Friday, February 29, 2008


Karayilan congratulates the guerrillas.

KCK Executive Council Chairman Murat Karayilan said that HPG guerrillas defeated the Turkish army and congratulated the Zap-Zagros forces command and fighters, who showed great resistance.

KCK Executive Council Chairman Murat Karayilan's message:

1. Undoubtedly history is cruel; it will note the invincible resistance of the Apocu guerrillas against barbaric imperialist powers. Our movement, which developed the defensive war based on its own power, will show everyone that our people are honorable, self-respecting, and of moral character.

2. We have to know that we must take our guerrilla struggle to a further stage against the forces that want to annihilate our leadership by poisoning, and want our people to be weak-willed. For that reason, we must never forget that we are responsible for striving for greater competency and more successes by gaining power from the recent success and striving to overcome weaknesses.

3. We know that it requires more creativity, sacrifice, and responsibility to walk toward greater successes, to be a good comrade of Leader Apo and the gallant martyrs. By basing yourself in these practices, in a strong morale and in dedication, to show the invincibility of the Apocu guerrillas to the whole world and to attain success on a practical level, I believe you will deepen yourselves [in the way of the Apocu guerrilla] and will have greater successes.

On this basis, I greet all of you one more time and send you my regards.

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