Wednesday, October 15, 2008


"It seems the Aktütün controversy was the straw that broke the camel's back. Başbuğ upped the ante so high that I can't imagine how things will get back to normal again."
~ Ruşen Çakır, Vatan.

İlker Başbuğ flipped his lid today over HPG's recent Bezele operation:

"Those, who despite everything show this attack of the terror organization as a success story, share responsibility for the bloodshed. I want everybody to understand this very well," Gen. Ilker Basbug told at a televised press conference held in the western province of Balikesir.

Hmm . . . I don't know . . . it seems to me that if HPG managed to "de-activate" 62 Turkish soldiers at the Bezele (Aktütün) garrison, it certainly sounds like it was a success story and it seems to me that Başbuğ and his paşas share the greatest responsibility for the bloodshed among themselves alone. But wait, there's more:

"The Turkish Armed Forces have full self-confidence and it is stronger, more determined and resolute today than ever. The systematic attacks that had increased in recent days would do nothing but increase strength, determination and will of the Turkish Armed Forces," he said.

[ . . . ]

"The response any army would give to such attacks is obvious, and therefore I call on everyone to act with caution and stand in the correct spot," Basbug said, adding an investigation was launched on the attack.

I wonder if they're going to be making that investigation from the back nine on some Turkish air base? More from Zaman:

“This is my last word: I invite everyone to be careful and to stand in the right position,” Başbuğ told a hastily arranged press conference in the northwestern province of Balıkesir, where he was attending a routine military ceremony. Journalists were flown to Balıkesir from Ankara on two planes, and the brief conference was broadcast live on television. “Those who present the actions of the separatist terrorist organization as successful acts are responsible for the blood that has been shed and will be shed.”

Blah, blah, blah . . .

Başbuğ's issuing threats with a red face because, on Tuesday, Taraf published information about "serious security flaws" on the part of TSK during the Bezele operation. Again, from Zaman:

Aerial infrared images of the Aktütün area in Hakkari, the province bordering northern Iraq where the military outpost was attacked, published in the Taraf daily yesterday clearly show figures approaching the area through the northern Iraqi border. Images from Oct. 3, taken from an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), show a group of individuals laying mines at around 9:35 a.m. local time, about three-and-a-half hours before the attack. The group gets larger in the following images as more and more of these individuals -- who eventually attack the outpost -- take their positions on hilltops in preparation for the attack. The UAV camera then switches to the Aktütün military outpost, where the attack occurred. The terrorist raid, which killed 17 young soldiers, was literally broadcast live on General Staff monitors. Taraf said this is concrete evidence that the security forces had been informed about every move made by the PKK terrorists.

Taraf also claimed that the General Staff actually had intelligence about the plans for the attack one month before it occurred. On the day of the attack, live UAV images were transmitted for hours to the Electronic Systems Command of the General Staff, as well as to a monitor in the office of the deputy chief of general staff in the capital.

The General Staff Electronic Systems Command is the same branch of the TSK that was commanded by Münir Ertan, who was silenced by Yaşar Büyükanıt for Ertan's confirmation that the December 2007 bombings of South Kurdistan only resulted in five HPG deaths, as compared to the alleged hundreds of deaths which the Turkish General Staff claimed for public consumption.

Ertan was retired in August.

Zaman continues:

Taraf published internal security status reports sent to the General Staff -- including one from Sept. 29 -- that featured detailed intelligence about terrorist activity in the region. Even the names, birth places and ages of the terrorists crossing the border, as well as the number of people in various groups formed by the militants, are included in the status reports. A report wired on Oct. 2, just one day before the Aktütün attack, warns that “the PKK is engaged in extensive preparations to attack security forces outposts along the border ahead of a possible cross-border operation.” Even the name of the PKK commander -- Habat, one of the group’s female leaders -- who staged the attack was reported in the Oct. 2 document.

Below is part of the infrared imaging from the UAV as presented on Samanyolu TV. Pay attention to the black-and-white images that are shown:

According to Taraf, these were the UAV images that were beamed to the General Staff Electronic Systems Command. Uninterrupted infrared images can be viewed here.

The biggest lesson to be taken from the Bezele operation and the information published by Taraf is that HPG needs to clamp down on operational security severely and immediately so that future operations are not leaked to TSK ahead of time. No mercy should be shown to those who are willing to unnecessarily jeopardize the lives of our guerrillas.

The second lesson is that the paşas still don't give a shit about the cannon fodder under their command.


Gordon Taylor said...

Obviously, Mizgin, you are not "standing in the correct spot." This is the problem. It's like a scene in a movie, you see, and Firstguy Fuehrer is the director: everyone has to speak his lines correctly, of course, but also you have to "hit your mark" on the floor so that you'll be in focus. If you don't hit your mark on the floor, you'll be fuzzy and Firstguy won't see you. So get with it!

Sieg heil,


Zaman said...

Why you use information from Gulen media? I thought a Gulen was CIA agent and wanted to destroy Kurds?

Selam aleykom

Turkish E.T. said...

"HPG managed to "de-activate" 62 Turkish soldiers at the Bezele (Aktütün) garrison, it certainly sounds like it was a success story"

it's only success for people like you Mizgin, who consider killing humans a success. That's your "rasti" ?

hamo said...

"HPG needs to clamp down on operational security severely and immediately"

I am sure the freedom fighters are looking at this and considering possible solutions to the problem if they have not done so. Another good operation conducted against the fascist Turkish forces in Hakkari's Cukurca town where scorsky type helicopter brought down by the freedom fighters killing at least 6 enemy soldiers and wounding 18 including a high-ranking general. This successful attack shows freedom fighters taken every precautions to avoid been located by the enemy satellites.

Technically and morally, bankrupt fascist Turkish army now physically attacking Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Ocalan in the Imrali POW camp. According to his lawyers, that Kurdish People's Leader was beaten by a high-ranking officer and threatens to be killed when the time comes by the same fascist person.

Another maddness is that the fascist Turks attacked Kurdistan stand at the Book fair in Berlin where they ripped the Kurdistan Map from the wall.

Enough is enough and these fascist blood thirsty Turks will get what they deserve NOW!

Turkish E.T. said...

"killing at least 6 enemy soldiers and wounding 18"

where do you read these?

Anonymous said...

I'm also wondering about your statement that "HPG needs to clamp down on operational security severely and immediately".

I find it hard to believe that this is surprise "news" for the PKK. Did they just learn that all sorts of people infiltrate the PKK...? What can they do about it?

What's interesting is that the evidence suggests that the Turkish military WANTED the attacks to occur and they're just upset that this time there's proof that they're complicit in the creation and escalation of the conflict.


Anonymous said...

turkish e.t. -- you might look into post-traumatic stress syndrome so that you don't hyperventilate each time someone mentions Turkish soldiers dying. just repeat "I am not a soldier anymore. No one is trying to kill me."

Turkish citizens who don't want to go to war need to use their bravery and courage in their cities, not in the mountains of Kurdistan, and rather than gathering their neighbours with their davul and zurna to celebrate going to do their military service, they should think about protesting the dirty war. That's a thought!


hamo said...

LOL, nistiman very good comments to turkish et.

Head of the Turkish Army General Basbok spoke to the Turkish nation in demanding and ordering fashion on live TV like everyone was in his command and his servants.

The way this army commander behaves showed once again the regime that Turkey is ruled with which militarist dictatorship. Anyone who does not agree with me should watch what would happen in Turkey next!

While the Turkish general was attacking and threatening the media and the people, Islamist Turkish President Gul was given speech in the Berlin Book Fair about beautifully working democracy in Turkey. Either Turkish President has no idea about his own country or he is under threat of the Turkish Army.

Turkish E.T. said...

nistiman it's easy to assign a "syndrome" to anything but I'd wipe that sarcasm off and understand that we're discussing people dying here not just child's play. there are bombs exploding and people getting trained to do just that and kids like Hamo celebrating each drip of blood just so people like you can blame it on the -turkish public-... savages.

Anonymous said...

trkish e.t., you must really like Kurds, you keep coming here. what about reading some kurdish history? maybe you'll understand why most kurds are happy to know turkish fascist soldiers are "neutralized" everyday..hahaha---biji hpg - biji kurdistan.

Anonymous said...

e.t...why are not fighting to make turkey a better place? i mean people are scared to not agree with everything your government/military says...why not try to change that, instead of meddling in kurdish affairs)(kurdistan

Turkish E.T. said...

Most kurds are happy when soldiers are neutralized. Most kurds are happy when a bomb explodes in a city (my city). most kurds are happy when tourists are attacked so Turkey wont have many tourists. Most Kurds are happy when blood spills.

Man most kurds are trigger happy, that's all I'm trying to establish here. :)

and then you guys sing and chant about peace and freedom and understanding, which is just funny because you don't even like your own leaders, you don't trust your own administration, in addition you don't trust Iraq, usa, iran, Turkey :)

in a complete state of paranoia you sing and dance about peace!

I trust my own government at least in handling this matter and if PKK does not blow this opportunity up (no pun intended) I believe they will bring the freedoms "some other kurds" are looking for...

the rest of you are just looking for blood and you'll just keep on getting it.

hamo said...

turkish e.t.

I have a short and swift answer for you...


Even the fascist Turk like you would understand, am I wrong?

Anonymous said...

Well, this Kurd is only happy when Turkish soldiers are neutralized.

I detest acts against civilians and many Kurds I'm sure share my view. And that also partly explains my animosity against the Turkish military (and the Turkish populace) -- their ruthless actions and disregard against the civilian Kurdish populace.

If you can't walk the walk, don't speak the talk. If your position is that Turkey is prepared to handle the Kurdish problem peacefully, let's see proof. If there's no proof, then don't cry about the Kurds 'starting' the violence.


P.S. I hope for your sake, turkish e.t., that you are not one of those Turks who tells the Kurds that they are blood thirsty and then complains about Americans invading Iraq and then cheering when American soldiers 'get what they deserved'. Tell me, did you ever cry a tear for the American soldier...what about for the Israeli soldier? What about the Cypriot soldier?


Turkish E.T. said...

of course I do! nistiman, to make things clear in order of chronology I protest the following:

-kuwait side-drilling into iraq's fields.
-iraq invading kuwait
-america attacking iraq
-iraq bombing kurdistan
-any type of -sanctions- in the world today
-radical islamist terrorism
-america invading iraq
-radical islamist terrorists
-any attack by turkish military, justified or not (which are almost always provoked by kurdish terrorists)
-any attack by Kurdish terrorists on military bases
-any attack by kurdish terrorists on strategic targets to destabilize the region (oil pipes)
-any attack by kurdish terrorists on turkish public
-any attack back Palestinian terrorists and any attack by israeli army

you have to understand in almost all cases innocent people, whether they are soldiers or civilians die. the only person who wins is some guy who owns a weapon production plant.

The Kurdish issue, in the recent years, was very close to being resolved. Whether it be by Turkey's own democratic maturity of by the EU related program's it does not matter. I have to repeat the biggest difference between kurdish terrorists and turkish military:

Kurdish terrorists, mostly relating to domestic social issues, want to go out to the mountains and want to grab a gun and want to kill people.

Turkish soldiers, are there because it is a mandatory duty.

This is a very big difference of wants and desires. Kurdish militants dream of killing and Turkish soldiers dream of going back home.

hamo said...

e.t. the turkish uneducated piece of shit...

As long as fascist people like you around in Turkey this bloody war will never end. Get over the fact that you have lost Kurdistan for good. Your country have perpetrated several genocide attepmts against the Kurds during the so called republic years from the 1920s. Kurds never had a regular fighters to retaliate against the fascist Turkey's genocide attepts at the past but now we have well trained guerilla units which can hit the enemy whatever way they want to hit. You may still continue to Kill Kurds for fun but trust me every single Kurd that you kill several of you also be punished severely.

When the Kurdish fighter takes gun against the fascist Turkish army, they know exactly what they are fighting for which are freedom, democracy and peace. Most of you Turks are brainless animals who have no idea about the fight that you are into. What are you doing in Kurdistan with your guns? Who the fuck made this carrying guns in Kurdistan mandatory? WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU TO CALL KURDISH PEOPLE TERRORISTS?

You read my comments carefully! I am not saying civilian Turks who work in Kurdistan to get out but fascist Turks like you who is carrying guns and warplanes to kill people, harras people and scare people in the name of security to get the fuck out of Kurdistan? What the fuck is Turkish security doing in Kurdistan?

Mizgîn said...

You're right Gordon; I've never stood "in the correct spot" This is definitely the problem.

Here, Zaman, here are the original articles from Taraf:

You read those and compare them to Zaman's summary and then tell me if it's accurate enough.

Alternately, you could do all those Taraf translations for me and I'll post them.

Of course the Fethullahci are going to accurately report what Taraf reported because this news serves the interests of the Fethullahci, to keep the pashas under control and to distract from the fact that the ruling Fethullahci party is ultimately responsible for Aktutun.

Nistiman, it probably isn't "surpise 'news'" for HPG that there are infiltrators and that operational security is a necessity. For every military organization, operational security is of supreme importance. The guerrillas will have to discuss this as part of their after action reviews, evaluate their situation, and then determine what additional procedures they can put into effect to maintain control of operational security.

My point is that operational security is crucial and must always be an issue.

I think that the officer class in the TSK simply does not give a shit about what happens to the troops. Look at the behavior of Onur Dirik during and after the Daglica operation last year. The pashas also reacted to the information of fecklessness on the part of the commanders in that TSK fiasco the same way that they're reacting to Aktutun. Of course, their same attitude can be detected all the way back to the 1990s.

By the way, it may not be infiltrators who leak information.

ET, are you related to Basbug? You're doing exactly what he's doing: attempting to distract from the fact that his officers are criminally negligent.

Anonymous said...

I assumed it must have been infiltrators who gave away the commander's name and info about the attack, but you're right that it doesn't necessarily point in that direction.


Turkish E.T. said...


this is strange. what's being done here is this: you attach supernatural properties to the terrorists. as if they have a will that cannot be known and controlled and talked about. they are a thing by themselves.

Then, you completely abandon the fact that there is a man, with a rifle, shooting another man, and being guilty for it...

and you blame another man for not warning the man who got killed. To you, the man who didn't warn (generals or ruling party or whoever is within your axis of conspiracy) are ultimately -guilty- of this attack.


it's a cute childish discussion but I'd rather keep things simple and mature and just consider the man with the rifle and the man who got killed as the main actors.

Anonymous said...

Turkish e.t., again, I was merely asking a rhetorical question because I already knew the answer: your reaction to the Kurdish problem is driven by racist attitudes and is not objective. Even despite your attempt to remain internally consistent you still could not do so.

You tried to maintain that you were some sort of a pacifist - that you reject "all" military action but you could not help but qualify your statement that you reject "all Turkish military action" with the following proviso: "justified or not (which are almost always provoked by kurdish terrorists". Then implied in your statement is that some military action is justified, especially if it is provoked.

So, if you just care to extend your List of injustices far back enough to the time that Turkish military occupied Kurdistan and attempted to Turkify it forcefully (through military action) (which hasn't stopped to this day) then you will come face to face with the original cause d'etre of the violence...which would then "justify" -- in terms that are consistent with your own argument -- why the PKK is justified to use force against the Turkish state.

You're full of internal contradictions, just like all Turks -- and all humans -- who are racist. It should really be an Olympic sport to discover them :)


Turkish E.T. said...

those are not contradictions nistiman but it's hard to describe what they are under the current circumstances. to me, even a provoked attack is not justified. again, lets keep things simple. that bombs and bullets will not solve this problem.

Mizgîn said...

Finally you say something sensible, ET, that bombs and bullets will not solve this problem.

That's the very exact same thing PKK has said for decades.

You are becoming apocu.

Now, why have the pashas never taken PKK up on their ceasefire offers or offer of a democratic resolution?

hamo said...

I guess he didn't know what came out from his mouth but in the court of the Turkish State's he is guilty as he is charged because he pointed the only solution of this problem.

While, he is worrying about the Turkish MIT he nay think little deeper.