Sunday, December 16, 2007


"Has the fight with the 5,000 terrorists finished domestically, that we should now be talking about Iraq?"
~ Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Overnight the Ankara regime engaged in aerial and ground bombardment of South Kurdistan. According to an early ANF report on Özgür Gündem, fifteen civilian villages in the Zab, Avaşin, and Xakurk regions of South Kurdistan were bombed along with Qendil. Bombed villages include Nawdeşt and Dola Baleyan, Bokirîkan, Ênze, Lêwje, Kutel, Zargelî, Qelatûkan, Rezge, Maredû Silêyiyan, Balekayetî, Xinêrew, Qebirî, Zahîriyan, and Sîdeka

Two elementary schools were destroyed. Fortunately, since the bombings began at 0100 hours, the schools were empty. Representatives of the International Red Cross have already visited the bombed areas and removed 140 families from the Qendil area to Sangasar

One hospital in Lêwje was also destroyed. Dr. Andok Pola said that the hospital had been warned of the possibility of attacks, so it had been emptied before the aerial bombardment began. Medical personnel did treat a number of local villagers who had been wounded in Turkey's attack.

HPG confirms that five gerîlas and two civilians were martyred in the attacks and that three gerîlas were lightly wounded. After the initial aerial bombardment, howitzer fire began at 0800 hours. HPG's air defense batteries responded to the attack.

HPG states that the attacks were carried out by Turkey with the approval and support of the US, and that the US must stop the attacks immediately or it will receive the anger and reaction of our people. HPG notes that the attacks are not only against PKK, but against all the Kurdish people and, therefore, all Kurds must raise their voices against the attacks. Just as everyone raised their voices against the cross-border operation vote in the TBMM, they should do so again and especially the people of South Kurdistan.

Gerîlas had observed US reconnaisance flights in the area for the last month.

Kurds in London took these words to heart and staged a protest in front of 10 Downing Street, against Turkey's cross-border attacks. A number of pieces of information were included in a file given to the prime minister's office, including KCK's recent statement with its seven points for a democratic solution and the final resolutions of the EUTCC conference on the Kurdish situation.

DTP deputy co-chairman Kamuran Yüksek said Turkey's cross-border bombing showed the hypocrisy of the AKP through Erdoğan's talk about democracy and calls for everyone to join the political process. Yet Erdoğan's government chooses a military solution.

I should remind everyone at this point that there is no difference between the Turkish ruling military elite and any Turkish party, including the Islamists in AKP, when it comes to the Kurdish people. Military "solutions" and genocide is the only answer the Turks know. Of course, the US is an old facilitator of genocide, at least when it's not actively engaged in its own genocides.

Back to Kamuran Yüksek, who says about Turkey's policy:

Although claiming to bomb PKK camps, civilian villages have been bombed and civilians injured. In order to create a "buffer zone" in the region, they are trying to make the villages uninhabitable. These villages are under the authority of the KRG, but until this time, there is no statement from the KRG. A foreign country's aircraft come and bomb your villages and kill your people, and still you keep silent."

Good point. So where is Barzanî now? Oh, but he didn't have anything to say about Turkey and Iran bombing civilians all summer long. And we know that the Americans have spent the entire last five years bombing civilians and their villages in both Afghanistan and Iraq--with impunity. After all, the Americans don't care about human rights because it doesn't have anything to do with the one thing all Americans worship: the once-upon-a-time almighty dollar. Hell, Americans can't even figure out what torture is.

No, boys and girls, there is only one proper response to this current situation.

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