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"I offer my opponents a bargain: if they will stop telling lies about us, I will stop telling the truth about them." ~ Adlai Stevenson, campaign speech, 1952

What has happened with the Şemzîn (Semdinli) investigation?

Initially, four persons were captured by an angry crowd of local residents who had witnessed the bombing. Those persons were:

1. Veysel Ates, a Kurdish informant, working for the government.

2. Tanju Cavus, a Turkish army sergeant who fired into the crowd of locals, killing one and wounding five others.

3. Ali Kaya, a JIT agent (JIT=Turkish Gendarmerie Intelligence)

4. Ozcan Ildeniz, a JIT agent.

Ali Kaya was, in fact, praised by none other than General Buyukanit himself:

Commander of the Turkish Army, General Yasar Buyukanit praised the JIT-agent Ali Kaya.

"A valuable soldier in northern Iraq that knows Kurdish. He was under my command during my duty [in Northern Iraq]," Buyukanit said implying that Kaya was still active in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

Buyukanit is the guy who's going to be replacing Ozkok soon. Won't that be fun?

When the angered residents of Şemzîn captured these criminals, they also managed to capture their vehicle and its contents. It might be worth reviewing all that:

3 each AK-47s

11 magazines

2 hand grenades

A military ID (Ali Kaya's)

Assault vests

Souvenirs with the symbols of the Iraqi Turkmen Front

Turkish military leave documents

Detailed sketches of Seferi Yilmaz' bookstore and home

Another interesting detail is the car itself. It was registered to JIT.

If you have been paying attention so far, you will have noticed something extremely interesting. These guys are coming from Iraq. There is indication of some association with the Iraqi Turkmen Front (ITF) which is a very ülkücü organization. There is still Turkish military in South Kurdistan. I know because I saw them and took photos of them when I was there last. They are VERY touchy about having their photos taken, but I managed to do it. Hehehe. . .

The Turkish state, in conjunction with the ITF, has been working since the fall of the Saddam regime to destabilize South Kurdistan. Some of you may remember the Turkish special operations guys who were caught by US forces on the July 4th weekend in 2003. They had been accompanying "aid" into Kerkuk. Funny, though, the "aid" consisted of arms. They were arrested and bagged--literally, with burlap bags over the head--by the Americans. There were problems in Tuz Khurmatu later that summer.

Then, despite the outrageous claims of the Turkish government, the ITF bombed--figuratively, not literally--in recent Iraqi elections. We might also take a moment to recall all the Turkmen that were tortured and murdered under Saddam. Let's also take a moment to recall that Turkey had absolutely nothing to say about all those Turkmen murders.

Anyway, on with our story.

As the protests in Turkish-occupied Kurdistan began to die down, this little blip appeared on the radar screen:

Sunday, November 20 2005 @ 11:47 PM CST

NEWSDESK, Nov 21 ( - Two bombs went off at close intervals around 21:50 (9:50 p.m. EET) on Nov. 20 outside the Turkish police headquarters in the city of Silopi in northern Kurdistan (southeastern Turkey).

Windows of surrounding homes and shops shattered but there were no human casualties in the explosion, the Kurdish news agency ANF reports.

A few days later, 24 November, to be exact, we heard this:

A second Turkish military black-op intelligence (JITEM) unit has been unveiled and six people have been arrested by police for carrying out bomb attacks on a Turkish prosecutor's car, a Turkish police station and a clothing warehouse, all in the city of Silopi in northern Kurdistan (southeastern Turkey) between Nov. 10 and Nov. 22.

If you follow the link to that quote, you will see that there were a number of bombings that took place in Turkish-occupied Kurdistan in November, 2005. We might as well blame the usual suspects, right? All together now: "PKK!"

Not so fast. The prosecutor in Silopî revealed the names of the people involved with the bombings against Turkish government targets:

The Silopi District State Prosecutor declared the names of the six-man Turkish JITEM* unit that was captured by Turkish police for carrying out attacks on Turkish governmental targets in the city of Silopi.

The names of the captured were the paramilitary Village Guards Cevher Bodur, Sabri Binzat, Murat Kumak, Ata Kaçar and Osman Arslan and a person with an undisclosed affiliation named Mehmet Özmen. The five Village Guards were later arrested while the person named Mehmet Özmen was released.

It is believed that Mehmet Özmen may be a Turkish military personnel and therefore released.

Yeah, baby! They released that TSK personnel but kept the five stooges! A little while after that, and there was a report of a JITEM agent arrested in Kerkuk, something which the Turkish military establishment, naturally, denied with its usual vehemence. Kerkuk, in spite of being Dilê Kurdistan, has also become infected with the plague of the ITF, along with Tuz Khurmatu and Tel Afar. Hmmm. . . Tel Afar? Does that ring a bell with anyone?

In the meantime, what has happened to our criminals who perpetrated the Şemzîn bombing?

Veytel Ates, the Kurdish informant working for the government, was never questioned by the Security Directorate. Is he still in detention? Then why hasn't the Security Directorate questioned him? Instead, he seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth. Now, that Zaman article at the link blames PKK for all this mess, and accuses it of having "1.5 tons of C–4 explosives. Indicating these explosives mainly remain from Saddam's period of rule in Northern Iraq. . ." But the guys with the C-4 were working for the government.

OOPS! The Iraq connection again!

Ali Kaya and Ozcan Ildiniz are, apparently, in Wan undergoing trial. A very quiet trial, being secretly moved back and forth from prison through a back door. A trial like this should not be secret because, for one thing, it makes me very suspicious.

Tanju Cavus has been released from detention, pending trial. Apparently they think he's not a flight risk.

A recent statement by Seferi Yilmaz, owner of the bombed bookstore, sums up the attitude of the people:

The dirty relations emerged in Semdinli is a part of this game. The relations emerged here is a part of the chain. Our expectation is to connect all the chains. Otherwise to reveal the chain of Semdinli will not solve the problem. The incidence of deep state within the state preserves its formation. If we look at the confessions of the Member of the JITEM Abdulkadir Aygan it will emerge clearly that how this was a system and what kind of working is carried out. Our expectation from public prosecutors is to reveal the event in this context. Otherwise convicting of two people will not solve the problem. After the closing of the incidence again explosions and taking lives will begin. We live this worry every time, he said.

The people want to know, because they already know this is not PKK. This is Susurluk. Will the truth be unravelled and exposed, or will the four criminals from the Şemzîn bombing merely become the fall guys?

In addition to any questions of "Deep State" or Gladio, there is the Iraq connection. For a number of years now, the Turkish state has made the accusation that PKK gerîlas use South Kurdistan as a base for their operations. But now we have the strong suspicion that the truth of the matter is that Turkey is using South Kurdistan as a base for their own operations, in conjunction with the ITF. They are importing terror, and applying it to the Kurds under Turkish occupation.

There are two things that must be done to solve this problem, and I hope Kak Masûd and Mam Celal are reading. The Southern Kurdish leadership needs to stop screwing around with imprisoning Kurdish critics and, instead, they need to round up every single member of ITF, and anyone even vaguely associated with ITF, and put them in prison. Then, the Iraqi president needs to tell TSK to get the hell out of liberated Kurdistan, and to take all of their intelligence types with them. Otherwise, they should all join their ITF brothers in Kurdish prisons.

Don't you just love the real Middle East? I can't imagine why anyone pays attention to anything else.

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