Saturday, March 22, 2008


"Religion is the most malevolent of all mind viruses."
~ Arthur C. Clarke.

Reason number 5,278 to hate religion and the people who practice it. Or, how a pack of sociopaths are actively seeking to push the world to nuclear war (Runtime: 1 hour, 41 mins).


Rodi Tekin said...

How sad that it has come down to this that you, mizgin, actually do not carry the faith anymore. How can you actually believe that all the injustices and all the other evil deeds will not be dealt with after this physical world by the spiritual world. After all, it is a fact that 1 = 1, + = +, - = -, mathematically speaking. If you think carefull enough, you might see the other side of the equation linked with something more than what you see as tangible in this world. I have to say without belief, without faith, man does not amount to much. I have to say that I am a Muslim(one of the people of the book) before I am a Kurd, even though, believe me when I say, I am from the heart of Bingol where there is enough to actually start beliveing or just withering away from faith ultimately to these destructive theories of non-believers and don't ask me if I have read the Holy Quran as I was already conviced of certain facts linked to specific scientific discoveries before and in my lifetime. One day you might see my point , but it could very well be too late. Also I wonder, how you actually think about VINEYARD's recent spirituallity touch. Personally , i thought it was close to perfect.

Anonymous said...

Alhough being non religious and aware of the use of religion to subjugate Kurds , I think we must respect all beliefs and all religions.
What Mizgin seems to hate(I hope) is perversion of religion becoming politics and the use of religion in order to manipulate people or for the sake of bad intentions.
What is important in everything is to do things with good intentions and religion well practiced by sincere people can achieve good things. Human kind needs spirituality.
But I don't like when someboby says "I'm a Muslim before being a Kurd". That's the way used to subjugate Kurds by others, especially Turks.
I'd like to see every Kurd say "I'm Kurd before I'm Muslim".

Mizgîn said...

How can you actually believe that all the injustices and all the other evil deeds will not be dealt with after this physical world by the spiritual world.

Because such stupidity as believing that injustice will be dealt with in some mythic "world to come" is an excuse to do absolutely NOTHING to fight the same injustices IN THIS LIFE. This argument is propounded by religious fanatics so that they can get away with murder in the here-and-now. And since it is religious nutcases who also engage in these same atrocities, well, no wonder they BEG everyone to ignore evil.

I have to say without belief, without faith, man does not amount to much.

And this is the eternal excuse to go right ahead and murder or otherwise oppress those who don't have faith or don't have your same faith. So this is nothing more than another bullshit argument for believing in primitive politics--WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT RELIGION IS. It is primitive politics designed specifically to terrorize populations into obedience to the ruling (religious) elite, according to their terms, which, naturally, favor themselves.

It goes without saying that, under such a system, people only do what is good for one of two reasons: either they do good because they think they will get a reward, or they do good because they are afraid of a punishment. The idea never occurs to them to do what is good, to act with justice, simply because it is good in and of itself to do so.

I have not seen anything spiritual from VS and I do not look for such things. Spirituality and religion are interchangeable and I have as much use for both as I have for fairy tales.

I personally do not care what fantasies you choose to believe in, but the moment you bring your fantasies into the public sphere--especially in an attempt to control political affairs--you become a threat to all the rest of the human race, as the video in this post proves.

rodi tekin said...

Mizgin, you are greatly mistaken as to what kind of a persononality I or the religious people hold regarding these sensitive topics. I completely understand every single thing you wrote in your comment since it was always the very same subject that forced me to think more openly and clearly about the creations of this world itself and believe me i was not a muslim before or i was never approached by the so-called brainwashers that you seem to imply. I am dissapointed in you for coming to such prejudices like this which I have seen in many cynical thinkers. I have also seen it in people who have lost it all but not all of them. One more thing, maybe you should read more Einstein lately and one day it might change the way you think instead of only reading from philosophers(Plato as my favorite) which i enjoy reading.

At the end you, seem to lean only towards the political means, hence ignoring the facts from not just religious ones but scientific ones as well.There is much to say and not enough time.

P.S. Whenever i do any good, that is when i actually do it, i do it not because of a cause-and-effect line of thinking but from an instictive move. Those who believe, I will see you again.

rodi tekin said...

One more thing mizgin, very interesting video find, strengthens my faith even more in ways you wont understand yet.


Abdullah Cevdet said...

Einstein didn't believe in a christian god or an islamic god Rodi Tekin.

rodi tekin said...

Abdullah, you should check more carefully to Einsteins theories and his thoughts. the problem is not that he followed the christian,jewish or muslim faith, but his theories did always relate to a supernatural power, something more to what the physical elements hold and show for it. You could check the fact that Einstein himself commented on the existence of God and i believe he said something like he could not image the non-existence of a superpower source in one of the Discovery magazines about Einsteins life from last year. Now, i might not be correct as to how he said it but his implications were very clear. By the way, nobody says you should consider his theories intensely just because he was a genius. You have to walk the path yourself.