Wednesday, December 19, 2007


"If they come over the Iraqi border we will survive. These mountains are Kurdish mountains and they don't know the terrain."
~ PKK fighter.

HPG has identified the five gerîlas martyred during the Ankara regime's air attacks on Sunday:

Enver Umyanus (Abdülmenaf Tekin), born 1973 in Umyanus-Şırnak. Joined PKK in 1995.

Kendal Arap (Anter Muhammed Hamid), born 1977 in Rakka. Joined PKK in 2000.

Bawer Batman (Fuat Özekinci), born 1982 in Batman. Joined PKK in 2006.

Rohat Rıhani (Fatih Bordoğan), born 1986 in Silopi-Şırnak. Joined PKK in 2004.

Eşref Cizre.

Rest in peace, comrades. Şehîd namirin!

HPG also reports that the gerîlas made contact three times with the Turkish ground troops that entered the Medya Defense Zones in the Xakurkê region, Gelıyê Reş, and that eight Turkish troops were killed and four wounded in the clashes.

No HPG fighters were killed or wounded in the clashes.

I haven't been able to get over to VineyardSaker's blog to make many comments so far this week, however I noticed that he does have a pretty good analysis of mountain warfare today. So, if you want to learn something, go read. Highly recommended.


berxwedan said...

Mizgin, reports that the first batch of Turkish soldiers entering southern Kurdistan were about to be ambushed by 250 HPG guerrillas when US and KDP forces rushed to inform the Turkish forces that they were about to be ambushed. The Turks changed the entering point, but were ambushed by HPG guerrillas in Xakurke. The Turkish casualties would have been higher if US helicopters didn't rush in to interfere and rescue the Turks once again. HPG has not mentioned anything about this, so we'll have to see if it's true or not. If it is, then another po-po by KDP.

Devrimci said...

Kurdistan post also said Barzani was in hospital. Also Kemal Said Qadir wrote for Kurdistan post. No wonder he also writes for the Middle East Quarterly now. Guess who is the editor there? Michael Rubin.

Mizgîn said...

Very interesting, Berxwedan. It's not out of the realm of possibility, but I have to agree that we'll have to wait to see if the information is verified.

Devrimci, also very interesting information about Qadir. I did a search on MEQuarterly website and did find an article by Qadir from the summer. It looks like he's feeding well into Rubin's propaganda mill.

That, in itself, is VERY interesting.