Wednesday, March 19, 2008


"In the context of war, a war crime is a punishable offense under international law, for violations of the laws of war by any person or persons, military or civilian. War crimes can be committed during international armed conflict or internal armed conflict."
~ War crime.

Some photos of Turkish atrocities against HPG guerrillas have surfaced on the web. KurdishMedia picked them up, but incorrectly gives the impression that these atrocities were committed during the "recent Turkish aggression on southern Kurdistan". That is clearly not what is said on the webpage where these photos are found. Instead, it is clearly stated that these are photos of HPG guerrillas captured alive in 2007 by the barbaric Turkish army.

A small sampling of the photos:

The photos can be found on the original site here, or on a .pdf at the KurdishMedia link. WARNING: photos are extremely graphic and disturbing. Don't come crying to me if you have nightmares because you didn't pay attention to the warning.

Here's a translation of the Turkish text that accompanies the photos:

You cannot avoid the responsibility of this genocide

As "reverence for the dead" the Turkish army continues to commit crimes against humanity by tearing apart the bodies of Kurds they have murdered!

They have a place for this violence in the AKP government's belief . . . . You monsters, is this your belief?

Here is the Turkish state's crimes against humanity! Can a state become as low as this?

Can the Turkish army refute this crime against humanity?

How are you going to render an account before history for these crimes against humanity?

HPG guerrillas that have been caught alive and murdered in 2007.

We are curious if, in Vietnam, which left a big scar in history, such violence occured . . .

NATO and the West, who gave you the most modern weapons and training to let you commit more crimes against humanity, are also as guilty as you!

Now, compare those photos with the photos of Turkish soldiers captured alive, held prisoner, and released by HPG. Do you see so much as a scratch on HPG's Turkish POWs?

We know exactly who the terrorist barbarians are, don't we? The terrorist barbarians know exactly who they are. And like it says at, NATO and the West are just as guilty.

Remember that fact if any European tourists get blown up this summer and don't expect any sympathy here.



I am not disputing your version, but what is the proof that these guerrillas were captured alive?

Also - where are these photos from? Was there an autopsy made on these people and, if yes, by whom?

Gordon Taylor said...

Saker asks good questions.

BTW, I just checked the registry of sehitler at hpg-online. According to that, there were only two fighters who were lost on 13 July 2007, both young men who look nothing like these photos. Fight near Semdinli, I believe.

Anonymous said...

Vineyard: How do you prove that someone is captured alive during a war?

Taylor: The date one of the photos is taken in July 2007? But all photos do not seem to be taken from the same camera or same moment.

But on the other hand, why bother to prove that they were captured alive. Rasti, do you remember the guerilla fron eastern Kurdistan that was captured in northern Kurdistan? They even took photos of him when they he was alive and captured and they had put on Turkish military clothes on him. The a few shots later he was killed under a car. One of the biggest Newspaper in Finland wrote about it. Did it help? Did anyone care? Did anyone care about Ugur Kaymaz or other children that was killed?

Have you read about the book the Fikret Bila, which is know to be close to the military, has written? He was interviewed generals and they have told their story and some admit the war crimes they committed. Did anyone care? Have you read "Mehmetin Kitabi"? Also in that book there are soldiers admitting that they killed captured guerillas. Did anyone care?

Janice said...

All good comments but I think too often we forget that war is horrible. I don't search out photos such as these but from what I have seen from the Bosnian war and the Iraq war, death by gunshot (even without additional punishment to the body) does not result in a peaceful appearing body.

All that stated, I don't think anyone can forget Diyarbakir prison... AND, as Rasti states, the 8 hostages held and released by the guerrillas were not harmed in any way that was noticeably visible. From the pictures posted, they appeared to be well-fed and even respected by their captors (even if only when the pictures were being taken). They were also not the first hostages to be held (or released). There were at least two that pop into my mind. A police officer in 2005 (?) and then an off duty soldier (2006?) and both were well cared for (from what pictures showed) and at the very least were released alive back to their families.

Mizgîn said...

VS, the page with the photos does not say where the photos came from, but these are "trophy" photos and they're not the first to be leaked in one way or another.

Anonymous is correct, only one of the photos is dated in July and I have to agree that it doesn't look like the photos were all taken with the same camera at the same time.

I do remember the killing of the Rojhelati guerrilla who was captured alive. DozaMe also had some photos of guerrillas that appeared to have been killed with some kind of chemical weapon, probably a blister agent. DozaMe also mentioned the mass grave found in the military headquarters in Diyarbakir. Then there were five Kurdish youths killed by TSK back in 2005. Last month there was another incident regarding guerrillas' bodies in Bingol.

Or who can forget the beheading photos that were also published in Europe back during the Dirty War? Or the testimony of Shehid Ronahi's hevals about her killing?

As for Fikret Bila, there was a discussion of his book at Asia Times.

Janice is also correct in bringing up the subject of Diyarbakir Military prison and Coskun Kirandi (Turkish soldier) and Hakan Acil (police)--both captured in 2005.

Aside from the usual complete lack of concern by the international community, Turkey gets away with these kinds of murders because in 2006 the AKP government issued an order to bury guerrillas where they are murdered and mutilated. Bianet had something on that. The order to "bury where killed" is in violation of accepted standards of human rights, including the Minnesota protocol on autopsies, which is included in the UN Manual on the Effective Prevention and Investigation of Extra-Legal, Arbitrary and Summary Executions.

As I mentioned shortly after the Amed Serhildan, the order to "bury where killed" will permit the Ankara regime--and all good Muslims they are--to hide their own atrocities. That's exactly what the good Islamist leaders of Turkey, in perfect cooperation with the Pashas, are doing right now.

But, as anonymous asks, "Does anyone care?" I think we all know what the answer is or Turkey would be held to account for its atrocities by the international community and the media, and with at least as much vigor as they generally reserve for Israel.

madtom said...

Your link to the pictures does not seem to be working

Mizgîn said...

Thanks Madtom. The link is fixed.

Anonymous said...

good i hope Turkish army gives more headshots to these monkeys

SeRhiLDaN said...

suckit0rnot your way of thinking just shows, ne kadar gerici bir millet oldugunuzu,o turkish patriotism sana girsin.Youve fallen for the lies and psychological warfare your fucked goverment has created.
and what is actualy in your blood is genocide and the blood of a barbarian. hope you understand me..
im in college at the moment reading some articles with some friends..we all know that the tsk are inhume bastards.
heres some patriotism for you..

Anonymous said...

you damn terorists.. TURK army always kill this insidious dogs.. >Everyday, everytime, everyone...

Anonymous said...

Fuck u moutain bears. Haha homeless bastards. Heil Turkish people ! cCc

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Anonymous said...

pkk frequency use dead terrorists body to make ied against turkish soldiers.
in these pictures some of them blown up by own friends made ied. others hitting by turhish army with rpg, cobra chopper etc..

Anonymous said...

I just see PKK guerrillas killed in action(most probably after their attack to a Turkish military post). Noone but you(and your friends) could believe this is a crime. I am wondering what you would call for the actions of these guerillas after killing Turkish soldiers. So dont bother at all you can not make a case out of these pictures