Wednesday, November 12, 2008


"Even though the almost thirty years of conflict stands as the major source for the exacerbation of all problems of the country, it is still not analyzed beyond a question of terrorism and security."
~ DTP, Democratic Autonomy Project.

Below is the last part of DTP's Democratic Autonomy document (Part A, Part B):




Following the July 22 2007 general elections, Turkey entered a new phase. Presently, all political forces approach the problems of the country from their own stance and considering their own priorities. However, centers of power able to assume a role in the solution of the problems, unfortunately adopt an attitude of disregard against the most fundamental and poignant problem of our country.

Even though the almost thirty years of conflict stands as the major source for the exacerbation of all problems of the country, it is still not analyzed beyond a question of terrorism and security. In this context, the problem is more aggravated in every sense. The absolute failure of the efforts to solve the problem with the same mentality and measures for decades is now clearly revealed. Consequently, the society experiences incurable losses in every respect. All the people living in our geography now desire a solution to this problem. Not a single person finds acceptable the loss of lives and the pain suffered by a different family every day. The statements “BLESS THE MOTHERLAND”, “BLESS THE MOTHERLAND BUT UNTIL WHEN?” are expressions of it.

The permanency of the atmosphere of conflict gradually grows feelings of enmity, the rehabilitation and reparation of which is very difficult among the people inhabiting the same geography for over a thousand years and collaborating in many areas of life. In recent months, significant signals of warning which were indications of this tendency appeared in many places. Nevertheless, these were unfortunately either disregarded or were exploited as issues in domestic political agenda by various circles.

We find the taking of steps for the establishment and endurance of an atmosphere of non-conflict as a party that attends to all problems of Turkey and seeks solutions to them. We believe that unless concrete results are obtained on the issue, the attainment of internal peace, tranquility and welfare remains an illusion. It is on this ground that we have been struggling for years for the attainment of our internal peace. We paid a high price for this sake. This is only because we are aware of the fact that this is the only way to endorse and uphold the common values created by a thousand years of common life. We know now by the testimony of our near history that all other efforts and ways only serve to plant and grow seeds of enmity among our people. Hence, we insist and we are stubborn.

We are aware that the reconfiguration of the historical commonality through an equal and free relationship of fraternity would benefit this country and its people. Our aim is to bring in an esteem and respectability to our people and country that would set the pace for the whole region.

Until today, we took our steps conscious of our responsibility in the attainment of internal peace and the reconfiguration of relations. We are determined to fulfill our share of responsibility in this tense and critical period Turkey is witnessing. We will intensify our efforts for the termination of clashes and the gradual establishment of a lasting peace. Until this day, our party has made many attempts for the termination of clashes and the emergence of a suitable atmosphere for the solution of the problem. These efforts received, from time to time, positive feedback and engendered the rising of hopes for solution in society. However, each time these attempts were impeded and rendered futile by structures feeding on conflict and tension. As might be expected, this attitude gave way to a shattering of trust and belief among our people. For this reason, as the Party, we will assume our leading role for the development of a solemn and conclusive process. Past experiences reveal the fact the establishment of ceasefire by a single party is devoid of generating enduring positive consequences. Departing from these experiences, practical efforts will be exerted for the commencement and endurance of a process of mutual ceasefire.

To this end;

1. The Kurdish Question lies at the core of the conflict experienced by our country. The development of an inclusive approach regarding the Kurdish Question during the endeavor for the New Constitution entails prospects for the achievement of a peaceful atmosphere. Regarding the issue, efforts will be devoted to the initiation of conventions and collaborations with all related powers and organizations.

2. Attempts will be brought to the fore to exert influence on all related circles for the attainment of a lasting termination of clashes. The assumption of the role of intermediation is a possibility once suitable conditions arise and upon the positive stance adopted by related powers.

3. Attempts at collaboration with civil society organizations, democratic institutions and organizations for the commencement of a lasting termination of clashes, initiatives will be taken for the formation of an appropriate ground and pressure groups.

4. Relations will be developed with the foreign powers able to assume prominent role for the termination of clashes including the civil society organizations working for peace, EU, USA, Kurdish Federal Government and a diplomatic process will be initiated in this context.

5. In order to carry out all these attempts mentioned above, our party assumes profound responsibility and declares its genuine will to work for the formation of a workshop group comprised of the representatives of political parties, peace assembly, civil society and democratic mass organizations and various figures.

November 8 2007


For some commentary on DTP's proposal, see the opinion pieces by Gülay Göktürk at Bugün, Autonomy or Federation? and Even If They Defend the Federation.

Also let me add that DTP is in the position today to openly discuss its autonomy project only as a result of PKK şehîds--whether Kurd, Turk, or others--who have willingly watered the tree of Kurdish liberty with their own blood.

"Our people are going to get what is rightfully theirs. I am proud to have died for this. Tell everyone we will succeed."





Anonymous said...


"Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK), 11 November, 2008: The Iranian media reports and the news from the Iranian Press TV on Monday, 10 November, 2008, stating that the Free Life Party of Kurdistan-PJAK had issued a statement to Kurdish media outlets saying it halted its campaign in the Kurdish regions of Iran and turned its guns on the Turkish military are not true and a total fabrication by the Iranian regime to cover up its inability to combat the PJAK forces."

Mizgîn said...


Talking to ANF, Amed Piran said, "From now on we will have operation plans against the officials and effective personnel in the Turkish army and Turkish state. As a reaction to TSK's move, we will open our forces to discussion of sending some of them to HPG to fight against the TSK as necessary."

Anonymous said...

I think this recent statement on PJAK was not to deny that they will fight the TSK but instead to say that they have not stopped fighting the IRG.

Mizgîn said...

Agreed, Anonymous. That's why I posted the quote, to confirm what PJAK's original statement was.