG) reports that there is growing, violent nationalism in Turkey, with "a ban on minority languages in political life and public services and that school books reinforce stereotypes about minorities." The head of MRG's Policy and Communication says, "[T]o bring real change to Turkey's minorities there has to be radical transformation of the prevalent mentality towards minorities of both the state and society."

Good luck with that. At the rate things are going, there really is no hope of significant change until the system dedicates itself to changing itself. Read more about that, with a timeline of significant events against minorities, at InfoTurk.

Dr. Kristiina has made good on her promise to report on the recent EUTCC conference on the Kurds, and she has a lot of great photos, so go over to her place and take a look and have a read.

Finally, there is a list of the recent HPG and YJA-STAR şehîds:

Selma Kaya, code name Gülbahar Gülhat, born 1978 Batman.

Ceyda Yetkin, code name Rozerin Fırat Roj, born 1975 İstanbul.

Niyazi Akgül, code name Harun Tori, born 1981 Midyat.

Medeni Gül, code name Xwinda Faraşin, born 1984 Çukurça.

Mercan Kara, code name Beritan Hilal, born 1983 Uludere.

Hasan Kaya, code name Serdem Şahin, born 1986 Şırnak.

Abdullah Karataş, code name Osman Çevik, born 1975 Bozova-Urfa.

Mehmet Reşit Erdoğan, code name Gabar Rızgar, born 1972 Bitlis.

Rest in peace, comrades. Şehîd namirin!



Dear friend,

What does the expression "Şehîd namirin" mean exactly? Is the word "Şehîd" related to the Arabic 'Shahid' (martyr) and, if yes, does it carry the same meaning as the Greek μάρτυς "witness"?

Kind regards,

The Saker

Ali Bucak said...

It's just the same as Turks always say. Martyrs won't die.
Sehitler olmez.

Anonymous said...

Correction: I believe the people released were the murderers of the other great Kurdish leader, Dr. Sadegh Sharafkandi, not those of Dr. Ghassemlou.

Their releases by Germany are unacceptable and a shameful spit in the face of humanity.

Şehîd namirin! Martyrs never die!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the post Mizgin. May they rest in peace.

Mizgîn said...

VS, it means "Martyrs never die" or "Martyrs are immortal" and these martyrs are for Kurdistan. The same term and phrase is used in South Kurdistan, too. I don't know the Greek term you use so I cannot comment on the meaning.

Anonymous 1, you are absolutely correct. Thank you for pointing out my mistake. I will amend the post to reflect that it was, in fact, Dr. Mohammed Sadegh Sharafkandi who was made a sehid for Kurdistan by the mullah regime. I agree it is shameful in the extreme for Germany to release these murderers.

Anonymous 2, you are welcome.

Anonymous said...

sıfatına tükürdüklerim allahla kitapla dalga geçen namaz oruç tutmayan allah için savaşmayandan şehitmi olur. bunlara biz leş diyoruz sadece