Tuesday, November 25, 2008


"If there is no struggle, there is no progress."
~ Frederick Douglass

Happy Anniversary, Rastî.


SeRhiLDaN said...

:) long live rasti!
keep up good work.

Anonymous said...

rojbûna te pîroz bê Rastî!! :)
her bijî Rastî, dengê Kurdistan!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rasti for all your work on your blog, your blog is tremendously important.
Her biji Rastî

Anonymous said...

Belê ez jî 3 salîya Rastîyê pîroz dikim, xwîshka hêja!

Ez xwe dêyndarê te dibînim.

Thanks a lot dear Mizgîn for making a so good blog in order to promote Kurdish cause.

Elîshêr, from France

Anonymous said...

Rojbuna te piroz be!


Anonymous said...

Wow, it's been 3 years! And it's still the best blog on the Kurdish struggle.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary


Hevallo said...

And so close to the PKK's 30th Birthday!

Happy Birthday Rasti!

You should feel proud have you have made a difference!

And inspired others to follow where you have lead!



hamo said...

Happy anniversary and hope to see you here for very long time with same success.

Zor spas Rasti!

Mizgîn said...

Thank you dear readers. We shall continue as long as we can.

By the way Hevallo, you're also doing a great job! Make sure you keep it up. You don't want to see me have to come over there :P