Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Regarding the welcome we hope is given Büyükanıt in the UK on 20 January, Hevallo has a request for readers to send an email "to the UK Home Secretary responsible for crime."

Here's the generic email from Hevallo which everyone can use:

Dear UK Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith,

The General of the Chief of Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces, General Yasar Buyukanit is to visit London on the 20th Jan 2008.

General Buyukanit has committed serious and grave human rights abuses in Turkey against the Kurdish people during his time as commander of the 7th Turkish Army and during his time as General of the Chief of Staff.

There are so many cases that need further investigation, but there is sufficient evidence in two of the cases to justify an immediate arrest under international human rights law.

The first case is in regards to the large amount of bones and human remains found in a mass grave in the grounds of the military prison facility based in the notorious HQ of the Turkish 7th Army on 21st Sept 2007. General Buyukanit was the commander of 7th Army during the late nineties when many disappearances and killings by ‘unknown persons’ took place. He will certainly know where these human remains have come from.

The second case involves General Buyukanit being accused by a Turkish prosecutor of setting up rouge and secret militias to carry out killings and assassinations of Kurdish targets in the South East of Turkey.

These accusations came to light after a bombing of a Kurdish bookshop in the Kurdish town of Semdinli 9th Nov 2005. One man was killed in the attack. As the bombers made their getaway a crowd gathered around their car and captured them. In the car investigators found a cache of weapons, maps of the area and a list of further names of prominent Kurdish people listed for assassination.

General Buyukanit when responding to this attack, called one of the bombers who were caught red handed a ‘good chap’. The man served under General Buyukanit.

In any other country these serious crimes would have been investigated and the men responsible would be behind bars but these crimes remain unsolved and covered up.

The man who has been leading and directing these acts of ‘state terrorism’ against the Kurdish people, General Yasar Buyukanit is visiting London on 20th Jan 2008.

This is a chance to detain, question and charge him with crimes against humanity.

The UK authorities cannot just ignore and excuse such serious and systematic human rights abuses. By doing so the UK will be condoning and supporting ‘state terror’.

Please take action to arrest General Buyukanit.

Yours sincerely,

I'm sure Hevallo wouldn't mind if readers decided to personalize this. When you're all ready, send your email to the following addresses:



Please do your part to help insure that Yaşar Büyükanıt gets the welcome he so richly deserves.


Anonymous said...

Is anyone reading ur blog? Because u never seem to receive any comments.

I hope you agreed with me sending the letter not only to the home office but also to different media corporations. Media coverage is, if not the biggest political player. We have passed those times where minor politicians act for the Kurdish right of statehood!

Mizgîn said...

Anonymous, you are the only one to read this blog. Hence, no comments.

Good luck on the media. It's owned completely by the corporate world, the very same people who make all their money murdering Kurds.

Remember--Terrorists wear suits.

Anonymous said...

Well, Mizgin, the kemalists in UK, demanded same thing from the defence minister as well as Home office minister, towards to end of the 2007, in the respect of Gulen conferences. Right now you are doing same thing.Well, here is not Turkey , Iraq, or Kurdistan, here is the UK, law does not allow ministers to take decisions the individuals fate, if there is no immediate danger to public life....
The case is basic, this militarist, blood sucker, has been on duty in the South of Turkey, for several years, during this period, people suffered, killed, gone missing... There are I believe many relatives of these losts... They have to go to their solicitor, their solicitor has to open case to the Public Prosecutor... Then PP office has to take decision, if not, then that is the CIVIL Court case, which has power to listen both parties....
Don't do cheap politics, like those blood suckers, talat's bastards