Sunday, June 01, 2008


I hope regular readers of Rasti will forgive the lack of opening quotation and quite a number of days between posts, but things may be a bit irregular for the next couple of weeks.

The family gatherings seem to be winding down and in the next few days I will hit the road to see what is really happening here. The positive thing is that none of the people here believe the regime's propaganda, but are well served in the news department by Roj TV.

It may be difficult to get to some areas as military operations are ongoing and have increased. It seems that operations are up in the following areas: Yuksekova, Silopi, Beytuşşebap, Çatak, Doğubayazıt, and Iğdır. There have been operations since 22 May ın Şirnak by the border jandarma. According to news reports here, some 2,000 korucular and 40,000 regular troops are engaged in operations along the Turkish-Iraq-Iran border. There hae also been intensified operations on Cudi, Gabar, Bestler Dereler, and Kato Dağ. In addition to regular troops, those operations are also employing special teams and special police teams.

I have seen what appear to be regular helicopter flights back and forth from the Iraq border several times a day. There have also been replacement or reinforcement equipment traveling by ground toward the border.

According to Turkish media via the Turkish daily Taraf, HPG conducted an operation against the Bölükyazı jandarma station in Bitlis, but the report seemed to be incomplete. HPG has also launched what may be another major operation against a jandarma command station near Şemdinli. As soon as I have more detailed information on that, I will try to post something.



Anonymous said...

You are crazy for travelling over there and posting it here on the blog.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure I speak for many people when I wish you well and safe back here very soon.


Anonymous said...

Serkeftin ji te ra , xwishka heja!


Anonymous said...

According to hard-line Turkish nationalist newspapers that everyone in Turkey being
listened, watched or followed. Telephone conversations, e-mails, letters, faxes etc, being monitored all the time by the special unit of the Turkish Intelligence (MIT). The Presidents office, Prime Minister being constantly listened and opposition leaders says they have proven hard evidences that they have been listened.

I hope you come back safely heval Mizgin.

SERKEFTIN, xwishka delal

Anonymous said...

please keep safe and well.

her biji heval mizgin.


lukery said...

be safe, Mizgin.

Hevallo said...

Mizgin is not on holiday! So I hope no-one thinks it is okay to Holiday in Turkey!;0)

She has gone to Kurdistan.

I feel sorry for any Turkish soldier who might come into contact with her!

Kristiina Koivunen said...

Dear Mizgin, under these circumstances it would not sound good to wish you a nice journey. But hopefully everything goes well.

And especially, let's hope that TSK finally accepts to start a cease fire and peace negotiations!

madtom said...

We await your reports. Stay safe.

Hevallo said...


Anonymous said...

Well, while we are waiting for heval Mizgin's updates I guess it won't be bad idea to give you a little updates from the war in Kurdistan and may be little more.

1- Brutal fascist Turkish army continues to use South Kurdistan like their back garden and border crossing especially from the air is routine now.

2- British Lawyers have taken the case of these border crossings and bombings from the air to the EU's Courts of Human Rights in behalf of the Kurdish civilians who lost their lives or directly suffered due to bombings.

3- Apparently high figure of some Kurdish Jashes in South Kurdistan joined the celebrations of 1979 Islamic Revolution of Iran under the leadership of Ayatollah Khomeini which held in Hewler. Behalf of the KRG attendee Kurdistan House Speaker Adnan Mufti gave a speech in the celebrations and praise Iranian Islamic Revolution where thousands of Kurds killed, hanged, tortured and their basic rights taken away by force.

4- While the Jash Barzani bastards ready to sign and support UN report for the Kirkuk KDA (Kurdistan Democratic Alliance) called Kurdistani people to denounce the unjust report submitted to the Iraq government. Report ignores the Article 140 of the Iraqi constitution and delays the referendum and the report further ignores the oppression and damage inflicted on Kurds during the Arabization campaign of saddam regime. A report also emphasizes Arab language rights but ignores and denies Kurdish language rights in the region. Report simply emphasizes UN member states concerns namely Iran, Turkey, Syria and Arab states while ignoring Kurds as they have no membership or say in the UN.

5- There is strange and ironic article written by Dana Berzinci in the Kurd Media titled "PM of Kurdistan deserves an honorary doctorate". He is clearly under the influence of heavy drugs as he suggests that everyone should keep silent what ever these Kurdish jashes do or say for the sake of Kurdistan's future. This article clearly shows how the Southern Kurdish Intellectuals mind works under this oppressive Barzani Bastard Jashes Dictatorship regime where 22 political parties closed down because of their strong critics towards to KDP and PUK.

Anonymous said...


You've put up some really interesting stuff lately. Congratulations and thanks. Truly Hamo is right about Turkish border crossings. They fly across any time they feel like it, and we can only assume that American AWACS planes are assisting them. As for Mizgin, I hope she stays away from this blog until she gets safely out of TC.


Hevallo said...

anon, thanks!

Mizgin has not posted for nearly two weeks now.

Is anyone in contact or able to contact her or anyone that she knows?

I have sent her emails but no reply.

Anonymous said...


I think it's good that she hasn't posted and hasn't replied to emails.

It means that she's being careful.

We have to be patient.


Anonymous said...

Other readers:

Could you please tell me: Where is Haftanin? I have read the name often in press releases, etc., but I can't find it on my maps.


Mizgîn said...

Anonymous, I don't think my lack of sanity has ever been in question.

Hevallo, G, and everyone, do not worry. I am like a cat. I go in and go out and no one notices.

I have been very busy, and I'm sure you all understand the idea of family obligations but I will have something for you soon.

G, Haftanin is in the Zaxo region of South Kurdistan.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the Haftanin info.

You may be like a cat, but here on the West Coast the newspapers are full of stories about cats--in cities, in broad daylight--being eaten by coyotes.

TAKE CARE!!!!!!!!!