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Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends
Mm, I get high with a little help from my friends
Mm, gonna try with a little help from my friend

~ John Lennon & Paul McCartney.

The question of Turkey's compensation for its Gulf War losses brings us to the Baybasins and Turkey's heroin trade. According to a 1996 interview with the consumately corrupt, and then Prime Minister, Tansu Ciller, Turkey's losses for the five years following the Gulf War amounted to some $27 billion. According to Kendal Nezan, in an article on Turkey's heroin-trafficking, Turkey brought in $25 billion in 1995 and $37 billion in 1996. Even figuring in the cost of Turkey's dirty war against the Kurdish people, estimated at upwards of $12.5 billion, Turkey turns a tidy profit on its business, more than enough to cover its Gulf War losses.The state has been involved with the heroin business since the 1950s, working closely with its own intelligence service, MIT.

That article also refers to Huseyin Baybasin's public statements that he (and other traffickers) operated with the blessing of the Turkish state. In the mid-1980's, Baybasin was caught with a load of heroin in Britain, sentenced to 12 years, and sent back to Turkey a few years into his sentence. Upon arrival in Turkey, he was released--something that doesn't happen to just anyone. He became persona non grata with his state bosses when Ciller decided that Turks should be the only ones handling heroin. That was during her term as PM in the mid-1990's. It was during that time that stories of drug-traffickers' links to PKK began to be spread by the Turkish state, links that not even Western scholars who study Kurdish issues and the PKK confirm (in English, check Paul White's Primitive Rebels or Revolutionary Modernizers? for that) . When Baybasin fled to Europe, he needed a safety net to help protect him from Turkish reprisals, so he tried to make cozy with the PKK. In spite of his protestations to the contrary, especially through his book, Trial by Silence, our cause was never Baybasin's cause. Baybasin always had only one cause: his gang.

A little trivia on Tansu Ciller: She was an economics professor before becoming PM, having obtained her doctorate in the US, where she also obtained US citizenship. As the "face of modern Turkey," she was the darling of the Americans and Europeans--even as she drenched Kurdistan with Kurdish blood and armed Turkish Hezbollah with weapons from TSK installations in "The Southeast."

The money flowing into Turkey through its very lucrative drug- and weapons-trafficking industries may have been flowing into congressional and government officials' pockets for some time, but it is only now that this dirty business is coming to light. Last year, right before legislation on the Armenian Genocide was due to hit a House of Representatives panel, Brent Scowcroft sent a panicked and threatening letter to Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert:

Only days before Armenian Genocide legislation is set to come before a key U.S. House panel, American Turkish Council (ATC) Chairman Brent Scowcroft has warned Speaker Dennis Hastert that even the discussion of the Armenian Genocide on the floor of the U.S. House would be "counter-productive to the interests of the United States," reported the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA).

In his September 12th letter, Scowcroft, speaking on behalf of the corporate members of the ATC, accused Congressional supporters of Armenian Genocide legislation (H.Res.316 and H.Con.Res.195) of trying to "pull Turkey away from the West. He stressed that: "The careless use of genocide language provides and excuse to do so, delivering a direct blow to American interests in the region."

The statement goes on to quote the ANCA executive director as saying that the Armenian community is "outraged that Brent Scowcroft appears to have so compromised his own integrity in pursuit of personal business interests that he finds himself enlisted by the Turkish government in its desperate and patently immoral genocide denial effort." While it's true that the efforts of Scowcroft, and the fascist Turkish regime he represents, to silence acknowledgement of the Armenian Genocide is outrageous, no one really feels any outrage over Scowcroft's compromise of his own integrity; He'd have to have integrity in order for anyone to be outraged. Just as outrageous as this is the fact that the Turkish state regularly works to pervert justice. It's outrageous too that the same names keep popping up in connection with it all.

In 2004, the Honorable Frank Pallone of New Jersey had this to say to say, on the floor of the House, about Dennis Hastert's work for the Turkish state in Congress:

I'm also puzzled by your insistence that Turkey is a reliable ally of the United States. As a supporter of the Iraq War, I'm sure you recall Turkey's continued demands in the months leading up to the war in which Turkey asked for billions of dollars in financial assistance. When the U.S. government refused, Turkey said it would not help the U.S. in the war against Iraq. Turkey's decision forced the U.S. government to amend its war plan, and yet you characterize them as a "reliable ally."

Furthermore, past experiences have shown that Turkey's threats about repercussions to the United States or any country that defies them is nothing more than elaborate bluffs. Yet, we in the United States government, continue to buy into their threats and abide by their requests.

[ . . . ]

We as a nation cannot allow the government of Turkey to undermine our democratic process and usurp our principles. To do so is to stand against the will of the people of the United States. Mr. Speaker, last night Mr. Schiff introduced a sound amendment that approved by the House of Representatives. Yet your statement today, undercuts that vote and asserts that the people's voice can be silenced.

Who does Hastert represent in Congress? The American people or the Turkish government? Follow the money trail. According to the FBI wiretaps that Sibel Edmonds translated, Turkish callers gloated about Hastert accepting bribes. Later independent examination showed that Hastert received (and accepted) some $483,000 in unitemized campaign contributions from 1996 to 2002, a large amount of such contributions when compared to other Republican lawmakers. Only one other congressman had more unitemized contributions, but he didn't have any wiretaps of Turkish-speaking "constituents."

All of this bribery and underhanded lobbying efforts on the part of the Turkish state cannot be confined to American shores alone. There must be similar efforts long underway among European lawmakers as well, particularly in connection with EU accession efforts. The link to Ambassador Joe Wilson's involvement in the Corporate and Public Strategy Advisory Group may be the tip of that iceburg.

From the ANCA press release on the Armenian Genocide legislation:

The ATAA warns its members: "Inaction on the part of the Turkish American Community will compromise U.S.-Turkish relations, encourage more acts of harassment, violence and terrorism against people of Turkish and Turkic descent, and could potentially lead to territorial and compensations claims against the Republic of Turkey."

This would be hilarious if it weren't so pathetic. When have there been acts of harassment, violence and terrorism against Turks in the US? I want to see the police reports. This is typical of Turkish propaganda and Turkish racism. While they shriek about alleged "terror" attacks against them, or are concerned about territorial or compensations claims against them, they continue in their occupation of the largest part of Kurdistan, play the victim when the ECHR rules against them, and renew their terrorist Dirty War against the Kurdish people in Turkey and Turkish-occupied Kurdistan.

Not only does Turkey continue its terrorist brutality against Kurds under occupation, it threatens to expand that terrorism to the people of South Kurdistan, somewhat similar to the way that the Nazis expanded their sphere of terrorism throughout Europe almost 70 years ago. In doing so, Turkey uses weapons systems purchased from the West, through Deep State ties to the web of players exposed by the Sibel Edmonds case. That this same web also incorporates various think tanks, institutes and consulting services headed, staffed or advised by the same repetitive cast of players should raise suspicions and calls for an examination into their sources of funding. Who provides the funding that permits people like Douglas Feith, for example, to rake in $60,000 annually from International Advisors, Inc., not to mention what he earns as an attorney for one of the ATC's Golden Horn corporate members, Northrup Grumman?

How much drug money and weapons money, in addition to corporate money, keeps these individuals and organizations running?

As the new cold war continues to unfold in the Middle East, the struggle of the Kurdish people remains one of the horrific consequences of Turkish Deep State machinations in the region and on American shores. We're waiting to see whether the European documentary will be aired in America. If it isn't aired here, we'll know that the government of Turkey has undermined and usurped American principles, to paraphrase Representative Pallone. The American people will have become subject to Turkey's own anti-free expression laws, in violation of the First Amendment and enforced by the Turkish lobby . . . with a little help from their friends.

By the way, a couple of things. First, check DozaMe's newly translated dispatches on TAK operations in the last few days.

Second, if anyone's heard the news about Mel Gibson's latest binge, then dude, you have to check out this blog post titled Mel Gibson + Saddam Hussein: Separated at Birth.

"What’s really weird is that Mel actually looks crazier than Saddam."

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heftirik said...

hevala hêja dest xweş!!

well it is really interesting to see hos the USA, a government by the people and for the people is used by tc and that nobody does anything against this or cant do anything against it!!! it is pathatic!!!

and about mel! god i should have understood it from "the passion of christ", i mean he was very clearly blaming jews for the jesus' death!! he sucks!

and i hope that everyone in the senate could read your post ! it may have caused something to change in their attitude against turkey and its atrocities against kurdish people!

again thanks!

serkeftîn hevala min a ezîz!

Mizgîn said...

Sipas, Heval Xelef. This information has been kept quiet for so long, the documentary really needs to be aired here even more than in Europe. The people need to be made aware of this information.

Did you notice the Mel/Saddam photos? Scary, huh? They really DO look like brothers.

philip said...

Mizgin, given the 100+ publicly available television networks here in the US, I'm confident this documentary will be broadcast here.

Let's hope it will be on one of the larger networks. If it is explosive enough, it may leapfrog from a smaller one to larger...

[I've been offline for 8 days, lightning fried my home computer]