Tuesday, November 04, 2008


"On election day, I stay home. I don't vote. Fuck 'em."
~ George Carlin.

Just in case you're planning on voting for the status quo, for either the Republicrats or Demopublicans, here's a reminder:

So who is it that sucks?


Anonymous said...

I agree, stay home. I don't understand why kurds (and other people from the ME) get excited about voting for Obama. I mean he is willing to go and 'talk' with Turkey and Syria and Iran. What this means to me as a Kurd is that it is going to be business as usual, that is weapons sales, and closing eyes on the genocide happening in Kurdistan.

It's not that the Republicans are better, not at all, they are the same.

All I want is for them to stop supporting my occupiers.

Janice said...

I have always enjoyed your blogs and appreciated your tireless efforts to keep us all aprised on the Kurdish issue. I have been a bit dismayed, however, with your recent posts concerning the American elections.

No one party will ever be the "perfect" party. No single person will ever be the "perfect" leader. What is important is that people who have the opportunity to freely vote should make every effort to do so. How fortunate are Westerners from so many other people in the world that they have a voice--even if there are hiccups in respective systems (Sarkosy? Brown? Erdogan???).

We should not forget the 2005 Iraq Elections where a Kurd, regardless of tribe Talabani is still a Kurd, was elected as PRESIDENT of a newly liberated Iraq. I remember pictures of elder matriarchs who risked violence--even their own lives to vote, showing their purple fingers and flashing smiles larger than a kid let loose in Harrods!

No system will never be perfect. People who have the opportunity to vote should feel some obligation to attempt to make changes for teh better. That is what is happening in America now. Regardless of the downside of canidates (and there are many on ALL sides), an historic number of people are voting--just like in Iraq. At the very least, the bulk of Americans recognize the need to vote and want their voices to be heard.

So many people in the world still cannot freely vote. Look at Africa! To use George Carlin as a role model only serves to propgate ignorance and hopelessness. I hope the oppressed peoples of the world NEVER give up hope that someday they too will have the chance to cast their vote WITHOUT FEAR, RETRIBUTION, OR RIDICULE for the candidate that they think is the one that will help make even just their part of the world a better place. Perhaps a similar election revolution will occur with the Kurds in the southeast? Perhaps they will take a page from the Americans and instead of voting Status Quo (as they did in 2007) in March or not voting at all which is still a vote for the Status Quo, they will get out there and make their voices heard?

Mizgîn said...

It's now 2100 hours Pacific time. Obama has 338 electoral votes and McCain has conceded the race.

An historic number of people voted in the midterm elections, too, and what have the Demopublicans done since then? They were voted in for an end to the war and to impeach Bush. What did they do? They passed everything the Bush administration wanted.

But stupid people never learn.

Certainly there will be cosmetic changes but there will be no fundamental change. That is not asking for perfection, Janice. I never ask for perfection because I know perfection never exists.

I realize that everyone outside of the US is suffering under the delusion that this election is significant but it is not, neither for domestic policy nor for foreign policy. Neocon Rahm Immanuel is set to become the White House chief of staff. Immanuel's fundraiser for his congressional seat was Mehmet Celebi--Clinton's fundraiser. Celebi was a significant person in certain FBI wiretaps of Turkish agents in the US.

When Gul first pays a visit to Obama, expect requests for more weapons and intelligence, and expect that he will get everything he asks for.

Many of the old Clinton administration vermin are the advisors to Obama. Let me remind you that the Clinton administration was guilty of aiding the genocide of the Kurdish people in both Turkish-occupied and South Kurdistan. Therefore expect that the Obama administration will close its eyes to the atrocities of the new dirty war in Turkish-occupied Kurdistan, as Anonymous has mentioned.

As for voices heard, governments hear voices more clearly when they are on the streets in boycott of these phony "democratic" elections. See the previous post and Rosa Luxemburg for more on that.

Non-pacifist revolution is the only answer.

hamo said...

If anybody thinks that power of the people in USA brought this success and change then I would recommend you to think again.

1- Global Economy Crises, which affected mostly the USA
2- Electing a dumb person who was over the age limit even the western standards for the republican candidate.

I don’t believe those above being coincidence

Known forces right at the top guided this election and made their favorite to won. I guess all these aggressive behaviors, blood, wars, horrors are enough for anyone to make Obama win.

I supported Obama all the way from the start but this election like any other in the USA was fixed and no way would Obama have lost it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info on Rahm, Mizgin. Very useful stuff.

Mizgîn said...

Yes, Hamo, and I'm sure all that Goldman Sachs money certainly sealed the deal.

Anonymous, I promise there's going to be more on Rahm Emanuel. As I said, he's linked to Celebi. Celebi is linked to Viktor Bout. And all of those are linked to the Clintons.

The hub of Turkish influence in the US was under FBI counter-intelligence investigation in Chicato nine years ago, at least. That info's going to be hard to come by, though, now that it's all been silenced by State Secrets Privilege.

But, even in a court of law, you only need to create reasonable doubt . . . especially when the charge is murder.

After all, I did my part to get Celebi removed as a fundraiser and delegate for Hillary Clinton. See the Newsflash on this post.