Tuesday, January 10, 2006


"Hypocrisy in anything whatever may deceive the cleverest and most penetrating man, but the least wide-awake of children recognizes it, and is revolted by it, however ingeniously it may be disguised." ~ Leo Tolstoy

NEWSFLASH: Justin Raimundo, Kurd-hater extraordinaire, fakes sympathy for Dr. Kamal as a means of pushing his American Left agenda.

That's right, folks, and you can see what I mean right here. I know there are a lot of Kurd-haters in the world, but let's chat about this one for now. After all, Justin Raimundo is no doubt jumping for joy that at least one Kurd is in prison with "rapidly deteriorating health."

Wouldn't you think that if Raimundo were really concerned about the health of Kurds, he would have written a few words about the outbreak of bird flu in Turkish-occupied Kurdistan, an outbreak in which, so far, only Kurds have died? Wouldn't you think that if Raimundo were concerned about Kurds being wrongfully imprisoned, he would have written tons of pages on all the Kurds who have been wrongfully imprisoned all over Kurdistan in its occupation? Wouldn't you think that if Raimundo were righteously outraged over all the human rights violations Kurds have endured throughout the 20th Century alone, his writing would reach to the moon and back by now?

He claims that Kurds are "rounding up their internal political opponents," citing a Washington Post article that refers, in part, to an alleged "confidential" memo leaked to the Washington Post by the US State Department.

Let me think: This the same State Department that has used, ignored, allowed to be abused, Kurds from all parts of Kurdistan over the decades. This is the same State Department that labels Kurds as "terrorists" when they use armed force against a terrorist regime that just happens to be a big US/NATO ally. This is the same State Department that betrayed Kurds in 1975 and 1991. This is the same State Department that did nothing when Kurds were gassed in 1988. This is also the same State Department that has been begging the terrorists and former Ba'athi to engage politically in Iraq and which has attempted to undermine Iraqi authority to get the same pack of cold-blooded murderers a place in the political process, just as they supported Saddam for three decades. My, my, my. . . the Washington Post and Justin Raimundo have stumbled across a piece of evidence from an extremely credible source, after the same credible source conveniently laid the evidence in their path.

Raimundo also cites the highly credible Tom Lasseter from Knight-Ridder, another Kurd-hater who characterizes Kurdish pêşmerge as preparing to "swarm" and "invade" Kerkuk. But has Raimundo ever written about how the great hero of the Left, Saddam Hussein, ethnically cleansed Kerkuk in the first place? Not a word has been written by our Kurd-hater about the thousands of Kurds who were forcibly displaced from Kerkuk--nor from 4,000 villages in Turkish-occupied Kurdistan either--but you can read all about Raimundo's perversion of ethnically-cleansed Kerkuk here. He's upset that Kurds demand that those Arabs brought to Kerkuk by the great hero of the Left--Saddam Hussein--"be uprooted and sent back to wherever."

They should be uprooted and sent back to wherever. Get over it.

Actually, I advise everyone to pay attention to that second article to get the full exposure to Raimundo's Kurd-hating. Please notice the dramatic spin Raimundo puts on words uttered by Barham Salih. Raimundo quotes an article from KurdistanObserver, in which Barham Salih calls for a reversal of the ethnic cleansing of Kerkuk with these words:

"We insist on reversing the ethnic cleansing not through ethnic cleansing," said Saleh. "We are not going to condone any ethnic cleansing in any form or shape. But the terrible injustice that befell the people of Kirkuk, whether Kurds or Turkmens, must not stand."

But how does Raimundo put it? Like this: ". . .the goal of the two big Kurdish parties, the PUK and the Kurdish Democratic Party (KDP), has always been the creation of a "pure" Kurdish state. . ." and this is the line in which he links the remarks by Barham Salih. From this it is obvious that Raimundo is not only a Kurd-hater, but also a liar. I have never heard any Kurd speak of a "pure" Kurdish state, but I have heard many Kurds, like Dr. Barham, speak about undoing the injustices that Kurds have suffered for too long.

Imagine the nerve of those damned Kurds, insisting on justice like that? What is the world coming to?

In fact, Justin Raimundo is so critical of Kurds and alll things Kurdish, that it makes me ask him the $50,000 question: When was the last time you were in South Kurdistan, Justin, old boy? Or North Kurdistan? Or East Kurdistan? Or West Kurdistan?

As a finale, Raimundo asks all of his American Left friends (i.e. more Kurd-haters) to contact the PDK and the American congress to protest Dr. Kamal's imprisonment. Good boy, Justin. You all go ahead and do that. We will use you this time. Next time, we will make you sit and fetch and roll over.

The Raimundo articles I reference here are not the only ones in which he engages in Kurd-hating. There are others as well, but I use these two as examples to prove my point, which is that I don't want anyone to make the mistake of thinking that just because this guy mentions the word "Kurdistan," or just because he feigns concern for one Kurd, that he is any kind of ally or friend of Kurdistan. He uses Kurds for his own political agenda. and everything he writes has to be seen from that one fact. I'm willing to bet that this guy doesn't give a damn about Iraqi Arabs, Shi'a, Turkmen, Chaldeans, Assyrians, or anyone else, unless they prove useful to his agenda.

Justin Raimundo and all those like him, whether they are on the political left or political right, want nothing more than to see the continued destruction of Kurdistan and the Kurdish people.

I have already written my position on Dr. Kamal's situation. I follow the news of his situation and I believe that the only right thing for the PDK and Masûd Barzanî to do is to release Dr. Kamal from prison. I also hold this opinion as a result of a political agenda, that of democracy for all of Kurdistan.

Let no one make the mistaken assumption that I am on the right or on the left. These are irrelevant. I have only one side--the Kurdish side.

ITEM OF NOTE: For more on racism by the American Left and the use of Kurds for their personal political agendas, give Dr. Sabah Salih's recent commentary on KurdistanObserver a serious read. Who says it's all about justice?


Wladimir van Wilgenburg said...

BIJI RASTI! I wish www.thekurdistani.com/news/ published this article. Should I ask it to them? I think we need to sent this to Kurdishmedia and TheKurdistani!

Mallawa hafiz,


Mizgîn said...

Roj baş, Vladimir. If you know them and wish to contact them, that is fine with me, however I may be a bit too, uh, militant for them.

I am surprised that no one bothers to expose this Kurd-hating scumbag for what he is, especially when the matter is so obvious.

Wladimir van Wilgenburg said...

Actually I am little bit a member of them.

Wladimir van Wilgenburg said...


arcan_dohuk said...

well said mizgin!

Mizgîn said...

Sipas, arcan_dohuk.

They can carry the article, Vladimir, if they want to.

Anonymous said...

You know the way that Kurds can get thes Raimundo-style morons to rush to their defense? Detonate a lare bomb in a US Embassy, hopefully killing 70-100 people; and kidnap and hold for ransom 5-6 US businessmen, collect the $$, then throw their dismembered bodies in front of a Baghdad McDonalds...Cometa think of it, I bet this wd also lead those State Dept types to feel a "strange new respect" for the Kurds.

Mizgin, these Leftist and bureaucratic vermin have a worldview that is peculiarly Americo-centric: whatever humiliates the US IS GOOD, and whatever works to promote freedom in concert w/US efforts IS BAD. See, it's nothing personal, you Kurds, but you'v got the double whammy: you have positive feelings for the US, even after two horrific betrayals...and you are mving forward w/democracy in concert w/the US.

Mizgîn said...

Well, Philip, certain Kurds are already labeled "terrorists," but it doesn't seem to help our cause with anyone. Of course, this may be because certain Kurds are only labeled and are not, in fact, terrorists.

I think you hit the nail on the head in your comment about the "Americo-centric" position of the left, although I think this view also extends to many who have not learned enough about Kurds to be able to consider things from a Kurd's perspective. As much as some might think they are open-minded, I can see where they still operate from a purely American perspective.

Kurds have no choice but to continue moving forward.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know what Justin Raimondo was a leftist? I thought he was a right-wing isolationist, a.k.a "Pat Buchananist". (Which he himself claims to be.)

If Bush becomes indicted, I bet he'll become a leftist too huh? :)

Mizgîn said...

Sorry, anonymous, you didn't get what I said earlier: Justin Raimundo is a scumbag.

Get it now?