Thursday, November 27, 2008

27 NOVEMBER 1978

"On November 27, 1978 the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) was founded in a small village near Diyarbakir."
~ Abdullah Öcalan, War and Peace in Kurdistan.

The legend now stretches thirty years, from one person to millions.

On this day we give thanks for Abdullah Öcalan and the PKK.


hamo said...

Fascist backward turkey state undermined the honour of the Kurdish people by capturing and torturing their only leader Abdullah Ocalan.

Every single Kurd should and will struggle to get their national honour back. Killing your own doughter or wife for honour is not a Kurdish tradation but doing everything you can to struggle, fight and resist against the fascist backward turkey is a real honour for the Kurds.

Woman honour is their own but your motherland honour is everyone who call themselves Kurd.

PKK have started something called FREEDOMS and at least Kurds will not stop until its completed.

Anonymous said...

Apo giving a speech in Kurdish:

Renegade Eye said...

Very good video. Quite inspirational.

Anonymous said...

Well said, hamo. Except it wasn't just the fascist Turkish state. One comes to expect this from the Turkish state since they have disregarded the dignity of the Kurds continuously. It was truly an international conspiracy from the beginning when Apo was forced to leave Syria and travel from country to country until the final moments of his kidnapping.