Saturday, January 05, 2008


"Although the institute calls itself a "non-partisan policy research organization," scholars at Hudson consistently reveal an ideological agenda in their work."
~ Hudson Institute entry at Right Web.

Hevallo brings up a good point to remember about the recent Amed bombing and the development of the situation in North Kurdistan in the last few months:

Remember the Hudson Institute 'Scenarios'?

Where the Turkish military was exposed going through all sorts of different 'scenarios' in the right wing 'think tank' in the US earlier in the year. And the leaked reports about US/Turkish 'special operations' in South Kurdistan.

My guess is that all these 'scenarios' that have so far been carried out, Beytussebap, bombings of Qandil and now this Diyarbakir bomb are all pieces of pre planned campaign, to justify not only the severe repression of the Kurdish Freedom Movement in Turkey, that is at its strongest in history but also to gain support for and justify a military invasion of South Kurdistan.

At the beginning of the year it sounded like a conspiracy theory, Turkey and the US plotting to invade Kurdistan and grab Kurdish oil. But now it seems all too plausible.

Who was sitting with the Paşas and the same Americans who faked all the "intelligence" for the Iraq War and now attempt to bullshit their way to a war in Iran? Qubad Talabanî, whose father lectures Northern Kurds to support the AKP. So you have to ask yourself what kind of deal the Southern Kurdish leadership has cut with both the Americans and the Turks at the expense of the Kurdish people.

Believe me, they ain't doing it out of the goodness of their little black hearts.

If you take the time to actually read the Hudson Institute entry at Right Web, you'll see names that repeat over and over in neocon circles, such as Norman Podhoretz, Meyrav Wurmser, Elliot Abrams, Francis Fukuyama, Richard Perle, the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), Center for Security Policy, Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP), and the RAND Corporation--filth all.

Goran at Zanetî has something new up about the US-Turkey relationship. Among other facts, he mentions that which very few bother to mention:

The complicity of the United States and NATO in the oppressive policies of the Turkish State may come as a surprise to many. The moral support or even the billions of dollars worth of weapons during the Cold War era are not the only things that were provided to Turkey. The U.S. military through the hundreds of their advisors actively trained the same Turkish military, Special Forces and intelligence services that carried out the vast array of human rights abuses that continue to this day. In more recent times, the U.S. continues to extend their support through Joint Combined Exchange Training led by U.S. Special Forces. The human rights abuses including the “numerous violations of the laws of war, including village destruction, indiscriminate fire, and ‘disappearances’" carried out by the Turkish Special Forces - trained by the U.S. forces - have been carefully documented by various groups such as the Human Rights Watch (HRW).(11) The serious war crimes, which could be questionably labeled as acts of genocide, committed by these U.S.-backed Turkish forces have been condemned by the HRW and reports recommend that such forces should not be deployed in Kurdish civilian regions.

Now think about that in light of Hevallo's point about the planning that went on at the Hudson Institute.

Nor is Hevallo alone in wondering if there are "any journalists or editors left in this world that have enquiring minds"; so does Axin Arbili at The Conservative Voice:

Despite all the deceptions and lies spread by Turkish and Western governments, and by so-called independent journalists or political analysts, the truth and reality is quite different: The Turkish army is not fighting terrorism, it is bombing the Kurdish resistance against Turkish tyranny and oppression.

[ . . . ]

The West prefers to believe in a friendly Turkey and supports it financially and militarily. Turkey is, after Egypt and Saudi Arabia, the third-largest recipient of US military aid. US tax monies finance Turkey in its dirty war against a defenceless people.

The Kurdish resistance and liberation leader, Abdullah Öcalan, was captured by the US secret services and handed over to the Turks. How strange that at the same time, the West supports two million Muslims in seceding from Serbia and establishing a second Albania.

Even more outrageous is the West's support of the Arabs, who call themselves Palestinians, in establishing a 23rd Arab state; notwithstanding that it is to be carved out of ancestral and biblical Jewish territory. The injustices done to the Kurds, whose history and legitimate claims to an independent, sovereign state infinitely transcends those of the so-called Palestinian Arabs. But Kurdish aspirations are ignored.

If Kurdish aspirations are ignored, then it's high time for a little in-your-face resistance to spread like wildfire . . . from Turkey, to Europe and beyond.



berxwedan said...

HPG has now issued a statement saying that one of their urban guerrilla units has most likely carried out the attack by own initiative. The choice of the target was based on intelligence that the bus (the main target) was carrying Turkish Air Force officers who were piloting the F-16 jets that bombed Kurdish villages in southern Kurdistan. Most of those pilots are now seriously wounded and will most likely never fly again. Also the time of the attack was most likely picked so the attack would do the LEAST AMOUNT of damage to civilians. The area of the attack was also most likely picked as the closest distance to the air base where an attack could be the most effective. It was clearly a target of opportunity. This is how war is conducted. HPG has clearly warned that the war will be taken to the cities.

In the future, I would suggest that all comrades refrain from any type of speculations until a statement is made by the resistance movement.


Mizgîn said...

Hi Berxwedan. You are correct, as usual.

What this means is that the situation has changed and the movement is making use of the tactical changes that they've made in the last few years.

So be it.