Tuesday, March 04, 2008


"The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country."
~ Edward Bernays.

Here's why no one should ever get worked up about what Michael Rubin says or writes:

As a neocon (neoconservative) and member of its think tank, the American Enterprise Institute, Rubin is a paid consultant of Turkey, paid in part to make Turkey’s propaganda case against the KRG. Although there is nothing illegal about this, it should be recognized for what it is. Therefore, Rubin’s article should be approached with extreme caution for it is certainly not an objective scholarly analysis as it claims to be.

[ . . . ]

Furthermore, it should be noted that neocons like Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, and Douglas Feith are the very ones who made most of the mistakes the US blundered into when it overthrow Saddam Hussein. The Richard Perle faction of the neocons to which Rubin belongs has had lucrative consulting deals with Turkey. Rubin also served in the office of neocon Douglas Feith’s Office of Special Plans that played a role in generating the 935 misstatements on the basis of which the US went to war in 2003. Indeed, US General Tommy Franks (who led the US invasion forces in 2003) famously called Rubin’s neocon colleague Douglas Feith “the dumbest bastard, dumbest [expletive deleted] on the face of the earth."

Actually, Tommy Franks called Doug Feith "the fucking stupidest guy on the face of the earth."

But the pointing out of Rubin's work as a paid agent of Turkey is just one of the arguments in Professor Michael Gunter's rebuttal to Rubin's January article for the AEI titled, "Is Iraqi Kurdistan a Good Ally?" Many thanks to the friend who pointed out Gunter's reply, and make sure to read the whole thing as the professor makes a lot of other good points.

Whoever checks AEI for Rubin's recent propaganda will notice that it has been translated into Turkish as well as Kurdish--but not in the Kurdish Latin alphabet. It makes one wonder which little cehş is working for the Turks. Kamal Said Qadir is the one who immediately comes to mind, especially since he wrote for the Middle East Forum (MEF) as recently as last summer and the editor of the MEF is Michael Rubin. Scroll down this alphabetical list of the "experts" at the MEF, paid for by interests hostile to Kurdistan.

Coincidentally, Rubin has defended Qadir in two separate posts this week on the National Review Online blog, once on 2 March and once on 4 March.

We can take all of this to be paid-for Turkish propaganda. Whenever you see Michael Rubin's work, think "on the payroll as a Turkish agent".

Speaking of good points, those who follow the Sibel Edmonds case will remember that Philip Giraldi has named lots of Rubin's colleagues from the AEI as either registered foreign agents for Turkey or as otherwise on the take from Turkey:

In fact the neocons seem to have a deep and abiding interest in Turkey, which, under other circumstances, might be difficult to explain. Doug Feith's International Advisors Inc, a registered agent for Turkey in 1989 - 1994, netted $600,000 per year from Turkey, with Richard Perle taking $48,000 annually as a consultant. Other noted neoconservatives linked to Turkey are former State Department number three, Marc Grossman, current Pentagon Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Eric Edelman, Paul Wolfowitz and former congressman Stephen Solarz. The money involved does not appear to come from the Turkish government, and FBI investigators are trying to determine its source and how it is distributed. Some of it may come from criminal activity, possibly drug trafficking, but much more might come from arms dealing. Contracts in the hundreds of millions, or even billions of dollars provide considerable fat for those well placed to benefit.

Remember, too, that Wolfowitz beat a hasty retreat to the AEI after he was caught icing his cupcake at the World Bank.

Don't expect the status of the Deep State in the US to change after the American elections because it was under the Democrats and Clinton that the Turkish Deep State gained a foothold in the American government. It will be the same no matter which Democrat goes to the White House in January.


Anonymous said...

What is the point of translating the article into Kurmanji in Latin script? How many additional readers would it gain? How many people are there who can read a scholarly article in Kurmanji in Latin script who cannot read English, Turkish, or Arabic? If the point of the translation is to get Kurdish readers, then translating it into Sorani in Arabic script, as AEI did, makes the most sense.

Mizgîn said...

I'm not really concerned about why. I wouldn't care if it were translated into Chinese.

I'm concerned about who.

Anonymous said...

The motivs?

Anonymous said...

As you would notice if you read Kurdish in Arabic script, they didn't spend too much time on perfecting it... they didn't even use a proper Kurdish font. Looks like they tried to adapt a Persian program to make it display in Kurdish.

News from Armenia said...

Deadly Fighting Reported In Karabakh

Just the Azeris locally taking advantage of the election strife in Armenia...or is this somehow connected to Turkish deep state machinations?

In any case if this frozen confict heats up again there will certainly be effects on Turkish strategy in the region as a whole, so Kurds would be well advised to keep a close eye on it.

Mizgîn said...

So, Anonymous, even if they [AEI] don't have a proper Kurdish font, they've still got someone doing this for them. I'm very curious to know who it is.

CHA-CHING! Turkey just cut Michael Rubin a few more checks:

One for Qubad and one for Celal.

Perfect timing, don't you think? Right before Celal arrived in Ankara.

News From Armenia--I have noticed that a lot of propaganda in Azeri news from the usual suspects--Turkey/Israel/US--was going on in the weeks leading up to Turkey's illegal invasion of South Kurdistan (which is part of the sovereign state of Iraq). Prior to the December bombings, the usual suspects were doing the same thing by saying PKK was relocating to Nagorno-Karabakh.

Of course, these are lies.

If anything goes on in Nagorno-Karabakh, it will have less to do with Armenia or PKK per se, than it will have to do with the US/Israel/Turkey maneuvering vis-a-vis Iran. The US and the Israelis may be manufacturing a pretext for a TSK presence in NK, and I'm sure TSK will be more than happy to take them up on the offer since they just got their asses kicked royally by the PKK in Zap.