Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Maybe in a dawn – coming soon –
They will pour down into the sad streets of Amad (Diyarbekir)
Carrying baskets of light and flowers.
Qubadi Jalizada.

From Kurdishaspect.com, a poem by Qubadi Jalizada translated by Dr Kamal Mirawdeli


Qandil girls are sugar cubes
Confined in snow flakes confined inside
The super-wings of flight

They are a flock of Kahtuzins
They love the height of the gun more than the height of Kaka Mam (1)
They are fond of hand grenades and have forgotten
Their own small rounded breasts
Their blood is redder then the blood of martyrs

Qandil girls redden their lips with ember
And blacken their eyebrows with gunpowder
They comb their hair with winter winds
Inside their handbags there is only one comb
Of ammo

Their breath is thick mist of rainbow
In their waistband there is a dagger and a bunch of basil
Soaked in the scent of Nahri (2)

When they leave footprints on the snow
They immediately grow into hundreds of clove plants

These pure women of Qandil
Are the cinder underneath snow layers
Consoling the rivers that cold has frozen their blood

When they come out in flocks from the caves of struggle
The deers fall in love with them
They are a piece of God’s body

The women lovers of Qandil harvest rays of light
From the horizons of heaven
They tie into bunches
The red flowers lying under the snow

Maybe in a dawn – coming soon –
They will pour down into the sad streets of Amad (Diyarbekir)
Carrying baskets of light and flowers.


The original Kurdish poem is published on www.klawrojna.com

(1) Kakamam and Khatuzin, the two lovers of the Kurdish epic Mam w Zin by leading Kurdish nationalist poet of Seventeenth century Ahmadi Khani. (1650 / 51-1707). They are often compared with Romeo and Juliet. (Translator)

(2) Nahre Kurdish town and nickname and birthplace of Kurdish nationalist leader Shekh Ubaidullay Nahri. (Translator)


Anonymous said...

Here is the footage of the shot Turkish helicopter. The Turks had claimed “technical fault” lol


Goes t show you that you cant believe what the Turks say. Never.

Mizgîn said...

Thanks for the link, Anonymous. I have incorporated it into the post directly above.

Notice that they compare video from 1997 with the video of the recent shootdown? I guess the Turkish MSM missed the fact that one took place in May and this one in February.

Turkish general staff claims that the February 2008 footage is really from 10 years ago, but if you notice the comparison--seen even better from Hevallo's MedTV clip--there can be no confusion.

The pashas continue in their deep, deep denial.

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