Monday, January 30, 2006


State Terror Acquitted in Semdinli

On 9 November 2005 the Turkish "Gladio", popularly known as the "deep state" of Turkey, was caught red-handed by the people of Semdinli. Despite the Turkish military and some other people at first endeavoring to cover up the incident, the demonstrations by the people of Semdinli were then decisive in establishing a majority view in Turkey that the culprits should be taken to court.

But Tanju CAVUS, who was responsible for the death of one person and for the wounding of many others in the same incident, was released at his first court hearing. This shows that the deep state has a strong hold on the justice system in Turkey. As a matter of fact the Vice-General Staff of the Turkish Military, Yasar BUYUKANIT, supported the killers by stating on the day of the incident that he knew them and that they were "good kids" . The fact that the Semdinli incidents on 9 November 2005 have still not been fully investigated and cleared up and that the culprits are being released one by one or are not being punished has seriously disappointed the expectations of the people. It is deepening the insecurity they feel with regard to the justice system.

In the 1990s thousands of extra-judicial killings were perpetrated against Kurdish intellectuals and prominent people, and to this day the killers are yet to be found let alone prosecuted. These killings were perpetrated by units connected with the deep state, and indeed a year ago Abdulkadir Aygan, a former member of JITEM (a secret Gendarme Intelligence Organisation), confessed to the murders he had committed including the murder of journalist and writer Musa ANTER.

This person announced to the public, through the media, in a very open manner, the names of the people he had killed, the place where he had committed the crimes and who he had committed them with. The Turkish politicians and justice system should have taken these confessions as notice of a criminal offence and initiated the necessary proceedings, yet till today no legal action has been taken. Moreover, the person named in the confessions relating to the murder of Musa Anter, Hamit Yildirim, a village guard, is still moving around freely and actively continuing his dirty work for JITEM in the region. So the "deep state", Gladio, is still on duty. It is still committing murders to horrify and intimidate the people. The only way that these killings can keep happening is to keep the previous murders in the dark and not to punish the perpetrators. On the contrary, they see these criminals as patriots and support them with any means, so they continue to commit new murders.

This is what happened in the Kurdish city of Semdinli on 9 November. It was not an isolated incident any more than the Tanju CAVUS case was. It is just a part of the chain that can be seen throughout Kurdistan. The trust and hope of the people that reforms to the Turkish justice system are going to be implemented has suffered a serious blow.

Indeed the increasingly open and extensive violence of the state against the people's requests for peace and democracy shows that in the near future there will be a bloody attack against the Kurdish people, because Gladio is at work.

To prevent these very dangerous developments we call on the EU, the European Parliament, the Council of Europe, the Council of Europe's Parliamentary Assembly, and all related institutions, organizations and parliaments, to pay proper attention and to take the appropriate action.

GLADIO was exposed and dissolved in other NATO member countries, yet in Turkey it is still to be exposed, though until it becomes inoperative the necessary democratic changes and transitions of Turkey for EU accession are not possible.

Effective pressure must be put on the government of Turkey, whose ineffectiveness against GLADIO has allowed it to carry out special war tactics on the Kurdish people and on other forces for democracy.

Kurdistan National Congress (KNK)


Gelek sipas,

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