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"The cold warriors in the CIA and MI6 have read what Ocalan has to say and have looked at the pitiful record of the PUK and KDP and asked themselves 'who will make the most stable power in the region'. They have come to the conclusion that the PKK must be removed from the equation. The answer would be the PKK if the small faction at the head of the Turkish state were out of the equation."
~ William Clark.

Turkish armoured vehicle roll along a street in the Kurdish town of Cizîr, some 60 km (37 miles) from the Habur border gate to South Kurdistan in May 2007 (AFP/File).

HPG, through Firat News via Özgür Gündem, makes a statement about the train derailing last week which revealed the presence of weapons bound from Iran to Syria through Turkey. HPG emphasizes that, contrary to the propaganda issued by both Teheran and Ankara in a damage-control effort, the intelligence which led to HPG's targeting and successful "kill" of the train in question, was due exclusively to HPG intelligence sources.

I guess when you're the master race, as Turks and Persians have promoted themselves for so long, it's difficult to swallow the fact that the untermenschen you've been genociding for generations might just have the wherewithal to expose the hidden and dirty relationship that you have with each other. But, as HPG states, the exposure of this particular bit of hypocrisy was the purpose of bombing the train.

The Özgür Gündem article lists the arms found in the train, as follows:

297 rockets

1,032 mortar rounds

762 Dragunov sniper rifles (Kanas)

54 machine guns

135 boxes of "explosive substance" (C4? A4?)

120 boxes of mortar rounds

775 boxes of "military equipment"

Even greater hypocrisy falls on those in the Western regimes who refuse to acknowledge the dirty secret.

News of the pêşmerge's confrontation with Turkish MIT/JITEM in Silêmanî has finally made it into English-language media (thanks, heval; you know who you are), via AFP and Yahoo. Speaking through their asses, as usual, the Genelkurmay Başkanlığı had this to say:

The Turkish army on Friday warned Kurds in control of neighbouring northern Iraq that Ankara would respond "at the highest level" if its soldiers in the autonomous region are treated badly or harmed.

[ . . . ]

"Everybody should know and understand that our elements on duty in this area are sons of the Turkish nation and the heroic Turkish army," the statement said.

"The slightest unethical act or behaviour towards them will be taken as one against the entire Turkish republic and the Turkish armed forces and will face a response at the highest necessary level," it added.

Well, first of all, the Turkish regime is the last on earth that should make any reference to ethics. Secondly, the vermin in Silêmanî are referred to as "elements," not "soldiers," therefore they are covert operatives . . . or, in other words, spies--MIT/JITEM. Spies never deserve the same rights as soldiers, which means that it's perfectly acceptable to shoot them through the head in the middle of the street in broad daylight. Finally, the TSK is only "heroic" when it's facing unarmed civilians.

As usual, the MIT/JITEM vermin were traveling in civilian clothes, just as the Özel Timler were doing in April, 2003, when they escorted the transportation of weapons under humanitarian aid guise, and again in July, 2003, when they were off to off the Kurdish governor of Kerkuk. That was when they ended up being bagged by US Marines, and it should be noted that the Turkish assassination team in the July escapade was also based in Silêmanî.

More from Yahoo:

The general staff said Turkish soldiers travelling in civilian clothes had been stopped at a checkpoint in Sulaymaniyah at noon Friday where local Kurdish forces verbally abused them and pointed their guns at them.


You know what? If you can't handle verbal abuse and you don't want your brains blown out by pêşmerge, then GET THE HELL OUT OF KURDISTAN.

If you don't want to be blown up by HPG's remote-control bombs or have your general staff helicopter blasted out of the air by Kurdish RPG's, then GET THE HELL OUT OF KURDISTAN.

If you don't want your military-controlled tourist resorts or your energy pipelines sabotaged, then GET THE HELL OUT OF KURDISTAN.

If you can't stand the heat, then GET THE HELL OUT OF KURDISTAN.

And that brings me to the million-dollar question: Just who, exactly, are the dirty CEHŞ who permit the presence of these MIT/JITEM vermin in Silêmanî for the last decade (and more)? No one should have too think too long or hard about that question to come up with an answer.

Meanwhile, Friday, Büyükanıt was thumping his chest like the big ape that he is, saying that not only would TSK fight PKK, but it would also fight KDP. But Büyükanıt has a number of problems if he should be stupid enough to follow up on his words. In fact, he has some 20 million problems if he should follow up on his words and invade South Kurdistan to fight PKK and KDP, and those are the 20 million latent PKK members of Turkish-occupied Kurdistan.

Imagine that? Some 6 million Kurds up in arms against the Turkish invader in South Kurdistan, with 20 million Kurds up in arms in Turkish-occupied Kurdistan, and NATO's second largest army stuck in between them.

Come on, Yaşar Paşa; do it!

Büyükanıt's "iyi çocuklar" in Silêmanî aren't men enough to handle a little "verbal abuse" from Kurds, so how does anyone reckon they'll be able to handle a massive serhildan across Greater Kurdistan? But, in that case, we'll certainly remember him fondly for his contribution to pan-Kurdish unity.

In other news, anarchists in Germany sent a loud, clear message to the G8, ahead of its summit in Rostok, which will begin on 6 June, just in time for the world's global masters to wrap up their secret meeting in Istanbul today. You can get the establishment view of the riots in Rostock from Der Speigel. Don't forget to check out the photos.

The most ridiculous remark to come out of the Spiegel article comes from a "peace" activist:

"There is absolutely no justification for violence against other people," Manfred Stenner, peace activist and co-organizer of the demonstration, on Saturday evening following the riots.

I want to hear him say that when someone comes to kill him.

It looks like it will be an interesting G8 summit this year, and if you're interested in following the news, it's probably better to check Centrum Informacji Anarchistycznej and IndyMedia.

It'll be an interesting week.


Anonymous said...

You go Mizgin.

I posted something on DozaMe on HPG's statement and linked in the article to Hurriyet who had listed the weapons found in ONE of the wagons (those weapons were found only in ONE wagon, and the stuff in the other wagons have not been announced, and can not be announced anymore due to Turkish censorship.) Özgur Gundem has taken the list from Hurriyet, so it's not Kurdish, but TURKISH sources who says what was in that train.

Which brings me to something else. I saw something on a blog who had posted your article. The owner of the blog was saying in the comments that he didn't know "who was working on behalf of who."

A sad statement. Especially when he says "I don't know how this relates to [a prominent former FBI translator's] case." Then what the fuck has articles against George W. Bush have to do with [this prominent former FBI translator's] case? Does he think that [this prominent former FBI translator's case] will be solved if the Democrats come to power in the USA? If he does think that, he's wrong. Hillary voted for the war, remember that. Grossman was a prominent member of her husband's administration. The Turkish Deep State and the dirty war against the Kurdish people between 1992-1999 (Turkish Hizbullah was started in 1992) was carried out under Hillary's husband's watch. So what does pro-Democrat articles have to do with [this prominent FBI translator's] case?

Only with the knowledge of the Turkish Deep State can AMERICAN arms travel from Iran to Syria. Nothing passes those borders with official papers without the knowledge of the Deep State. Will the arms-smuggling stop when Hillary comes to power? No, THEY'LL INCREASE.

I just hope the prominent former FBI translator's cause won't be ignored when Hillary comes to power.


It's not my purpose to put a wedge between you and your friends. But I don't like cherry picking when it comes to my cause.

The most disgusting fact is that people like him will only bash Turkey if it's related to Bush, and forgive Turkey for all its crimes against the Kurds when the Democrats come to power. And when the Democrats do come to power, they will join the anti-Kurdish crowd [Iran, Turkey and the whole Arab world] who are chanting "collaborators, collaborators!" Kurds seem to be the new "Israelis" of the block, ready to be blamed for everything evil in this world.

Maybe I'm prejudiced, but it's up to people like HIM to prove me wrong.

Mizgin, you mentioned something to me about the nuclear smuggling and some "Kurdish" smugglers. I did some digging, and I've dug up some stuff: JITEM's use of some eastern Kurdistani smugglers/druglords, "village guard"-style. It's just like a good mystery novel and has it all: tall blond scarred former Ranger, C4's, Ugur Mumcu's assassination, and much more.

Oh, and there are names.

Serkeftin hevala Mizgin!

Mizgîn said...

Hi Berxwedan.

Thanks for the update on your post on the subject. It is excellent, as always.

Yes, those weapons are not enough to fit into 9 wagons, so you have to wonder what else was in the rest of the wagons. And, yes, the news was Turkish. People should ask themselves why the Pashas permitted the news to be published and why Buyukanit himself confirmed it.

As to the rest . . . First of all, I understand where you are coming from. For one thing, we have both been down this kind of road before and I think we understand each other well, as well as understanding the issues surrounding the cause. We know where each others' loyalties lie, where friendships lie, and in which places wedges may be driven. You are not driving any wedges, because I have only one goal in mind and I don't have to tell you what that goal is. Our cause is one.

If someone doesn't know how this relates to a former FBI translator's case, it's because they may still be trying to wrap their minds around the whole idea of the Deep State. I have seen this with others and recently, I might add. People in the West do not understand Turkey. They do not understand that things are not always as they appear on the surface. Now, they may do this because they don't want to understand, they don't care, or because the circumstances that have created and sustain the Deep State are so alien to their thinking.

I cannot say which reason applies in this case, but for the moment I am inclined to believe the reason is the last one I have listed.

Of course, you are absolutely correct about the current proclivity to proclaim Republican crimes as unique, while ignoring the very same crimes by Democrats, as extreme hypocrisy. Of course, you are absolutely correct that the Democrats will be no better in the future, nor that their history is any better. There is absolutely no difference between Republican foreign policy and Democratic foreign policy. Both are criminal.

Do others understand this? I don't know. I know that I have pointed out the hypocrisy numerous times through different venues and I rarely get an acknowledgement in return. Perhaps some people are engaging in far too much wishful thinking, and in this way they will be deceived again.

Not only was that son-of-a-bitch, Grossman, a prominent member of the Clinton administration, but so was that Joseph Ralston. So was William Cohen. So was Richard Holbrooke, who recently visted Maxmur . . . and certain former FBI translators know this and have written about it.

If any Democrat is elected to the White House next year, there will be no change in the overriding US foreign policy, because that policy is not made by Congress, or political parties, or any other branch of government. We both know that US foreign policy is made by the Deep State.

As we know, the Deep State is not confined to Turkey.

Will the former FBI translator's case be forgotten when and if Hillary (or any other candidate from the Demopublican/Republocrat party) comes to power? Yes. It looks to me like the Deep State has already gotten to Waxman.

And given the male Clinton's massive support for arms sales to Turkey in the 1990s, I have to agree that the female Clinton, if elected, will continue the tradition. I mean, these people are all whores for the money, you know? That's all that matters to them. They will climb onto that gravy train and ride it all the way to the end.

The anti-Kurdish crowd. . . well, yes. They have ringleaders, like Seymour Hersh, who never passes up a piece of information from "unnamed former CIA/government/security/plug-in-whatever-description-you-like sources" who are always wrong. They're very good at talking to the Know-Nothings in DC, but rarely go to source. If they do, they are selective in the source or claim they can't find certain HQs located at Qendil . . . even though every other foreign journalist can find it when there's a press conference.

That's what's called "propaganda." Rubin is another example, from the other side, but at least he's had his boots on the ground, which makes him a more formidable enemy. I mean, at least he knows something of which he speaks. That, plus the growing anti-Kurdish crowd are reasons why there will remain a need for places like DozaMe and Rasti.

By the way, I don't think you are prejudiced. You've just been exposed to too much reality. The cause will go on, and to hell with what anyone thinks.

I had read something recently about a korucular-type system in Rojhelat and the dirt you've dug up is consistent with that. It's also makes me think of the recent Komala-sponsored propaganda. Rojhelat korucular, Komala-sponsored propaganda, murders of certain former PKK members in Silemani . . . smells like Deep State to me.

I'll be interested to hear more with the details.

By the way, the hevals have carried out a nice little operation at a jandarma station in Dersim area.

Biji HPG u Serkeftin!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mizgin. You put it so elegantly, no need for me to comment on anything, really. As for Rubin.. We both want that whore sent straight to Guantanamo for Treason.

As for the bastards at the jandarma station, geez, what the hell did they expect? Flowers, a chocolate box and a Valentine card? Fuck it, let them get some. They cut down the hand stretched out for peace and now they're crying when the other hand reacts by plunging the knife deep into their throats.

Get some bastards, get s-o-m-e! *strafing the degenerates with an MG*

Anonymous said...

interesting you mention the "recent Komala-sponsored propaganda". a certain "side-kick" has been speaking so highly of them in all his latest posts; not to mention all the articles that have been showing up in random places.

do you think they are trying to do what they can to put them to the front of the line as the main opposition group in order to reduce support for pjak and any american-leniency to support the pkk sister-group?

Mizgîn said...

You are very good at reading between the lines, Anonymous.

Remember back in November, after the Seymour Hersh article came out, in which Hersh claimed that the US was supporting PJAK, Heval Cuma said that it was not true? And Hersh has always got some "unnamed" governmental source for his info. How far is DC from Qendil? Have any of these "unnamed" governmental sources been to Qendil? Do they even know where it is? Oh, even more basic: Do they know anything about the Kurdish struggle, besides what the Turkish government has told them (and you can substitute "Iranian," "Iraqi," and "Syrian" for "Turkish" in that question)?

These "unnamed" governmental sources don't know squat about the Kurdish struggle, unless it's some vague piece of BS that they can twist to serve their own purposes . . . . You know, playing Kurds as pawns.

So, Hersh was wrong. We know that the Americans were going to Qendil since 2003 to "talk," but as Cuma said last November:

"American authorities want to have contact with PJAK, and as a matter of fact they do have contact with PJAK . . . But to say that the United States is supporting the PJAK is not right. PJAK is until now continuing their struggle just with the support of the Kurdish people and the PKK. If the US is interested in PJAK, then it has to be interested in the PKK as well. The PKK is the one who formed PJAK, who established PJAK and supports PJAK."

Note that all this was after the US and Turkey dismissed, out of hand, the democratic resolution AND the ceasefire.

Whatever the US was offering, PKK wasn't taking and did not take.

Now we have American propagandists seeding the 'net with Komala propaganda. How else do you explain Americans speaking favorably about a Marxist organization? I mean, Americans are still living the fantasy of the Cold War, with all the anti-communist histrionics, and here are two right-wing American extremists telling everyone what great guys the Komala Marxists are? And one of them, who admits NEVER having gone to Qendil, is pissed off because PKK "lied" about is friend--not his other American friend, but his Komala "friend"?

Oh, let me tell you, that's a FABULOUS analysis of the Kurdish reality, isn't it, when some American talks gû about PKK because PKK dissed his "friend." And I doubt the "sidekick" in question just got out of middle school.

And he also claimed that PKK's HQ was in such "inaccessible terrain," but if the terrain is that inaccessible, why is it that foreign journalists go up there all the time, especially when PKK calls a press conference. How come, then, the "sidekick" can't make it up to Qendil?

He didn't want to, because that's not his purpose.

So somebody is fronting somebody else and that was the information I picked up from the interview as well as from Totten's article on Komala which came out shortly before.

The sad thing about Komala is that they could easily join forces with PKK in the fight, but they won't because they know very well what happens to the gerîlas when they're caught: they're tortured, mutilated, thrown out of helicopters, etc. . . as Berxwedan has remarked before. They don't want to undergo that kind of thing for the cause.

Look at where Komala is located. They're under PUK control. Just like PWD was. What did PUK do when Rojhelatî in South Kurdistan wanted to protest against the Teheran regime in August 2005? They didn't allow those protests, did they? And when the leadership of Komala overstays its welcome, they'll end up just like Kani Yilmaz did and Mr. Komala Cheerleader will claim PKK did it. . . even though PUK is in control of that region.

Now, who is pulling PUK's strings, hmm?

As for reducing support for PJAK, well, I doubt that will happen in Iranian-occupied Kurdistan anyway, because PJAK is the only one taking the fight to the filthy regime. And the US had its chance to show "leniency" when the democratic resolution AND the ceasefire was offered, so let's not delude ourselves about that. The US remains an ardent supporter of the Ankara regime because Ankara is such a good MIC customer.

In the meantime, the struggle continues. It is not dead, as was erroneously thought by some quarters in 1999.

Berxwedan, I hear the hevals brought down a Turkish helicopter. It seems like they are picking up where they left off last year without skipping a beat.

That's the best news of all.