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"Disinformation is deliberately misleading information announced publicly or leaked by a government, intelligence agency, corporation or other entity for the purpose of influencing opinions or perceptions. Unlike misinformation, which is also a form of wrong information, disinformation is produced by people who intend to deceive their audience."
~ Sourcewatch

Well, the good news is that this morning when I started looking at news, Sibel's bombshell from The Sunday Times was all over the place, including Counterpunch and OpEd News, The Times of India, Pakistan's Daily Times, Iran's PressTV, Israel's Haaretz, and TDN.

The news is also ricocheting around the blogosphere at, among many, The Agonist, Lukery's always excellent diary at Daily Kos, and The Brad Blog. Hevallo has not only one post on Sibel, but two!

The bad news is that there already appears to be a disinformation campaign begun against Sibel, and it's starting to spread through the blogs. Sibel posted a photo gallery of "subjects of interest" on her own website while Lukery put names to faces. However, someone is already tampering with Sibel's gallery:

UPDATE: I have made some changes to the list. I have removed Lantos, despite what I have heard being confirmed by Sibel's gallery of people. I have added Kissinger too.

Alexandrovna gives no explanation for her tampering, and her "adjustments" were made without any knowledge of Turkish and no access to the FBI tapes that Sibel translated.

Why remove Lantos? Just because he's had to resign from the House due to cancer? Sorry, but that's no excuse to let the guy off if he's guilty, and if he's posted in Sibel's rogues' gallery, he's guilty. Let justice hound him to the grave because his criminal involvement with the Deep State has caused severe suffering for countless hundreds of thousands in North Kurdistan alone. Give me twenty years and I'd still be trying to squeeze out a tear for this dirty old bastard of American politics.

Why add Kissinger? We all know that Kissinger is a douchebag and is also guilty of the blood of millions, but if he's not mentioned in the FBI tapes that Sibel translated, then why drag him into Sibel's case?

If we scroll down, we read this:

Henry Kissinger (He is not shown in Sibel's gallery, but I believe him to be on of the MIA photos)

Oh, I see. Despite what she has heard being confirmed by Sibel's own gallery and by Sibel's own facts, this fine, upstanding example of American journalism--and that's not a compliment--believes Kissinger to be part of Sibel's case, then it simply has to be.

That, boys and girls, is what's known as "blowing it out of your ass."

The photo information came from Sibel and is posted at Sibel's site; Alexandrovna didn't come up with any of it on her own. Why, then, is there any need to change names, take out names, or add any other non-factual, irrelevant crap? If Sibel listed those people in her photo gallery, then Sibel did so for reasons that are fully backed by facts. Why would Alexandrovna tamper with the information that Sibel is able to tell? Why attempt to obfuscate and poison the facts that Sibel has been trying to tell for years? I mean, Alexandrovna can claim that she's been trying to publish for years the information that she's learned of Sibel's case but the fact is that, aside from Sibel, Luke Ryland is the expert on the case. I add that, contrary to Alexandrovna's claim, she hasn't put so much as a nanofraction of the work into Sibel's case as Luke Ryland has.

Sibel's information, including the photo gallery, is based on the facts as backed up by Sibel's own, direct evidence, and here we have someone altering it based on what? Partisanship? Ideological allegiances? Or just plain malice?

The evidence against the Deep State in the US, Israel, Pakistan, and Turkey must always be backed up by pristine evidence. So far, Sibel has presented us with nothing but pristine evidence, as far as she can given the Deep State's court-ordered gag against her.

Who is Alexandrovna covering for? Who's she spreading disinformation for? What's in it for her that she's attempting to discredit Sibel Edmonds?


Miguel said...

One interesting point about Lantos: he has voted in favor of the Armenian Genocide resolution in the last two votes of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. He cited Turkey's refusal to let U.S. launch it's northern front from Turkish territory as a reason.

Now, I'm thinking he may have had another motive in mind. Was he trying to distance himself from his Turkish paymasters, knowing Sibel's story might become public someday?

In any case, what was Lantos paid for? I would like to know. Was it primarily for classified information?

Anonymous said...

Good job, as always.

Very important to remain factual. The cabal is waiting for a slip, and they haven't gotten it in the past 6 years.

Anonymous said...

Mizgîn said...

Alexandrovna could have made speculations about others separately, but when she comes out and says that she's gone right ahead and taken the liberty to change Sibel's information--because we all know that journalists know so much better than all the rest of us, especially Sibel--then that's a problem.

A big problem.

Yeni Albümler said...