Monday, February 11, 2008


"It could probably be shown by facts and figures that there is no distinctly American criminal class except Congress."
~ Mark Twain.

Yeah, okay . . . I wasn't going to say anything, but after hearing an overblown, completely undeserved eulogy for the dead Tom Lantos on the local public radio station, I'm not letting it pass.

You'll remember Tom Lantos from Sibel Edmonds' Rogues' Gallery. He spent most of his time in Congress, in the service of the Deep State, helping to hand Turkey the American weapons it needed to carry out a genocide of the Kurdish people. That's quite an accomplishment for the only Holocaust survivor in the US Congress.

And since he was a Holocaust survivor, he knew exactly what genocide was. He knew that what Turkey does to its own Kurdish population is genocide. He knew what the Ottomans did to their Armenian population was genocide. Yet, cynically, he introduced the Armenian Genocide resolution into Congress last year because he was still sore over Turkey's refusal to allow a US deployment from Turkey into Iraq in 2003, not because this self-styled Congressional human rights "expert" gave so much as a fig for a bunch of dead Armenians or the feelings of Armenian survivors. But, Lantos was always like that.

His only concern about "terrorism" in Turkey extended to attacks against synagogues and American allies, giving Lantos the chance to preach Global War on Terror, Inc., from his pulpit in the Congress.

Lantos never recognized the terrorism of the Turkish state against the Kurdish people which resulted in tens of thousands of dead in some twenty years, the forcible removal of Kurds from their lands and villages, the torture, rape, and extrajudicial murders that were so commonplace in the 1990s. Lantos never recognized Turkish terrorism that, in legal terminology, is properly called genocide.

The best obit comes from 2003, from the keyboard of Wayne Madsen, writing for Counterpunch:

He is a fake, a phony and a complete fraud. He constantly stresses his victimhood: first as a Holocaust survivor in Nazi-run Hungary and then as a refugee when the Communists took power. He fancies himself as the leading human rights specialist on Capitol Hill. In fact, this odious so-called Democrat is a master of deception and propaganda and a wallower in corrupt campaign money.

A variation of "corrupt campaign money" may be exactly why Sibel Edmonds included Lantos' photo in her gallery, only instead of campaign money, Lantos may well have been on the take for Turkish bribes, bribes that helped secure his loyalty to that great American and Israeli ally.

But Madsen's article mentions a minor item, something seemingly innocuous: "The relationship between Lantos and Hill and Knowlton, the agents of past brutal dictatorships in Indonesia and Turkey, makes Lantos's congressional monopoly on human rights advocacy an outrageous fraud."

Hill and Knowlton (H&K) was Turkey's PR firm of choice, at least in the 1990s. Lantos worked with H&K to sell the Gulf War. Interestingly enough, H&K also spins PR for the nuclear industry.

In addition to taking Turkish bribes, Lantos also may have been involved with the nuclear side of Turkish espionage, too, along with the State Department's former number 3, Marc Grossman.

All of it would be so ironic if it weren't so disgusting, and that's why we need public hearings on everything Sibel Edmonds knows.

NEWSFLASH: Some nice person--thank you to her--sent me some links in email. Apparently the Clinton-Çelebi relationship is starting to make the rounds of the fascist right-wing and has prompted a response by the Jewish community of Chicago in defense of Çelebi and the Turkey-Israel relationship.

From NRO's blog:

Sirs: As a reader with high regard for NR, please let me assure you that Mehmet Celebi is most definitively neither an anti-Semite nor an ulta-nationalist. Nor was he a producer of the vile "Valley of the Wolves." A company of which he is co-owner supplied actors without knowing in advance of the movie's ugly slant. Mr. Celebi—a respected young entrepreneur—is in the vanguard of fruitful co-operation between Chicago's Jewish and Turkish communities. The future of harmony with moderate Muslims lies with people like Mr. Celebi.

Believe me, I know. I am chair emeritus of our city's Jewish Community Relations Council as well as ex-National Vice-Chair of ADL and am deeply involved with Turkey and its Jewish community. If you want further proof, check with Chicago's Jewish Federation and ADL. The fact that this story originated with Kurdish sources should have put you on guard. As a lawyer and writer, I am appalled that you didn't check with Mr. Celebi and people who know him. I don't mind your opposition to the Clinton campaign, I am supporting a Republican, and I recently published a denunciation of the Clinton-Sandy Berger machinations to hide the truth that Bill once passed an opportunity to nab Osama and then lied about it. But please make some effort to check your facts. Elementary decency should impel you to remove these lies from your website and apologize to Mr.Celebi and the Clinton campaign.

Thanks for listening.

Joel J. Sprayregen, Esq., Chicago IL.

The racist who wrote this letter is concerned that Çelebi's association with Kurtlar Vadisi Irak is the result of a lie "originated with Kurdish sources." That should give you an idea of how tight the genociders are with each other.

For more on the Mehmet Çelebi's support of Clinton; his actual, real-and-for-true involvement with Kurtlar Vadisi Irak; and his racism, see the following:

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And here's a little something to go along with the video.

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Serhado said...

Didn't Celebi say that this movie shows the TRUE FACE OF AMERICA. And depicts reality? Kurdish sources just used the Turkish sources.. oops..?


Hi Mizgin!

Excellent 'eugolgy' for that sorry SOB. I posted it on my blog


Mizgîn said...

Serhado, you know what else Celebi said?

Here, someone posted this quote on something else I wrote on Celebi:

Isn't it funny that we always have Greeks & Armenians who are experts on anything anti-Turkish? Where were these same so called "human rights activist" when hundreds of thousands of Bosnians were killed right next to the so-called "center of democracy" Greece? Or how about the millions of others killed in atrocities in the last decade around the globe? Of course since it had nothing to do with Turkey, it didn't concern them. They are ready to attack Turkey whenever they get the chance, even by falsifying documents & twisting the truth. Remember that the so-called "freedom fighters" cost the lives of over 37,000 people in Turkey, most of whom were Kurds. They viciously killed women, children, the elderly as well as teachers, officials and policemen/soldiers. Kurds are free in Turkey, like any other citizen; as long as they do not rise against the state and fight for "dividing" the state. This is the natural right of any country, and there is no country in the world that will stand-still while it is being torn-apart by inside & outside forces keen on dividing up Turkey. Greece doesn't even allow the Turkish minority to elect its own religious cleric, arresting him numerous times. Armenia is the true terrorist state, as was evident with the assassination of its Prime Minister & several members of the Parliament a few years ago in Yerevan, Armenia. The Armenians have developed violence and terrorism into an art form, and adopted it as their own mean of "official policy". Both countries still have the nerve to criticize Turkey. Look at yourselves in the mirror before offering advice!

Mehmet Celebi, Chicago, USA, January 21, 2004


His drivel is even more amusing given that in the last couple of years retired pashas have come out and admitted that they threw grenades at Turkish civil servants, judges, and the like in The Southeast. Hell, one of them even published a book describing these things.

Frankly, Celebi is a piece of shit.

Thanks for picking up the post, VS.

Jewish Odysseus said...

I'm glad to see I wasn't the only one not unhappy when Lantos kicked the bucket.

He was just a poser and a fraud, and maybe even a crook.

--F R-W