Wednesday, June 13, 2007


"We have made the Reich by propaganda."
~ Joseph Paul Goebbels.

It's amazing how far behind the power curve some people can be, even if they've spent time in Kurdistan. On the other hand, they may not be behind the power curve at all; they're just too busy churning out bad propaganda to tell the difference.

Once again, it's Michael Totten who's doing the spinning.

A couple of points:

1. The ceasefire took effect on October 1, 2006:

1. The declaration of the ceasefire has been decided to start on 1st of October 2006. According the steps that will be taken and how events will develop, the period of the ceasefire will continue.

2. There will be no use of arms as long as our forces are not attacked, but in case of an attack in order to annihilate our forces, they will defend themselves by all means.

3. During the whole period, there will be no military activity with the exception of the activities that fulfil our logistical needs and to safeguard our natural security.

4. According this decision, the board of command of the HPG, the position of our forces, their movement and their programme will be reorganised in relation to the reality of ceasefire.

5. All the officials, organizations and institutions within the movement for Democracy and Freedom in Kurdistan will at every level (ideological, political, practical) contribute to the success of this ceasefire. In addition, all the tasks and programmes will be re-arranged in accordance with the decision of this declaration.

6. This decision concerns all the forces of the Koma Komalen Kurdistan. Nobody will take an opposite position; everyone will strive with utmost efforts to contribute to the success of this period.

The ceasefire still stands. There has been no change.

2. PKK has not been "Marxist-Leninist" since the 5th PKK Congress in 1995:

Another highlight of the meeting was a resolution adopted to abandon the traditional Cold War symbols of the hammer and sickle and drop them completely from the PKK's party flag and emblem which were promptly renewed. The PKK later boasted for being the first post-Cold War group to take such a "pioneering step" to drop "the burdens of real socialism." Indeed the movement, which started off twenty years ago as a Marxist-Leninist Kurdish group in Turkey, also rejected during the Congress the concept of Soviet socialism and "other dogmatic policies," emphasizing once again that real socialism and organizational structure had to keep up with changes in world history. It denounced Soviet socialism as "the most primitive and violent era of socialism."

That was written by Ismet Imset, a Turkish journalist--you know, the kind who regularly gets the gû beat out of him by the state thugs of America's greatest democracy in the Middle East, simply for writing the truth. You can read something in English that mentions one incident that happened to Ismet in this obscure article.

Such a situation would be quite foreign to someone writing the propaganda of the Turkish or American regimes . . . someone like Michael Totten.

3. Totten has his doubts about whether or not "PKK will abide by the ceasefire," doubts that no doubt exist because he's willfully ignorant of whom it was that rejected the ceasefire in the first place: Lockheed Martin's Joseph Ralston and Yaşar Paşa.

And now, Totten the Warmonger gets on his hypocritical high-horse to preach his hopes for peace. If we didn't know any better, we'd think this guy was the Pope.

There's also another piece of American propaganda on KOMALA, from yesterday. Notice the tone of that article and compare to Totten's previous article on KOMALA. Then triangulate with another previous piece, and you can figure out just who it is that the neocons are backing in their wetdreams over attacking Iran.

Funny, all those guys are associated with Pajamas Media, the same bunch that wants to see the beheading of Kurds.

Right. They just love Kurds, don't they?

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