Thursday, July 13, 2006


Once again, the hevals at KurdishInfo are johnny-on-the-spot with news about the shooting down of an Iranian Sikorsky-type military helicopter near the Iranian-Turkish border by HPG gerîlas.

The original article is from Firat News Agency (ANF).

No word yet on how many of the evil mullah's boys have crashed and burned, but let's hope it was many.

What everyone else dreams of doing, HPG is doing.

Go on, you know you want to.


arcan_dohuk said...

5 turkish soldiers and 2 police officers have been killed in the past 2 days.

do a google news search for "PKK police" for the other source.

Mizgîn said...

Thanks, arcan. I have read about this news.

There is a very simple way to end it all--Turkish security forces out of Kurdistan NOW.