Friday, October 03, 2008


"Victory is reserved for those who are willing to pay it's price."
~ Sun Tzu.

It looks like PJAK will join forces with HPG to fight TSK, from Özgür Gündem:

PJAK decides to fight TSK

PJAK, which implements guerrilla warfare against the Iranian army, declared that it will fight against the TSK from now on. HRK Headquarters Commander Amed Piran said, "Our guerrillas will have operation plans against the officials and effective personnel in the Turkish army and Turkish state."

Mentioning TSK's last attack on 25 September against HRK Headquarters in Qendil, HRK Commander Amed Piran wanted the US, which supported Turkey in these attacks, to make a statement. In addition to that, he stressed that the TSK is one of their targets from now on.

Talking to ANF, Amed Piran said, "From now on we will have operation plans against the officials and effective personnel in the Turkish army and Turkish state. As a reaction to TSK's move, we will open our forces to discussion of sending some of them to HPG to fight against the TSK as necessary."

Noting the Iranian army's artillery shelling, along with TSK's aerial attacks in 2008, which resulted in a fiasco, Piran emphasized that on 25 September, HRK Headquarters identified 16 fighter aircraft.

"TSK is the primary target"

HRK, which is known for its attacks against Iranian military forces, declared that TSK is their primary target from now on.

Mentioning that TSK had four aerial attacks against their territory, Amed Piran said the following: "TSK did not achieve a result in the first and the third attacks. In the last attack, TSK targeted HRK headquarters with 16 aircraft. In this attack HRK headquarters member, our comrade Xuynres was martyred. This attack was not an attack that we were unprepared for. We were expecting such an attack against our forces and the Qendil region.

"As HRK, we are a defensive force. In order to defend the general region, we had costs before. However, these costs will not weaken us; on the contrary, they will empower our struggle and will unleash the enlistment of the youth.

"Until this time, we, as HRK, were conducting our legitimate self-defense operations against the Iranian regime. When the Iranian side attacked our Kurdish people, our patriotic people, or our militants, we conducted defensive retaliation operations. However since spring, when the US and Turkey exchanged intelligence, again after Fall 2007, based on the intelligence and alliance of Iran and Turkey several harsh and technical attacks were conducted.

"From now on we, as HRK, will make wise decisions in terms of choosing our enemies. After this stage, we consider the Turkish state and its army as our primary enemy. Along with the increase of attacks, we will have plans against TSK. We will organize our forces, which are actively in the war, against the TSK."

"We expect a statement from the US"

Saying that they are expecting a statement from the US for TSK's attack, Piran said, "The Turkish state and its army decided on a comprehensive war against the Kurdish Freedom Movement and the Kurdish people. The US is actively supporting this decision. It was revealed that US intelligence support was behind the attacks against our region. Although we had operations against neither the TSK nor the US, we are expecting a statement from these countries after the operations against us."

HRK Commander Piran said that although Turkey uses the most modern techniques and enjoys high-level support from other countries, its attacks were unsuccessful.

Noting a remarkable number of youth enlistments in HRK recently, Piran said: "None of the things that we gave for the patriotic Kurdish people and for this land is without value. A Kurdish youth gets martyred, but hundreds enlist in his place. I mean, each attack makes us stronger and intensifies our anger against the enemy. If we make our promises on our comrades martyred by the enemy and we fulfill our promises, from now on we will take even greater revenge for our comrades. Just as our defensive and operations that we initiated against the ones who harmed the Kurdish people and treated them in inhumane ways, from now on we will re-examine such operations if needed.

"We will send our forces to HPG"

Pointing out that they had never conducted any operations against the TSK, Piran said, "We will send our forces to HPG against the TSK. Despite the fact that we never conducted any operations against TSK, TSK bombs our regions with the support of the US. Again, the Iranian state, improving some kind of alliance with the Turkish state, they surrender our militants to Turkey. Now our comrades, who are in Iranian prisons and are in the 38th day of their death fast, still did not get any response [for their demands]. We do know that the Turkish state is behind this. For this reason, once more we see that we need to identify our enemies more carefully. In this respect, due to TSK's increased attacks against our forces, TSK will be among our military targets."

In a post that's related to PJAK's news, Hevallo has a post on a recent article from the Islamist Zaman, in which "analysts" ask "Why can't we beat the PKK?"". He also has a post on another article from Zaman, in which Amed (Diyarbakır) Bar Association President Sezgin Tanrıkulu discusses how Öcalan could help expose the Ergenekon Gang. There's this item, for one:

In July, Öcalan triggered a national debate when he told his lawyers that some of the retired generals currently arrested as part of the Ergenekon operation had paid visits to him when the person in charge of security on İmralı Prison Island was former Gendarmerie General Command intelligence department head Levent Ersöz, who is currently being sought as a suspect in the Ergenekon case and believed to be on the run in Russia.

For more on alleged links between PKK and Ergenekon, check a post from August.

For some biting commentary on recent events in South Kurdistan and the possiblity of looking to the East for new political alliances, check an item at OpEdNews:

There is no change for the better; there is no turning point in our history: The anti-Kurdish forces of the past are the anti-Kurdish forces of today. Despite the end of Saddam’s dictatorship five years ago, there is still no freedom for the Kurds, no free Kurdistan even in so-called liberated Iraq. Our enemies are busy, as ever, with maintaining the status quo in the Middle East, and they are successful. In return for Kurdish efforts of reconciliation and goodwill, Arabs, with the help of the Turks, have stopped the referendum in Kerkuk and are now doing everything to abolish that constitutional requirement and right. The Kurdish city and especially the oil there are still regarded “Arab patrimony”, and under Saddam this meant Anfal: large-scale ethnic cleansing, deportations, displacement, genocide.

[ . . . ]

. . . We must now seek for some kind of cooperation based on the principle that the enemy of your enemy is your friend. In our case, our enemies’ enemies are Russia and China. The US and Nato have plotted new strategies to harm these countries and keep them out of the central Asian oil and gas markets. Two new power blocks are forming now, the NATO plus local clients led by the USA/EU on the aggressive-imperial side and the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) and CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organization) led by Russia and China on the defensive side. We are right in the middle of this confrontation, which seems to be inevitable and could lead to global wars. It will be impossible to remain neutral and if we don’t want to be crushed by both, we need to decide now where we will stand to achieve our goal of a free recognized Kurdistan.



hamo said...

Turks can't even hide their death soldiers anymore. According to fascist turkish media that HPG gerillas ambushed army head quarters in Besele and killed at least 15 turk commandos, 20 wounded and possibly captured 2 turk commandos. I can not even begin to imagine HPG's power with the joined attacks against the turk forces by the HRK gerillas.

Anonymous said...

Its probably more then just 15 soldiers.Remember when pkk guerillas attacked the same head quarter back in may?The turkish media said they had only 2 dead soldiers.But according to the HPG (And these are the guys i believe more^^) it was 30 dead soldiers.

Lets wait until HPG gives some informations about this attack.

Gordon Taylor said...

I'm interested in this too. The Besele karakol battle (2nd edition) must have been huge, if Erdogan canceled a trip abroad because of it. I hope Mizgin will report on it.

Also, there was a long article at gundemonline about a big meeting (50,000 people, they said) at a festival in Hasankeyf. Ahmet Turk spoke, among others. Any news about that?? (BTW, when is the decision about DTP expected?)

Anonymous said...

@Gordon Taylor: As far as i know the battle yesterday was really big.Up to 350 PKK fighters.

Turkish E.T. said...

what did the 350 Pkk fighters want? I still don't understand what they want with these attacks? are they raising an awareness on some civil issue about kurds in Turkey or something?

Anonymous said...

All Kurdish forces in the region need to work on establishing a de facto state in northern Kurdistan--something along the lines of what the Tamil Tigers did in Sri Lanka. Yes, the Tamils are now almost defeated, but Tamils only represent 5% of the Sri Lankan population as opposed to the Kurds who are at least 20% of the Anatolian population. So KongraGel, PJAK, anyone and everyone else need to cooperate to liberate territory. That's not to say they should sit around like idiots and wait to get bombed by the Turks. But they do need to establish significant areas of influence that the Turks would be terrified to enter.

Some good news on this same front: Turkey is closing five border posts out of fear that they will be destroyed. This proves that these large-scale confrontations are scaring the Turks.

This is a zero-sum game. Everyone knows that the Turks will never give meaningful autonomy to the Kurds. Turkey is a unity state, pure and simple. About a third of the Turks are fascists or supporters of fascism, the other two-thirds are pan-Islamists who are even a greater enemy because they've been successful in assimilating millions of Kurds into Turkish culture. The time is now. Launch an all out attack.

Mizgîn said...

I haven't been able to see anything at Ozgur Gundem today because the site seems to be down. Or it may be that it has a ton of visitors.

I posted the ANF article that includes HPG's statement, the same one that's on the Turkish page of HPG Online. Turkish media in general is having cows and last night I and a friend were wondering when the media was going to launch the first attack about accountability for this fiasco--and believe me, this is a huge fiasco from TSK's viewpoint. Then this morning we saw that Ahmet Altan was the first to launch the media attack. Hopefully, it will spread from there.

I would like to see a feeding frenzy like the one in Feb/Mar when Deniz Baykal--of all people--attacked the pashas for the land invasion fiasco. Everyone else got in on the attack, too. The whole thing was absolutely amazing to me.

I guess the garrison in this attack must be completely destroyed and that's why they're going to move it some 300m away. It also may be why they're going to close other garrisons, but I have not seen any mention of which areas contain the five.

We did see an NTV interview with a journalist who had been present at the Genelkurmay's press briefing today and that's where we heard that there were 350 guerrillas involved in the fight. However, I don't think the pashas know what they're talking about, and they've just pulled this number out of their asses--from where most of everything else comes. I mean if they were conducting air strikes against their own positions, then they're pretty effing incompetent. Nor do I expect that HPG will release the number of guerrillas who took part in the operation because this is information that should be considered a matter of operational security.

I have also seen news in Turkish media that says there are two TSKers "missing" and that a rescue operation is underway for them. Again, who knows whether or not this is true because this info probably came from the pashas and they are not the most reliable sources.

Hasan Igsiz is the pasha who seems to be doing all the talking for Basbug, and there were some items in English media in which Igsiz was blaming the KRG for the attacks and that KRG was not stopping PKK, blah, blah, blah. Okay, well, there's a lot of stuff that can be blamed on KRG but this, in my opinion, is not one of them. If old Hasan Pasha wants, why doesn't he take NATO's second largest army to Qendil and do away with PKK himself? The fact is that he knows very well, as does KRG, as does the US, as does everyone, that they can't get fight PKK on its home turf and hope to win. TSK has invaded the South how many times? How many times did they reach success? Even the pesmerge admit they can't get PKK out of the mountains and they don't want to have to fight them again because they know what kind of effort it will mean, with very little return on the investment.

No. this is another little distraction that Hasan Pasha has pulled out of his ass to cover up the fact that TSK just isn't all it's made up in the media to be. Training is shit. For all the money that the US taxpayers forks over to Turkey to subsidize TSK's armaments, it doesn't look like it does any good. There were problems with a lack of weapons in the Daglica operation last October, but that was all hushed up by the bumbling incompetents who run TSK. My money says that in Bezele the Sequel, there weren't enough available weapons either. Not that it matters much because TSKers aren't trained very well to use weapons.

The only answer is PKK's democratic resolution to the Kurdish question and this is what the pashas resist. Not that it costs them anything to resist. It's not them or their kids dying for nothing in the mountains.

Turkish E.T. said...

"...need to cooperate to liberate territory...that the Turks would be terrified to enter."

how much of todays officially established and internationally accepted without exception: Turkey does this area cover?

are you going to be happy about establishing an area that -Turks- are terrified to enter? that's the goal?

Turkish E.T. said...

"Everyone knows that the Turks will never give meaningful autonomy to the Kurds."

what do you mean? Turkish republic is a democracy good or bad. and in democracies change is the only way forward. Turkish democracy is going forward, regardless of attacks by mountain bandits.

Proof of this is everywhere in recent years can't you see any of it?

Turkish E.T. said...

"About a third of the Turks are fascists or supporters of fascism, the other two-thirds are pan-Islamists who are even a greater enemy because they've been successful in assimilating millions of Kurds into Turkish culture. The time is now. Launch an all out attack."

me and my entire social circle in Turkey does not fit any of this segmented description. Anonymous, if you don't mind me asking: how old are you?

Mazlum said...

HPG & HRK is exactly the same. This means PKK is going to focus more on the TSK and the pasa's. Instead of attacking the mullahs in Iran.

Mizgîn said...

No, Mazlum, they are not exactly the same. If you really knew what you were talking about, if you really knew anything from inside, you wouldn't make such a ridiculous claim.

Sancak Beyi Emre said...

I love your gerilla schooling dialect ! Facist is the first word you guys learn in the qandil terrorist basic school right ?

Pathetic rats, lets gooo, toe to toe ! sign of weakness if you ask me !

Mizgîn said...

And you're a sign of stupidity Sancak. If you would have looked carefully in the columns on the right, you would have found the definition of fascism so that whenever I refer to fascism, everyone can see exactly what I mean.

But since you clearly don't have the brains to figure that out, here it is:

Nobody fits the characteristics of fascism as well as the Ankara regime.