Sunday, March 23, 2008


"Disobedience, in the eyes of anyone who has read history, is man's original virtue. It is through disobedience that progress has been made, through disobedience and through rebellion."
~ Oscar Wilde.

Newroz in Wan (Van). Check out the cops beating the women with their batons. This all came about because Newroz celebrations were forbidden in Wan, Culemêrg (Hâkkari), Riha (Urfa), and Sêrt (Siirt).

It looks like someone lifted most, if not all, of Hürriyet's video and put it up on Youtube:

Some photos:

If you check the photos from Culemêrg (Hâkkari), note that the fascist police with ski masks are Özel Hareket Timler, and they are richly deserving of the same fate as the military Özel Timler ("special teams").

Özgür Gündem also has a Newroz photo gallery.

Here's another video from Wan:

And another:

Özgür Gündem reports that the Diyarbakir chief prosecutor wants Turkish translations of the speeches made on Newroz in Amed by Ahmet Türk, Osman Baydemir, Leyla Zana and Necdet Atalay, as well as a translation of the Newroz message Öcalan sent. The chief prosecutor also wants video of the celebrations in order to determine the identities of those who carried Öcalan flags, KCK flags, and PKK flags.

The biggest coup of the holiday came from Roj TV, which broadcast live for 5 hours from Amed. A while ago, Roj had begun broadcasting through two satellites in order the jamming of their transmissions by the Turkish state.

On Newroz, Roj TV began 24 hour broadcasting. "Good news for Roj TV's viewers: Roj TV is broadcasting 24 hours now".

Despite oppression and blocking, Roj TV has started broadcasting 24 hours on Newroz and onward.

[. . . ]

Thus viewers will be able to follow the news from Kurdistan and the whole world at any time during the day. In its statement, Roj TV said, "Roj TV's decision will accelerate the enhancement of Kurdish language and culture, and will preserve it."

In related news, Denmark is trying to get Roj TV listed with the UN as a terrorist organization, according to Danish ambassador to Ankara, Jesper Vahr. Vahr recently stated that Turkey's evidence against Roj TV is insufficient to support Turkey's claims. For this reason, Denmark is asking Turkey for more evidence against the channel.

"Besides Turkey and Denmark have cooperation against terrorism and if we look at the bigger picture this must not be reduced to an incident of Roj TV. Right now there is an ongoing investigation against Roj TV and we need all the evidence that Turkey will provide."

Three Rojavayî Kurds were murdered by the Syrian Arab regime during Newroz celebrations in Qamişlo, Syrian-occupied Kurdistan. The Jerusalem Post claims that 10,000 Syrian troops have been deployed to Syrian-occupied Kurdistan; however, the claim is not substantiated anywhere else, including Firat News. Given that Cihan News and DebkaFile reports about a Turkish invasion of South Kurdistan early last June were spectacular lies, there is no reason, at this point, to give any credence to the current claim.

Firat News has photos of those murdered by the Syrian regime:

The Syrian regime has so far refused to return the bodies of the victims to their families.

Şehîdên azadiyê nemirin!

Finally, check Gordon Taylor's recent musing on Newroz, Kurds, and the Dicle.


Anonymous said...

Ironically where the victim of a crime is a Turk or a Palestinian, Fascist Erdogan is quick to label the act, whatever its gravity, as a crime against humanity (see, e.g.

If Erdogan is really interested in exposing a crime against humanity in action he does not need to look for it in Germany or Israel, it is in his backyard in Wan and Sert and other towns and cities in northern Kurdistan. Turkish police and other state terrorist establishments have been committing with complete impunity what undoubtedly amount to a crime against humanity.

Before the blind eyes of international community “crimes against humanity” are committed against civilian Kurds, peaceful crowds, mostly elderly, women and children celebrating Newroz. The crimes of beating up, torture and killing perpetrated against the Kurdish civilians in Wan, Sert and Culemerg are systematic (committed by the police and other state forces which has a structure of control and command), widespread (more that one act and in more than one place), committed by organised group (the police and security forces) against civilians.

The Turkish state’s systematic and widespread crack down and beating up of the Kurdish civilians has all the hallmarks of crimes against humanity. When does international community take action? When?????????? A Roj TV video clip on 20 March 08 showed an elderly Kurdish woman crying “why is all this repression? Are not we humans?” Edi base, enough is enough.


Hassan arfa said...

Don't forget PKK's alliance with Syria. Ocalan loved Assad. And this is PKK's democracy:

"Remember that fact if any European tourists get blown up this summer and don't expect any sympathy here.

Mizgîn said...

Srusht, these things are only crimes against humanity when they happen to Turks. Remember: Bir Türk dünyaya bedeldir.

You're stupid, Hassan. You contradict yourself in your own statement with the words "alliance" and "loved". Political alliances don't involve "love". They don't even involve "like".

It's just like the time in the Bekaa Valley. It was business. An alliance.

PKK took revenge for the events of March 2004. It will take revenge again.