Tuesday, February 19, 2008


"Through me you pass into the city of woe:
"Through me you pass into eternal pain:
"Through me among the people lost for aye.
[ . . . ]
"All hope abandon ye who enter here."
~ Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy, The Inferno.

The march toward Turkey's guardianship of South Kurdistan continues. From the Fethullahcı daily, Zaman:

Turkey’s ties with northern Iraq will be strengthened through a university to be founded by Turkish entrepreneurs in Arbil next year, officials from the school said.

[ . . . ]

Administrators from Işık College in Arbil told Today’s Zaman they would establish a new Turkish university in the city next year and that the project has already received a green light from the regional administration.

Note: Işık evler are Fethullahcı propaganda houses, so the name of the college indicates it is run by Fethullah Gülen's gang and will spread Turkish Islam throughout South Kurdistan.

"At Işık College we have been exerting our utmost to educate Iraqi youths for the past 14 years, a momentum we hope to maintain. We have received the necessary approval from the prime minister of the Kurdish regional administration, Nechervan Barzani, and the minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the Iraqi Kurdistan regional government, Idris Hadi Salih, to found a new university in the region."

The cehş in charge of propagandizing South Kurdistan's youth with Gülen's brand of Turkish Islam is Idris Hadi Salih. Here's what he has to say about the servility he expects of South Kurdistan, vis-a-vis its Turkish overlords and the importation of their "superior" culture:

"I believe that the foundation of a Turkish university in northern Iraq will strengthen ties between the two countries. We support Turkish entrepreneurs in extending the scope of their initiatives in our region. Turkey is an experienced country in the field of education. It will help us to increase the quality of education at our universities," he noted. Underlining that his country has always had strong ties with Turkey, Salih said, "We want to continue to cooperate with Turkey in various domains, including education."

He also noted universities in northern Iraq offer education in English, French and Arabic. "We wish to offer education in Turkish, too, but we don’t have Turkish professors at the moment. We want our students to have a good knowledge of Turkish language and culture so that citizens of both countries can get to know one another better. We aim at opening departments of Turkish literature at different universities in our region as soon as we meet the need for Turkish professors," added Salih.

All. Hope. Abandon. Ye. Who. Enter. Here.

Turkey continues preparations for its invasion of South Kurdistan:

The TSK has set up military bases at high elevations in the Cudi, Gabar, Küpeli, Tanin and Kato mountains, strategic points used by the PKK militants for infiltration into Turkey. The bases will include helicopter landing facilities, thermal cameras and artillery equipment.

TSK Special Forces based in Bolu, Kayseri, Isparta and Manisa have been trained for the purpose of destroying the remaining PKK presence in northern Iraq. The Land Forces Command is currently working to determine the number and state of armored vehicles, trucks, trailers, mobile medical units and mobile kitchens in the transportation units. A thorough review is being undertaken to check the state of equipment, clothing and food supplies of the units based in the region.

The spring operations will coincide with the withdrawal of the units that carried out operations in the winter and the deployment of replacement units. Military sources indicate that the spring operation will be carried out in two separate regions, one along Turkey's borders with Iran and Iraq and one inside Turkey, near the provinces of Tunceli, Bingöl, Siirt and Diyarbakır.

[ . . . ]

The number of training sessions for the command units based in Bolu, Kayseri, Isparta and Manisa has been increased in preparation for the ground operation in spring. Two large military units from Bolu have been deployed to the region. The Land Forces Command is currently working to determine the quantity of military equipment proper for use in the operation.

Turkey will also reportedly use unmanned Heron surveillance airplanes, which will be provided by Israel. These will play an indispensable role in the combat against terrorist activity. The Heron will be used to screen and monitor a large area, including northern Iraq and the Gabar, Cudi, Küpeli, Kato, Yazlıca and Tanin mountains.

Heron UAVs are produced by Israeli Aircraft Industries (IAI).

Turkey also asked the US for a dozen used American helicopter gunships at the end of January.

The invasion is simply a matter of time:

"The option of a ground operation is on the table. The timing (of such an operation) and weather conditions are important," Babacan was quoted as saying.

[ . . . ]

On Monday, the English language daily Today's Zaman, which is close to Erdogan's government, said the armed forces were planning to mount a land operation into northern Iraq in mid-March that would deal "a final strike" against the rebels.

The only things Turkey's waiting for are Herons, helicopter gunships, and the weather. Unfortunately for Turkey and its allies, it will be no final strike.

Meanwhile, in preparation for invasion, Turkey and the US have stepped up their efforts to silence Roj TV. This would guarantee the media blackout they need to cover the atrocities they intend on carrying out:

US plans to use the same method to end the PKK activities in the European countries as they did in the early 1900s against famous gangster Al Capone, Frank Urbancic Jr, Principal Deputy Coordinator for counter terrorism at the State Department, told in a meeting with four Turkish journalists at the US Embassy in Ankara.

He recalled that the US government sentenced Capone for not the criminal allegations but for tax fraud.

Urbacic, had talks with the Turkish Justice and Interior Ministry officials in Ankara, following a two weeks long visit to the Western European countries including, Denmark and Belgium.

To that end, the Belgian government, has fined Roj TV 4 million Euros and seized all funds.

Aren't you eager to have democracy spread in your direction by the world's two greatest terrorist states?


Anonymous said...

I guess all one can ask is what's next? Can the KRG do anything more to put Kurds in an even worse position than they already are in?

Mizgîn said...

Don't ask, man, don't ask.