Sunday, February 24, 2008


"Truth: the most deadly weapon ever discovered by humanity. Capable of destroying entire perceptual sets, cultures, and realities. Outlawed by all governments everywhere. Possession is normally punishable by death."
~ John Gilmore.

There's a remarkable video over at Youtube--embedded here for your convenience--with a bit of translation included, so you get the idea of what's going on:

A disastrous strike to the organization [PKK] from the TSK . . .

In its statements, the Turkish general staff says 100% of targets hit . . .

100% of targets have been hit . . .

General Yaşar Büyükanıt celebrated this success by hugging General Aydoğan Babaoğlu and expressed his feelings by saying, "I am proud of these kids . . . "

The targets were hit; the public is being convinced that the organization received a disastrous strike . . .

The general staff, unlike before, issued statements one after the other, mentioning the numbers of the organization's losses. . .

The general staff stated 200 targets had been hit; 150-175 "terrorists" have been pacified (from the media 26 December 2007) . . .

On 9 January 2008, General Yaşar Büyükanıt visited the GES [Genelkurmay Elektronik Sistemler] commander , who played a key role in the operations . . .

Everyone thought the general staff's visit was a visit to congratulate. However, with the exception of one: GES commander General Münir Erten . . .

Because Münir Paşa knew from the beginning that the operation was a failure and the number of "terrorists" killed was only 5 . . .

There were only five people killed . . .

The main reason for the General Staff to visit the GES commander was to make him corroborate the number of 175.

Here are very striking statements from General Münir Erten:

"The general staff would make statements about the bombings of December 16 and 18. They were looking for consistent information, thus they asked us (GES commander) "How many people we killed in the operations?" We openly said that five people [guerrillas] were killed and eight wounded. The first four of them were wounded in the first bombardment; the latter four were wounded when we had a land operation with two companies south of Şemdinli. Since they could not mention this in the statements, they just mentioned that numerous people [guerrillas] have been pacified.

"In a presentation where General Büyükanıt was also invited, he called me and made me sit right beside him. Then he said, 'I am very glad of the information you provided. I am receiving very good news from you.'

[By this quote, Büyükanıt is basically telling Münir Paşa to shut up, because Büyükanıt does not want to reveal the actual number of guerrillas killed--five. By mentioning "good news", Büyükanıt is referring to the phony 150-175 body count of his official statements.]

Here's the war balance of the operation, mentioned by GES commander, General Münir Ertan, which is being hidden from the public: 5 dead, 8 wounded . . .

Questions waiting for answers:

1. Why was the reality known by the Turkish chief of staff and the vice chief of staff hidden from the public?

2. Are there any other realities that are being hidden from the public?

3. While the results of the [aerial] operations are so disastrous [for TSK], what was the main goal of those operations and of the land operation that will begin on 22 February 2008? Is the goal of this new operation to relieve AKP from the pressure from the people about the headscarf, and thus to change the focus?

4. Has the number of dead for this new operation already been determined?

This video was originally posted on Youtube on 20 February 2008 . . . ONE DAY BEFORE LAND OPERATIONS BEGAN.

So who leaked the extremely confidential information about the date the land operation would begin?

Now, if the Turkish general staff lied about the number of guerrillas killed in their air strikes, but HPG clearly stated from the beginning that only five guerrillas were killed, you know who you should believe.

Now that you do know who to believe, what are you going to make of Turkish general staff claims of a land operation that includes "around 8,000 troops"? What are you going to make of Turkish general staff claims that the TSK killed 79 guerrillas? What are you going to make of Turkish general staff claims of who is a "terrorist"?

Now that you do know who to believe, what are you going to make of HPG claims that the guerrillas killed 22 Turkish soldiers in the Çiya Reş region? What are you going to make of HPG claims that the guerrillas killed 19 Turkish soldiers in the Zap and Zagros regions? What are you going to make of HPG claims of guerrilla possession of the bodies of 15 Turkish soldiers?

Now that you do know who to believe, what are you going to make of the official international media that takes the Turkish general staff as its source and what other realities is the official international media hiding from the public?


Anonymous said...

the news since saturday is great. the resistance of our comrades is brave and extraordinary.

the more the fascist kemalists geting killed the more they know how hard it is to subjugate a nation for good.

berxwedan jiyane


Anonymous said...

I read Leyla Zana's statement that the Kurds must make a choice and either unite now or never. I hope that Barzani and Talabani realize that by standing up to Turkey today they will prevent their own servitude in the future. Talabani will not be going to Turkey, so that is a relief; however, I didn't like the statements so far from Nechirvan Barzani or Hoshyar Zebari. The Kurdish saying, What can be done today shouldn't be left for tommorrow, applies quite aptly now. Either they make the Turks go home now for good, or they will face a much more insidious problem in the future.


Gordon Taylor said...

This stuff is priceless, Mizgin.

Anonymous said...

Nistman - where did you receive the news that Talabani is not going to Turkey?

Anonymous said...

RE: News about Talabani not going to Turkey

I heard it on Kurdistan TV. I should have qualified it: Talabani "accepted " the invitation (never being one to be perceived a rude diplomat) but refused to go to Turkey under the current circumstances. He took a rain check.

We should not forget he had made a statement once about wanting to retire in Turkey...Oh, I do wish he'd think about retirement.

Mizgîn said...

Srusht, Roj TV's evening news today gave the impression that the Turkish army is in shock. They must have fallen victim to their own propaganda. It's not the cakewalk that they thought because they didn't kill "hundreds" of guerrillas, but only five.

Nistiman, if KRG is going to get rid of Turks for good now, they are also going to have to make the Gulen schools go as well. Those schools are far more insidious, long term, than military invasion.

Well, Gordon, hold on because it's going to get more priceless as we go along. TSK already has the alleged guerrilla body count at 100+. "Has the number of dead for this new operation already been determined?" The Genelkurmay continues to post information about its fantasies. If you know anything about guerrilla warfare, it's very easy to see that their numbers are ridiculous.

Let's say they did make a big show of running tanks into South Kurdistan. What are they going to do with those tanks now? They're just sitting on some flat piece of land for show; they can't engage guerrillas with tanks. The geography simply does not permit it.

In the meantime, Turkish media--and English media, getting its news from the Genelkurmay and Turkish media--makes it sound like elves plucked that Cobra out of the sky . . . this is TSK's version of "Shit happens."

The information about Talabani not going to Turkey was on Roj TV's Saturday evening news.

Gordon Taylor said...

Miz, what do you make of this report at ANF:

It says that a big convoy of Hummers and armored vehicles has left Mosul for Dohuk. Obviously this is a rumor posted on the Internet, but it may have some truth to it. Maybe somebody really did see something.

Mizgîn said...

Gordon, I'm not making much of the news yet but I'm inclined to suspect something to do with intelligence collection since we know the US and Israel have been collecting intel for the Ankara regime.

The convoy may also have something to do with the meeting between Ilker Basbug, the American military and peshmerge commanders in Silopi.

However, as you're aware, tanks are worse than useless in the terrain dominated by HPG.

Anonymous said...

Nistiman - Amen to that! He should seriously think about living a quiet life somewhere in the Bahamas and leaving politics for good.

We Kurds might end up getting somewhere if that were to happen.

More garbage from his mouth: