Tuesday, January 08, 2008


HPG has issued a Statement about the explosion in Amed (Diyarbakır).

To the people and public opinion:

There is a possibility that the explosion in Amed Yenişehir on 3 January 2008, in which a military vehicle carrying lieutenants, including some pilots, was carried out by one of our units' own initiative. We have not received exact information about this operation yet.

We want you to know that we will share the exact results when the investigation is completed.

Stay tuned.


Janice said...

Hi Mizgin! I hate to be a bother but I have seen some Iraqi press saying that Bozan Tekin (a PKK leader) apologised for the Diyarbakir bombing and that PKK claimed the bombing. The Iraqi Kurdistan News (english version) claimed that statement was made in Firat News. I went to Firat News but am at a loss because I cannot read Turkish or Kurdish. It seems strange to me that PKK would claim a terrorist attack as they don't do those anymore. Did the Iraqi press just mistranslate the actual press statement? or did they just misrepresent what was really said (I find that happens alot!).

I really appreciate your work on this blog! I oft times will come here to get the real clarification because the press is so back and forth! keep up the good work!

Mizgîn said...

Janice, I saw the Tekin comments and have bookmarked the page, but after reading something today, I'm waiting to work on any translations until KCK has finished its investigation and makes a complete statement on the bombing. KCK's executive council will tell us everything after they have all the facts together.

Of this, I have no doubt.

Janice said...

Gratefully appreciate your efforts. And I respect your wanting to have the full story. I wish more journalists and news organizations would do the same!!

Kind regards,

Hamo said...

I still don't think PKK on its own neither capable of such an attack or would do such a stupid thing in the capital of the occupied Kurdistan! If they really aimed for the pilots who participated on bombing the southern Kurdistan then why not using the missiles directly to their compounds (Anyone honestly believe that PKK brought 80 kg of RDX with high A-4 from Qandil mountains to Amed (Diyarbakir) city then I am sure few kgs of these explosives should not be any problem to carry all the way from the Southern Kurdistan). According to KCK and the HPG, the incident is too complicated to pinpoint anyone as a perpetrator but according to their investigations, guerillas on their part have no involvement. Well, I really have to tell you about the Turkish newspapers and the TV stations about the way them handling the incident. According to all of the Turkish media outlets the perpetrator has been caught, magnificent Turkish police caught him by a single fingerprint found in a bank note. Apparently, the perpetrator is in the police custody now and he was crying non-stop during the questioner. According to Turkish media that all of the recordings made before the bombing by the CCT from the nearby shops were all collected by the police and destroyed.

Mizgîn said...

Well, let us see what PKK says, Hamo.

Yes, I have seen the Turkish media reports but they are merely "interesting."

But if the leadership has concerns about what occurred, then I'm willing to wait to hear what they have to say.